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Photo Of A Mutant Duck With Four Legs Found In England

Four Legged Duck PhotoHere is a photo of a duckling with four legs which poped up on the most emailed photos on Yahoo. Apparently the duck was discovered in England at a duck farm. The two extra feet don't seem to be as correctly formed as the normal two feet of the duck. Hard to tell if the extra legs are usable or not as well. Makes you wonder what they feed ducks in England and are they down river from a nuclear power plant to get their extra mutant on.

Check out the full sized photo of the mutant duck with four legs.


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Street Fighter Ryu Verses Duck Hunt Ducks In This Mashup Video

Street Fighter Duck Hunter Mashup VideoHere's a mashup of Street Fighter and Duck Hunter in this video created in Mugen. Apparently Mugen is a build your own Street Fighter clone engine. This guy must have imported the Street Fighter character and moves and put it against the background of duck hunt. It seems like it is actually playable (in that he actually hits the ducks programmably instead of being scripted to the background movie). Mugen has a training mode which this is probably part of. It looks like there are over two hundred different characters you can import and play with in Mugen from a quick web search on the topic.

Watch the video of Ryu stomping some ducks in this mashup video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Video Of A Mesh Sphere Virtual Reality Environment Called A VirtuSphere

VirtuSphere VideoInterestbing video of an attempt at a 360 degree virtual reality system. The person puts on a head set display and holds some kind of joystick (or game gun) and then climbs inside a metal mesh sphere. The sphere is sitting on what are probably some kind of roller balls which allow the sphere to roll in any direction. The person walks 'in place' around inside the sphere and their walking is translated into the 3D virtual game environment. Apparently it detects if you duck down or run and translates that into the game as well. I think it would probably be pretty strange to walk inside this thing because the floor would always be around the edges of your walking area.

Check out the full video of two different people testing out the VirtuSpheres below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Take It Back To The 80s When You Play The Classic Duck Hunt Retro Game

Duck Hunt Flash GameDuck Hunt is the classic Duck Hunt game from way back when done as a free flash game. You can choose 1 duck, 2 duck, or dog mode. In the first two modes you have three bullets to try and bring down a duck before it gets away. In the last mode (dog mode) you have a chaingun with unlimited ammo you mow down as many flying dogs as possible. If you liked Duck Hunt give this one a shot as the graphics are the retro style and you can have some minutes of fun with it.

Where is my Nintendo Gun controller?


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Older Guy Takes Out Three Other Young Guys Who Try To Beat Him Down

One Versus Three VideoSo this video takes place in Asia somewhere. The police have a police line setup between two groups of people but there are only about three police in the line holding the one group of people back. There is an older guy on the left who is shouting insults or some such at the other crowd of people. First one guy ducks under the police line and comes at the old guy only to take a punch right in the face from the old guy. Now another two young guys ducks under and come for the old guy. The first guy to reach him takes a fist in the throat and the second guy gets warded off. They struggle back and forth with the old guy holding all three of them off. It looks like a couple of them pick up bottles or sticks or something but the old guy still beats them down. The video ends around there with the policing coming for them.

Check the video out for yourself where three guys forgot their karate lessons.


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Defend The Whitehouse With Your Uzi In This Bush Shoot Out Game

Bush Shoot Out Flash GameIn this flash game you play as President Bush defending the Whitehouse from armed thugs bent on your destruction. Each level is in a different room of the White House. I was actually impressed by the world destroyability that the designers added into this game. Most flash shooting gallery games you just shoot say ducks or something and none of the environment is destroyable. In this game you can shoot up all the walls, paintings, chairs, etc. which is a nice change.

Grab your cowboy hat and your uzi and defend the White House!


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Get Out Your Shotgun And Blast The Skeets In This Shooting Gallery Game

SkeetShoot Flash GameSkeetShoot is a fun flash game where you shoot skeets (duh!). Don't shoot the ducks though because then you lose. The graphics are passable and the game is pretty good for a "shoot the moving target" game. The sound could use a bit more punch but overall for a flash game pretty good. If you've ever played the old Duck Hunt Nintendo game you might like this game as well. But what is the deal with not shooting the ducks?

Blast the skeets into tiny pieces in the flash game SkeetShoot.


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Two Guys Playing With Fire (And Most Likely Gasoline) Scare Themselves Silly

Surprise Explosion VideoCouple of guys have a brightly burning something in the middle of what looks like a school playground (I think I see swing sets in the background). The one guy is walking back towards the camera with his back to the fire. He is sauntering along looking around when suddently it explodes in a huge bang and fire shoots up into the sky in a mushroom cloud. It scares the crap out of the guy who had his back to the fire and even the camera man ducks down quick. Right after the explosion they both take off running down a tunnel away from the burning whatever it was. Don't try this at home kids.

Watch these two guys set off an explosion and scare the crap out of themselves.


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