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Pool Of Corn Starch Lets People Walk Over The Top Without Getting Wet

Pool Of Corn Starch VideoHere is a video of a pool of corn starch on a Spanish TV show. The mixed up corn starch in a concrete mixer and then poured it into this pool. The trick is that it is a non-newtonian fluid which means that when force is applied to the liquid it exhibits properties of a solid. In the video the two hosts of the show repeatedly run over the top of the corn starch. Just to show that it is actually liquid the one host sinks into the corn starch while the other host continues to run around on top of the liquid. Near the end they have some bystanders also run over the liquid and the other host sinks into the corn starch too.

Check out the pool of corn starch below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Art Exhibit In Scotland With A Giant Lifelike Head Sculpture

Face Sculpture PhotoThere is a crazy looking art exhibit going on in Scotland right now and a lot of the sculptures are ending up in the Yahoo most emailed photos. The photo seen here is a sculpture of someone's head laying down flat in sleep or some such. It is pretty lifelike looking but the trick in this photo is that there is a security guard guy laying behind the sculpture which even makes it look more weird. The sculptures themselves look really lifelike though as the skin tone looks almost exactly right. Some of the other sculptures were of giant babies and other such giant humans.

Check out the full sized photo of the giant head for yourself.


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Exhibit Illusion Room Shows People Turning Into Giants In This Video

Illusion Room VideoIn this video the two guys are at some illusion exhibit in New Zealand. Apparently this room in the exhibit is built to be an optical illusion where when a person walks from one end of the room to the other it looks like the person is turning into a giant. This is the same depth of field effect they use in movies to depict giant size characters. I only notice a little bit of the right side of the room being "lower" in the camera view. It's possible that the right side is the same height as the left side but the floor sure looks slanted. Anyway, the right side is much farther back (or so it seems) that the left side of the room. As the person walks from right to left I assume they get closer to the camera (and I assume the floor to ceiling height is also less).

Watch the full video of the giant in the room illusion below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Video Clip Of Some Blue Glowy Jellyfish Swimming Around In The Dark

Jellyfish VideoHere is a short video clip of some jellyfish swimming in a New York aquarium exhibit. The jellyfish are glowing in the dark and the video itself is surprisingly clear. Most of the video on this host site is pretty tore up looking compression wise but I don't really see any artifacts in this one. Jellyfish like these are where they get the genes that they are splicing with various plants and animals (like the green glowy pigs we've posted on here before). Apparently, the exhibit is called 'Alien Stingers'.

Watch the full video clip of the blue glowy jellyfish below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Move Your Mouse Around To Effect The Strange Morphing Flash Face

Inter Face Flash GameIn Inter Face there really isn't a game to it. It is more of an abstract art exhibit. You move your mouse over various portions of the face and the face morphs depending on how long you keep the mouse there. Strange. Give it a shot if you like weird. Clicking also does various things to the face. It can take awhile for the morph to take place as well.

Check out this moving face "game" for yourself.


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