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Demonstration Lithium Ion Battery Explosion Video

Lithium Ion Battery VideoHere's a demonstration video of what can happen when a lithium ion battery explodes in a laptop. The video is a little slow so you'll probably want to click forward past some of it. In any event the first 'cell' in the battery explodes releasing some smoke and damaging the casing. The next cell explodes because of the heat from the first cell and blows a hole in the top of the cashing. Each cell explosion is progressively worse than the last one with the fifth or sixth cell explosion throwing out a pretty good size jet of flame.

Check out the full video of the lithium ion battery explosion test below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Giant Pumpkin Grows In Time Lapse And Then Explodes With TNT

Giant Pumpkin Explodes VideoApparently a guy grew this giant pumpkin to set a record and he captured the pumpkin growing on time lapse in this video. The pumpkin goes from a flower to a giant mammoth in the video. Finally at the end of the video they blow up the pumpkin with half a pound of TNT. It looks like they move the pumpkin before blowing it up because there isn't anything else green around it at that point but the field could have died back as well. It looks like they put a board under the pumpkin so it wouldn't rot into the ground before they were read to blow it up.

Watch the video of the giant pumpking growing and exploding below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Damaged Gas Tanker Explodes In A HUGE Fireball Engulfing Two City Blocks

Crazy Insain Gas Explosion VideoThis video seems to be from a chopper or some other sky news camera. The screen dub is in German or Czech or some other Latin base language. At first they start out with a close up of a overturned gas big rig with some fire around it. From there the video zooms out and then the gas tanker gives in to the fire and just explodes in a huge fireball. We aren't talking your normal "wow that was a huge explosion". We're talking "holy crap that fireball is fifty stories high and just engulfed two city blocks" explosion. If you look close when the video is zoomed in you can see what looks like a parking garage which is about four stories. Now look at the fireball. Yeah.

Watch the video of the giant gas tanker explosion below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Video From 1953 Of A Nuclear Test Explosion Like The One From Hiroshima

1953 Nuclear Test VideoOne of the top viewed videos over on Google is this video of a nuclear bomb test from 1953. The yield of the bomb was about the same as the one used over Hiroshima, Japan. It appears to be an underground test as I don't see a shockwave at all or if there is one it doesn't pass over the camera (like the one which sweeps over the ships in the South Pacific test videos if you've seen them). The mushroom cloud just keeps rising and rising off this thing.  You can probably use Google Maps to see the crator from this test.

Watch the full video of a nuclear test from 1953 below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Video Rendered In Maya Of A Tornado Eating An Oil Refinery

3D Tornado VideoHere's a video I found on Google Video of a Tornado rendered in Maya. The partical effects seem to be done pretty well and it looks like the tornado is ripping through an oil refinery or some such. There are all kinds of what look like sheet metal particles swirling around outside of the body of the tornado itself. And where the tornado moves through the refinery there are explosions and fire gouting up into the air. The video doesn't perticularly look very real but they did add a camera shake effect so it would seem like someone was holding the video camera.

Watch the full video of this 3D rendered tornado for yourself below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Video Featuring Exploding Soda Bottles And Dry Ice For A Good Time

Dry Ice Soda Explosion VideoHere is a set of video clips of various beverage bottles exploding after having dry ice added to them and the cap put on. I don't know if they only added dry ice or what as I've seen other similar videos where the bottle is empty and it still pops. In any event the first bottle they put maybe three or four pieces of dry ice in with a mostly full liter of soda. It doesn't pop on it's own so they end up throwing it up in the air. When it comes down and hits the street is pops with a pretty big bang. Most of the rest of the clips in the video are similar except for a for exceptions. For example, in what looks like a Gatoraid bottle, the bottle itself doesn't look like it pops (might be too thick?) though the lid probably shot off. I wonder if the mentos videos we've posted in the past would have the same effect if only a few were added and the lid was placed on quickly. I'd say it would be pretty dangerous to try this as there would be flying bits of plastic and dry ice going everywhere which means HINT: don't try this at home.

Watch the exploding soda bottles below or click over to the host site and view it there.


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Soda Explodes Out Of A Bottle After A Chemical Reaction With Some Mentos

Soda Explosion VideoToday's video is pretty blurry but it does show a pretty cool trick. The guy has two one liter bottles of soda and a box of mentos. It appears to be on some TV show with a reporter. Anyway he puts 13 mentos in a test tube and then holds them above the open liter bottle of soda using a business card. When he pulls out the business card and lets the mentos fall into the bottle of soda it explodes. As in there is a giant eruption of soda out of the bottle around 20 feet up into the air. So what causes that? The citric acid on the mentos reacts with the carbonation? The guy alludes that this is what happens but doesn't go into the specifics.

Watch the soda explode out of these bottles below or view it on the host site.


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Watch This Botched Building Demolition To Bore Yourself To Tears

Building Demolition VideoSo Yahoo and a bunch of other news sites were running this video of a building demolition that went wrong. In the video they blow the bottom of the building thinking that it is going to fall over on it's side. What really happens though is that the building just collapses into it's own basement and keeps standing. Now they're calling it the Leaning Tower Of Zip (whatever that means?). This is as much no news as you can get. I don't get why this video is so popular. Nothing happens in it. There is no big explosion or anything. Maybe you had to be there expecting it to fall and then seeing nothing happen. The building appears to be made out of sheet medal (verses bricks) which is why it just stands there.

Watch the non-building demolition video below or click to view on the host site.


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Video Of A Meteor Crashing Out Of The Sky And Slamming Into A Desert Camp

Meteor Hit VideoIn what appears to be a clip from a truck commercial this video has some guys camping out in the desert when the unexpected happens. Someone is driving into camp in a truck when a meteor trails out of the sky and slams into the ground in front of the truck. There is a giant explosion (but not a big enough one for how big the meteor was). The camera guy gets knocked back and when he finally gets up the truck drives through the dust and smoke. It's fine. The video pretty much ends there but as you can see it is some kind of truck commercial. Ford, is that you?

Take a look at the meteor video below or click on over and view it on their website.


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Video Of A Spray Can Sitting In A Camp Fire And Then Exploding

Boom VideoAnd here we have another example of doing some very very stupid such as leaving a spray can in a fire for a good time. These Darwin Award Finalists left the can in the fire and then decided to film it from a short distance away. I'd say they were lucky a piece of the can didn't fly out when it exploded and hit one of them standing around. We may have posted this video previously (it's hard to tell as these explosion videos are starting to look all the same). And in case you were wondering DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME.

Watch this spray can explode in a fire.


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