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Real 3D Cutaway Of A Honda F1 Race Car At An Auto Show

This video is from an auto show in the UK where they had†all the pieces of a†F1 car split out and†wired into midair like a 3D cutaway. The person recording the video walks completely around the suspended car. I assume the wire goes from ceiling to floor so that the pieces don't swing.



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Top 20 Bizarre Google Searchs That People Come To NinjaWax From

† 1. fat woman
† 2. real ninjas video
† 3. accident f1
† 4. fake nails
† 5. mutated kittens
† 6. german giant rabbit
† 7. fake fingernails
† 8. obese guy
† 9. funny stick flash
10. stick figure animations
11. crasy videos
12. long fingernails
13. hairless cat
14. trunk monkey
15. funny videos
16. battle card flash game
17. car crashs
18. chihuahuas dressed up
19. crazy crash car videos
20. beard of bees
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Video Of An F1 Mercedes That Catchs Some Major Air Before A Crash

Flying Mercedes VideoAnd here I was convinced that cars couldn't fly where this video appears to prove me wrong. Now we've posted a similar video to this one before but this is not the same video. In the previous video the F1 car caught air, flew up, and came crashing down in the middle of the track. Not so with this new video of a F1 Mercedes which has a similar car accident. In this video the car catchs and updraft of air under it and proceeds to make multiple flips in mid air while moving off into the trees to the side of the track. When it crashs down in the middle of the trees there is a giant plume of earth that shoots up. Nice Mercedes.

Check out the full view of the flying Mercedes F1 over at their website or view it below.


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Awesome Scale Model Of An F14 Jet Which Takes Off And Flies Around

Working F14 Replica VideoAlrighty then. Fighter pilots sitting in jets are officially obsolete. This video features a working scale model replica of a F14 jet that takes off and lands by remote control. The video starts out with the guys connecting the fuel line or firing the engines up. Then they taxi the jet out to a runway and take off all using a remote control. The video shows the jet doing some acrobatic stuff in the air and then it comes back for a landing. Make way for the remote control robots people.

Check out the scale model of a working F14 with jet engines in this video.


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Guy Plays Flawless Dance Dance Revolution While Juggling At The Same Time

Dance Dance Revolution VideoIn this video we have a kid that is playing Dance Dance Revolution. However, the twist is he is juggling at the same time.† It's pretty amazing how fast this kid can move his feet to keep up with the moves scrolling on the screen. Not to mention the fact that he is juggling the whole while. He never looks down at his feet either and even when it comes to and end he doesn't drop the juggling pins. I'll wager†you can't juggle OR play Dance Dance Revolution as good as this kid let alone do them both at the same time.

Check the full video of this kid going nuts in Dance Dance Revolution out for yourself.


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In A Viral Marketing Twist Miccy D Encourages You To Have Sex With Their Fast Food

I`d Hit It Ad PhotoApparently McDonald's ran an advertisement on some website that encourages you to have sex with a double Cheeseburger. Apparently this happened back in January but I'm only catching on now because I'm a slow learner. The original blog post has about 120 comments on it so you should head over there for useful commentary on having sex with your fast food. Nice viral marketing Miccy D. Choice quotes include:

  • "Dont have sex with hamburgers! I screwed a big mac a few weeks ago and Now Iím pregnant with chicken nuggets!"
  • "Brings whole new meaning to the phrase ďIím Loviní it.Ē "
  • "McDonalds intentionally uses the phrase to create word of mouth and buzz about the new promotion (and the misuse)"

Head on over and check the full blog and 120 comments out for yourself.


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F1 Does A Flying Backflip Losing Some Wheels And Lands Right Side Up

Flying F1 VideoYou know people really only watch racing for the accidents don't they. Well here is a really specacular one where and F1 car flys up in the air like a wing. It flips over in midair and lands back on the ground right side up. And it only loses two of it's wheels in the process, fancy that. Anyway they should add a new cable/satelite channel where they just show video of car accidents. You'd make more money on that niche channel than all of the racing channels put togather.

Watch the clip. You know deep down inside you're a rubber neck too.


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Spectacular F1 Racing Car Accident Crash Involving Around Ten Different Cars

Crazy F1 Racing Crash VideoThe multicar F1 racing car accident in this video is pretty crazy. It all starts out when one of the cars fails to turn and runs straight into the wall on the left side of the screen. The car then kicks over to the right sign of the screen hitting that wall and I assume it was knocked there by the other cars. We can see maybe two or three different car wheels bouncing around at this point and I think I can count up to 8 different wheels bouncing around on the track. A bunch of other cars just chain reaction crash into each other and there are probably ten or so cars that get smashed up. Apparently the F1 wheels come off pretty easily because a lot of the cars in the video loose their front ones. The wheels are ripped off where they attach to the car so part of the axle is still attached to them.

Check out this huge F1 racing accident crash video for yourself.


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F1 Car Gets Into An Accident And Turns Into A Giant Wing

Flying F1 Car VideoI didn't know F1 race cars could fly. This video is pretty surreal because the car with the camera just nudges the second car on the back wheel with his front wheel and the front car just slowly comes around, lifts up, and flys over the camera car. The video itself is strangely silent while this whole thing is going on which makes it even more surreal. I saw a program on TechTV maybe last year or so and they were saying that the downward force of the F1 cars would allow them to drive upside down.

Check out the flying F1 car for yourself in this video.


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