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Low Cost Almost Consumer Level 3D Color Scanner For Sale

3D ScannerHere's an almost consumer level product which is a 3D laser scanner. It costs around $2500 and you can put any smallish object on front of the scanner to be scanned in. It scans the object and scans a full color texture for the object. Apparently it can also control the turn table to scan the multiple angles of the object automatically. Pair this up with a 3D printer and you have your own almost consumer priced fabrication lab that fits on top of a desk.



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Turn An Optical Mouse Into A Reverse Trackball Device Like A Bar Of Soap

Soap Interface VideoHere is a pretty cool do it yourself project that turns an optical mouse into kind of a reverse trackball. Basically it is an optical mouse shaped like a piece of soap that is in an elastic/silk/polyester bag. You can rotate the mouse inside the bag like it was a wet bar of soap. You can also move the fabric of the bag with your thumb over the optical sensor causing the mouse cursor to move around. The video itself explains it much better including how make one for yourself. It seems like it works pretty well from watching the people in the video play games and navigate windows with it.

Watch the SOAP like interface device video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Philips Booth Demonstrates Light Up Fabric At A Tradeshow In This Video

Lumalive VideoHere's a video from what looks like some kind of tradeshow at the Philips booth where they demonstrate light emitting fabric called lumalive. They have people wearing t-shirts with moving light animations on them, chairs with moving light images in the backs of them, and a couch with the back filled with light moving icons. The video is pretty light on technical details however. As far as I can tell the tshirts look pretty bulky (somewhat like a bulletproof vest). The back of the chair though looks pretty good and the woman even presses in on the light area to show that it isn't just a flat light emitting surface. I'm guess it's either embedded LEDs, electroluminescence, or a flexable LCD.

Check out the video of the light up t-shirts below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Spray On Fabric Comes In A Can For The Win Photo And Video

Spray On Fabric PhotoApparently this company Fabrican Ltd. developed fabric which comes in a can that you can spray on whatever you want. Make a new shirt or add on to current garments. One of the best applications for this technology though is probably in emergency services (ambliance personal, first aid kits, and/or battle medics). You could just spray on a temporary bandage which contained antibiotics, antiseptics, and blood coagulants onto a wound in the field before transport to a medical facility. There appears to be two example photos of the spray on fabric. One of them is at the website of Fabrican and the second is over at We Make Money Not Art which has a t-shirt looking spray on photo. However, it doesn't look like there is any commercially available Fabrican at the moment.

Check out the Rocketboom video which also features a story about the spray on fabric.


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18 Wheel Truck Cab Is Demolished By It's Own Cargo In This Photo

Truck Cargo Reck PhotoHere is a pretty strange accident involving a 18 wheel truck. Apparently when the truck crashed into the back of anothr vehicle the cargo inside the trailer of the 18 wheel truck busted through the front of the trailer, the cab of the truck, and flew forward out into the street. It looks like the cargo (a large pipe or drill or some such) narrowly missed the driver of the 18 wheel truck. It looks like that the sides of the trailer on the truck are only made out of fabric which could have been one of the reasons the cargo busted through like that. Having metal sides might not have made a difference either as it punched right through the cab of the truck like nothing.

View the fill resolution image of the 18 wheel truck with it's cargo punched out the front of the cab.


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