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High School Band Clones Halo Theme Song For The Win

Halo Theme Song VideoHere's a video of a high school band playing their version of the Halo theme song. It sounds pretty good and features a violin, electric guitar, and drums. This version of the video is in their 'studio' AKA the living room. There are two additional versions in the related section on the host site where they play the Halo theme song at their high school talent show. The sound is much better in this video but lacks the stage effects. It reminds me of TheMetalBandWhichShallNotBeNamed which partnered with a symphony. I wonder how Bungie feels about fanmusic. Will they pull a TheMetalBandWhichShallNotBeNamed or let it be?

Check out the video of the high school band Halo theme song below and click over to the host site to view the other two videos.


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Indian Guy Conducts Electricity Without Showing Any Signs Of Pain In This Video

Electric Guy VideoA guy in India can pass an electric current through his body and he doesn't feel a thing (or so he claims). In the video he puts a live wire to his tongue and another wire to a fan and the fan starts up and works. At the end of the video he holds a lightbulb and an electric skillet. The flips the switch, the lightbulb turns on, and an egg is fried on the skillet. He states that some people accused him of having some kind of implants in his hands that allowed him to do it but they tested them and there was nothing. the guy is an electrician of all things. He does seem to have a little bit of a spasm when the current first hits but he controls it. Or the whole video is a fake.

Check out the electric Indian guy video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Snoopy Rides His Dog House Into Space And Blows Up The Death Star

Snoopy Star Wars VideoHere is a Star Wars fan film featuring Snoopy and his little yellow bird friend. Snoopy plays Luke Skywalker and leads the attack on the Death Star while riding his dog house. The little yellow bird plays R2-D2 and fixes the dog house when it gets hit. Everything else is pretty much the same as the original Star Wars except it is cell shaded. Near the end of the video Snoopy is saved by his bowl of dog food (WTF?) instead of the Falcon. Kind of a bizarre video overall much like the Peanuts cartoons. Use the force Snoopy use the force.

Check out the Snoopy Star Wars video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Professional Looking Jedi Vs Sith Fan Fiction Lightsaber Battle Video

Jedi Fan Film VideoHere is a pretty good Star Wars fanfilm filmed out in the Maryland woods. The theme is two force users face off in the woods where I assume one of them is a Sith and one is a Jedi. The interesting part about the fanfilm though is the Jedi guy reads a letter from a dead Civil War soldier to his wife. In the context of the Star Wars universe the references to the Civil War and the Revolution fit pretty well. The lightsaber effects are also  pretty professional looking. One thing I did notice was that when one of them dies at the end his lightsaber drops but doesn't turn off.

Watch the Jedi battle Star Wars fanfiction video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Blooper Clips From A Pro Fishing Show Where A Fisherman Gets Owned

Fisherman Show Bloopers VideoThis video features bloopers from a popular professional sports fishing show. It starts out with the guy running over his fishing pole (or something to that effect) which causes him to get out of his truck. The only problem is that somehow his mic wire is caught and he stumbles around for a few seconds. Next up he somehow gets his line caught in the prop and it sucks the fishing pole in. In the next video clip of the video he sticks his fishing pole into the ceiling fan breaking it off. Following this he somehow lets the motor come off of the boat and it goes wild in his hand. The best one is probably when he gets the line caught in the tree and while pulling on the tree something falls out of the tree onto him. You'll have to watch the video to see that one.

Watch the video of the fisherman show bloopers below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Build A Do It Yourself LCD Wall Projector In This Video For Around $100

DIY Projector VideoIn this video they show you how to make a wall projector out of an old LCD and one of those overhead projectors. The video shows the guy taking an LCD monitor apart and removing the LCD itself from the case. He then places the LCD on top of the overhead projector projection area and tapes it down on the sides. Additionally he adds one small computer fan to the side to keep it cool (though I'm not sure how much good that tiny fan is doing). The end result is what looks like about a 100 inch screen projection on the wall. The whole setup can probably be completed in under $100.

Check out the DIY wall projector on the cheap in this video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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When Blue Is Not Blue In Magical Fantasy Land Japan

Blue Roses PhotoSo for some unknown reason the most emailed photo on Yahoo right now is this photo of an arrangement of 'blue roses'. As you can see in the photo the roses are not even remotely blue so I have no idea how blue has turned into lavender is the magical fantasy land of Japan. They might be blue based (verses red based) lavender but these are not blue. Back to the drawing board there DNA scientist guys. How about mixing in some jelly fish DNA so the roses can glow in the dark for the win.

Head over and see the full sized photo of this not so blue blue roses.


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Optimus Prime Look A Like Transforming In This 3D Render Video

Optimus Prime VideoHere is a pretty good rendering video demo of an Optimus Prime look a like transforming from a diesel cab into a robot. The rendering itself is pretty life like looking but there are still little hints that give it away as a fake. The main one is near the first part of the video they catch some of the sidewalk in the viewer and the texture on it looks horrible. The rest of the buildings look pretty lifelike though. Also I'm not sure about some of the reflections they are using. Apparently it is just a fan render and isn't a trailer or tech demo for a game/movie. This post brought to you by 'Remember the 80s!'.

Watch the full video of the Optimus Prime look a like render below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Incredibly Detailed Lord Of The Rings Bag End Doll House Photoset

Bag End Doll House PhotoshootSomeone went and put togather a doll house version of Bag End from Lord Of The Rings (aka Bilbo's House). They have some pretty detailed photos up of various rooms inside Bag End that they put togather. If I remember correctly when they made the LOTR movie they built a miniture size Bag End as well. This dollhouse however was either built by an amateur or professional doll house maker. It includes working lights, working fireplace (fake), detailed rugs, working doors, and a complete outside plus detachable roof.

Get your LOTR fanboi hat on and head on over to check out the full collection of photos from inside the Bag End doll house.


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Giant 1100 Pound Jaws Like Tiger Shark Caught Off Martha's Vineyard

Shark PhotoJaws is real! The most emailed photo over on Yahoo right now is this photo of a 1100 pound tiger shark caught near Martha's Vineyard. Apparently they have a yearly "monster shark derby" there where I assume whoever brings in the biggest shark wins. The guys that caught this shark didn't win though because they brought it back six minutes too late. I find it hard to believe that the shark is exactly 1100 pounds. The real question is did they actually eat this thing or just let it rot? Not your biggest sports fisherman fan here.

Click on over and view the larher photo of this giant tiger shark.


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