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Mashup Video Where The Star Trek Enterprise Fights The Death Star

Star Wars vs. Star Trek VideoThis video is a mashup between multiple Star Trek episodes and the three original Star Wars movies. It's about 7 minutes long and pretty well done. The Star Trek Enterprise is warping along when it comes upon the Death Star. The Enterprise tries diplomacy and the Empire from Star Wars attacks straight away. It has Tie fighters attacking the Enterprise and the Enterprise bringing down a Super Star Destroyer. Finally the Enterprise has to run away when the Death Star fires on them. The video mashup itself is pretty well scripted with the dialog all matching and making sense in the 7 minute plot.

Watch the full video of the Enterprise fighting the Empire and the Death Star below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Rocketboom Mashup Video Of A Ninja Question And Answer Session

Rocketboom Ask A Ninja Mashup VideoLast month, Rocketboom did an episode of a mashup between the "Ask A Ninja" guy's videos and the Rocketboom host Amanda. Amanda, dressed as a ninja, asks various questions and then they use clips from the "Ask A Ninja" guy's answers to give the ninja answer to the question. The questions include "Did you hear about the cure for AIDS?", "What is your opinion of Steve Jobs?", and "How do you describe America's foreign policy?" amoung others. The ninja suit Amanda is wearing is also pretty funny because it isn't "true black" and looks more like a Dune still suit than anything else. Where is the episode where Amanda fights the dragon for "true black" dye and becomes a REAL ninja?

Check out the full video of the "Ask A Ninja" Rocketboom mashup for yourself below or click over to the host site or even better check out the current episode of Rocketboom.


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Hippie Vs Ninja Battle To The Death With Keyboards For A Good Time

Keyboard Fight VideoBask in the stupidness of this video. You know you want to. Anyway, this video (which is extremely stupid) starts out in black and white in some kind of round council chamber. There is a hippie in a headscarf banging on a keyboard and mouse in one of the chairs (there is no monitor). He is pretending to play a video game I suppose. At this point some ninja guy holding a keyboard shows up and the hippie guy fights the ninja. They are both under the delusion that their keyboards are swords. The fight moves on to both of them pretending to use different controllers in "hand magic" attacks. Did I tell you it was stupid already? At some point does something become so stupid that it cross back over into being funny?

Waste time at work by watching this stupid ninja keyboard battle video.


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Test Out Your Virus Defence Skills In This Tough Winner Take All Flash Game

Virus Flash GameVirus is an interesting free flash puzzle game. It feels a lot like Minesweeper except that you are playing against a computer player who keeps stealing everthing you have gained. The computer fights you with your own gains. You are green and the computer is red. It spreads like a virus (this the name). In order to stop the infection you have to wall off sections behind the lines so that the computer virus can't retake what you just took yourself. A pretty tough puzzle game. The graphics are basic but the voices used add some flair. If you like tough this one is for you.

Get your virus defence on for a good time with this game.


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Midget loses in Midget Bullfighter vs Young Bull

Midget Bull Fight VideoIn this video it has a midget bullfighter fighting a midget (or at least a young) bull. This is probably something like a half time show for bull fights as the bull itself seems too young to be super aggressive (either that or they haven't started stabbing it yet). In any event, the bull kicks the crap out of the midget bullfighter and knocks him down. The bull then proceeds to try and crush the midget with it's chest until the clowns come out to chase it off. The video has been modified to rerun the chest crush move so it looks like the bull is humping the midget.

You've never seen a bull humping a midget before have you.


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