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RC Copter Does Air Acrobatics Before Crashing And Flipping All Over

RC Copter Crash VideoThese two German guys were out test flying this RC helicopter in a field somewhere. The helicopter pilot guy is doing all kinds of air acrobatics like flying the copter upside down, backwards, etc. It looks like he brings it in and is about to land it but he could also have been trying to do another trick. In any event the copter was to close to the ground and it flipped over and slammed down blades first into the grass. At this point the blade keeps spinning and the copter is flopping all over the place (there is no off switch on the controller?). The pilot guy runs out to grab turn it off but the camera guy warns him off (good thing too or he might be missing a hand now). The copter keeps flipping out until I guess the engine burned out or some such at which point they can get close enough and shut the engine off.

Watch the full video below of the RC copter crashing and flipping out all or click over and view it on the host site.


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Guy Pulls Some Crazy Bouncing Coin Shotglass Tricks In This Video

Money Flip VideoThe guy in this video appears to have mastered the art of flipping quarters into shot glasses and other such containers. The video itself is quite long and consists of all kinds of different tricks the guy does with the quarter to shoot it into a shot glass. Most of the time he throws the quarter down on the table and it bounces up into the glass. Near the end he gets really outlandish and bounces the quarter across the room and into shot glass inside a pot (and it breaks the shot glass). In another one he bounces the coin over a cutting board into one shot glass where it bounces out again and back across the table to land in a second shot glass. You've got to check this one out.

Check out the full video of the crazy coin tricks for yourself or watch it below.


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Super Ninja Guy Practices Backflips Matrix Style Over And Over And Over In This Video

Guy Practices Flips In This VideoI think this guy has watched a few too many Matrix movies. He might be our new mascot for NinjaWax. In this video he practices flipping over backwards and landing on his feet. Of all the times he tries he doesn't do it very often. Most of the time he flips into the mat but sometimes he falls off and bangs his knee. The part I can't figure out is why does he keep putting his elbow down to roll on instead of putting his hand down? Just so he feels like he is doing well he also does some hand stands and cartwheels. Near the end of the video he also tries to run up the wall and flip over that way be he just falls flat on his back. Try again hero.

Super ninja guy practices flipping over backwards and fails most of the time in this video.


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Executive Shows The Crowd Of Suits What She Really Thinks Of Them

Woman Flips Off Crowd By Mistake VideoIn this video there is a woman executive type on stage giving a presentation to a crowd of suits. She is either speaking German or some Scandinavian language (Norwegian or the like). Anyway, she starts counting off things on her fingers except that she starts with her thumb and counts it off and then her first finger and counts it off which only leaves her index finger flipping the crowd of suits off. I don't think she realized what happened but the crowd does and starts clapping louding when she flips them off. The video shows it again in slow motion in case you missed it.

Executive flips the bird by mistake.


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Excel at Face Planting In This MotoCross Game

MotoCross Java GameMotoCross is a free flash game where you drive a stunt motocycle in a stadium. It takes awhile to download even on broadband. The actual background is professional looking but the character graphics are retro 80s. The gameplay is a little strange (or just a little hard). You can go forward, lean forward, and lean backwards. I spent most of my time flipping the motocycle over and landing on my face. Give it a shot if you want a challenge. The second level seems to be bugged as well because you appear to be riding the motorcycle on thin air.

Get your motocross on.


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That Is A Shiny New Yellow MotorCycle You Have, Ooops.

Bike Stand VideoAnother candidate for a Darwin Award! In this video the guy is apparently testing the brakes on his motorcycle OR is trying to film it where he stops on a dime in front of the camera. In any event it doesn't go quite as he planned. Either his brakes are too tight or he brakes too hard because he ends up flipping the bike forward, back wheel over front, end over end. The photo is a still of him already having been knocked off the bike and the bike standing up on it's back wheel. I think it has already flipped two or three times before it gets to where it is in the picture.

Make sure you know how to stop before you ride a motorcycle.


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