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Futuristic Hover Drone Invented In England In This Article

Hoverdrone ImageHere is an interesting article about an inventor from England who has created a hoverdrone. It is basically a cross between a hovercraft and a helicopter which looks like a flying saucer. It's shaped like a bell with the rotating blade above the bellshape. The air is forced down around the sides of the bell which I assume causes lift. This thing looks like the hover drones from the Dark Angel TV series. The real question is can they scale this thing up so it can carry a human?



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Nanoparticles Form Morphing Scultures In Ferro Fluid Video

Here is a second video using ferro fluids containing nanoparticles. In this video there are two metal looking towers out in the middle of the fluid and when the elecromagnetic field is varied different structures form on the two towers.



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Photo Of A Mutant Duck With Four Legs Found In England

Four Legged Duck PhotoHere is a photo of a duckling with four legs which poped up on the most emailed photos on Yahoo. Apparently the duck was discovered in England at a duck farm. The two extra feet don't seem to be as correctly formed as the normal two feet of the duck. Hard to tell if the extra legs are usable or not as well. Makes you wonder what they feed ducks in England and are they down river from a nuclear power plant to get their extra mutant on.

Check out the full sized photo of the mutant duck with four legs.


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Turkish Video Featuring Human Powered Animations

Here's a Turkish commercial which is either for Turkey or for a Turkish bank I can't tell which. It has a group of people moving around forming shapes and animations viewed from above.



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Pigeon Attempts To Land On A Car And Is Rejected In This Car Commercial

Bird Deflect VideoHere's a funny car commercial which features the car protecting itself from a pigeon. The pigeon is sitting up on the tree eyeing the car and then flies down to land on the car. The car has other ideas however and using it's anti pigeon technology wacks the pigeon away from the car with it's hood. The pigeon is entirely CG or so claims the caption for the video. It's probably possible that the pigeon on the branch and flying towards the car is real and then when the bird gets hit it turns into a CG bird and sprawls on the ground. Apparently Ford sells these kinds of cars in Europe? Good luck with that.

Check out the pigeon deflector car commercial video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Demonstration Lithium Ion Battery Explosion Video

Lithium Ion Battery VideoHere's a demonstration video of what can happen when a lithium ion battery explodes in a laptop. The video is a little slow so you'll probably want to click forward past some of it. In any event the first 'cell' in the battery explodes releasing some smoke and damaging the casing. The next cell explodes because of the heat from the first cell and blows a hole in the top of the cashing. Each cell explosion is progressively worse than the last one with the fifth or sixth cell explosion throwing out a pretty good size jet of flame.

Check out the full video of the lithium ion battery explosion test below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Pool Of Corn Starch Lets People Walk Over The Top Without Getting Wet

Pool Of Corn Starch VideoHere is a video of a pool of corn starch on a Spanish TV show. The mixed up corn starch in a concrete mixer and then poured it into this pool. The trick is that it is a non-newtonian fluid which means that when force is applied to the liquid it exhibits properties of a solid. In the video the two hosts of the show repeatedly run over the top of the corn starch. Just to show that it is actually liquid the one host sinks into the corn starch while the other host continues to run around on top of the liquid. Near the end they have some bystanders also run over the liquid and the other host sinks into the corn starch too.

Check out the pool of corn starch below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Snoopy Rides His Dog House Into Space And Blows Up The Death Star

Snoopy Star Wars VideoHere is a Star Wars fan film featuring Snoopy and his little yellow bird friend. Snoopy plays Luke Skywalker and leads the attack on the Death Star while riding his dog house. The little yellow bird plays R2-D2 and fixes the dog house when it gets hit. Everything else is pretty much the same as the original Star Wars except it is cell shaded. Near the end of the video Snoopy is saved by his bowl of dog food (WTF?) instead of the Falcon. Kind of a bizarre video overall much like the Peanuts cartoons. Use the force Snoopy use the force.

Check out the Snoopy Star Wars video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Professional Looking Jedi Vs Sith Fan Fiction Lightsaber Battle Video

Jedi Fan Film VideoHere is a pretty good Star Wars fanfilm filmed out in the Maryland woods. The theme is two force users face off in the woods where I assume one of them is a Sith and one is a Jedi. The interesting part about the fanfilm though is the Jedi guy reads a letter from a dead Civil War soldier to his wife. In the context of the Star Wars universe the references to the Civil War and the Revolution fit pretty well. The lightsaber effects are also  pretty professional looking. One thing I did notice was that when one of them dies at the end his lightsaber drops but doesn't turn off.

Watch the Jedi battle Star Wars fanfiction video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Guy Builds His Own Stonehenge Using Sticks And Rocks For A Good Time

Stonehenge Reloaded VideoGuy in this video is working on his own Stonehenge using only sticks and rocks. In the video his rolls a one ton rock along a specially designed wooden platform using only his hand. He shows how he uses a stone under a huge block of concrete to spin it around and how if he puts another stone under it he can move it with a lever system. In another video clip he moves an entire bard using this method. He takes a huge Stonehenge style block and drops it upright in a hole using some weights, rope, and sticks. In order to get the huge piece of rock high enough to drop it in he rocks it back and forth and sticks a stick in each side of the fulcrum after he rocks it. Reminds me of the Coral Castle guy in Florida. He puts the National Geographic (?) Easter Island guys who were doing something similar to shame though.

View the video of this guy building his own Stonehenge using sticks and rocks below or click over and view it on the host site.


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