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Guy Paints The Mona Lisa Using MS Paint In About 2 And A Half Hours

Guy in this video uses MS Paint to draw the Mona Lisa in about two and a half hours. The video is sped up to display the whole drawing process in about four minutes.



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31 Wheel Rollerskate Suit Lets You Rollerskate In Any Position

Insain looking suit a French guy invented which contains 31 wheels. It allows you to rollerskate in any position you can think of. It shows the guy doing everything from riding down stairs, to rollerskating on all fours, to lugeing down a parking garage entrace. Urban combat of the future suit?



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Photo Of A Mutant Duck With Four Legs Found In England

Four Legged Duck PhotoHere is a photo of a duckling with four legs which poped up on the most emailed photos on Yahoo. Apparently the duck was discovered in England at a duck farm. The two extra feet don't seem to be as correctly formed as the normal two feet of the duck. Hard to tell if the extra legs are usable or not as well. Makes you wonder what they feed ducks in England and are they down river from a nuclear power plant to get their extra mutant on.

Check out the full sized photo of the mutant duck with four legs.


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Swiss Guy Flies Over 120 Miles An Hour With His Jet Wing In This Video

Jetman VideoHere's a Swiss guy named Yves Rossy who has developed a personal wing which he uses to fly around after jumping out of airplanes (see video one). Apparently sky surfing just wasn't cutting it so he built this. His latest version has four mini jet engines on it which allow him to go over 120 miles an hour (see video two). Apparently the wing has cost something like 150k British pounds to put togather. As you can see in the screen capture the wings fold up for when he is inside the plane and then open up when he jumps out. His end goal is to be able to take off and land which the jet wing as well instead of launching off a second plane already in the sky.

Check out the videos below of the Jetman or click over and view them on the host site.


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Table Walks Around When Pushed For A Good Time In This Video

Walking Table VideoI'm going with whoever designed this walking table watched Star Wars a few times too many. Apparently this was filmed at some Dutch design show and features the guy on the far side pushing the table causing it to walk across the floor. The legs of the table remind me of the droids in Phantom Menace. It's hard to tell if the table walks in four directions or only two. I'd also have to say that the top of the table shifts down to stand on the legs so that it doesn't walk around by accident. Would this have been more useful before the wheel was invented?

Check out the walking table video below for yourself or click over and view it on the host site.


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Mutant Dolphin With Four Flippers Is Captured

Mutant Dolphin PhotoHere is an article about a mutant dolphin which was caught recently that had four flippers instead of the 'normal' two. I've circled the two extra flippers in the photo to the right. The flippers look normal but other dolphins don't have them and only a few times previously have four fins been recorded on dolphins. The article claims dolphins use to be land animals millions of years ago and these fins are a left over trait from that. Additionally grow leg buds before they are born but they disappear before birth. So there you have it. Mutant dolphins for the win.

Head over and read the full article plus check out the full size photo of the mutant dolphin for yourself.


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Photo Of A Baby Chicken With Four Legs In New Zealand

Four Legged Baby Chicken PhotoHere is an article from New Zealand about a baby chick which had four legs. Apparently it recently died because of digestive issues and they are now keeping it in a freezer before having it stuffed. So the question is have you ever seen a four legged chicken before? And how many of todays animals are the way they are because of a mutation which happened a long time ago. If you think about it they should get the DNA from this baby chick and see if they can clone it without the side effects. That would give you two extra legs per chicken for food consumption. Combine this with the featherless chickens and you'd have a winner.

Head over and read the full article about the four legged baby chick for yourself.


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Video Of A Bunch Of People Testing Flame Throwers All At The Same Time

Flame Thrower VideoHere's a short video clip of about 8 people testing flame throwers all at the same time. It's hard to tell if this is a training exercise or just a bunch of people playing with flame throwers. In any event they are in a semi-circle all firing the flame throwers up in the air towards a central point. The flame looks to be shooting a good eighty feet or more up into the air and raining flame. Farther into the video at least four of the flame throwers seem to flame out. I don't know if they changed their nozzle setting or what but some of them start blowing out mist and no flame.

Check out the flame thrower test video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Damaged Gas Tanker Explodes In A HUGE Fireball Engulfing Two City Blocks

Crazy Insain Gas Explosion VideoThis video seems to be from a chopper or some other sky news camera. The screen dub is in German or Czech or some other Latin base language. At first they start out with a close up of a overturned gas big rig with some fire around it. From there the video zooms out and then the gas tanker gives in to the fire and just explodes in a huge fireball. We aren't talking your normal "wow that was a huge explosion". We're talking "holy crap that fireball is fifty stories high and just engulfed two city blocks" explosion. If you look close when the video is zoomed in you can see what looks like a parking garage which is about four stories. Now look at the fireball. Yeah.

Watch the video of the giant gas tanker explosion below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Pulsing Optical Illusion Video Tweaks Out Your Vision For A Few Seconds

Optical Illusion VideoThis video has a pretty crazy optical illusion going on in it. Basically you sit there for a minute or so while these diamond lines pulse in the center of the screen. What is weird is if you screen shot the video it looks perfectly normal. However, when you are watching the video the center four or five lines or so seem to be moving towards the center and all the other lines are moving away from the center. When you look away from the optical illusion your vision seems to 'bubble' in the center of whatever you are looking at. It goes away after maybe 10 or 15 seconds. Crazy looking.

Check out the optical pulsing illusion video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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