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Guy Trades A Beer For A Radio For A Katana For A Girl Friend For A Case Of Beer

Beer Trade VideoHere's a funny beer commercial which plays on the same idea that the "One Red Paperclip" guy used which was to keep trading away an item for a bigger item until he got a house. In the commercial the guy starts out with a bottle of beer and then trades it for a portable radio. He trades that for some balloons which he trades for a katana which he trades for a rack of suits and on and on. At one point he trades some pink poodles for a girlfriend which he then trades to a cop for his horse. Finally he trades for what I think is a Rolls Royce. The very last trade he makes is the Rolls Royce for a case of the beer that he started out with.

Check out the video of the beer trade commercial below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Snoopy Rides His Dog House Into Space And Blows Up The Death Star

Snoopy Star Wars VideoHere is a Star Wars fan film featuring Snoopy and his little yellow bird friend. Snoopy plays Luke Skywalker and leads the attack on the Death Star while riding his dog house. The little yellow bird plays R2-D2 and fixes the dog house when it gets hit. Everything else is pretty much the same as the original Star Wars except it is cell shaded. Near the end of the video Snoopy is saved by his bowl of dog food (WTF?) instead of the Falcon. Kind of a bizarre video overall much like the Peanuts cartoons. Use the force Snoopy use the force.

Check out the Snoopy Star Wars video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Various Video Clips Of People Getting Scared By Pranks

Video Of People Getting ScaredIn this video there are a number of video clips of various people getting surprised by their friends. It mostly consists of people jumping out of boxes, trash cans, and just about anywhere you'd least expect it. One video has a cat jumping out of a trash can and scaring the guy that walked up to it pretty good. Another one of the prank clips has what is probably a rookie police officer in a morgue and the 'dead' person stands up. It closes with a woman walking over to a sink full of water and a foot coming up out of the water and wiggling around. There is probably a kid under the sink with his leg up the drain pipe and sealed with some kind of rubber gasket.

Watch the video below of these people getting scared out of their wits below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Strangely Funny Ninja Of The Night Anime Mashup Video

Ninja Of The Night VideoSo here we have another "Anime Mashup Video" or AMV which uses clips from some anime show set to either a song or some voice overs. Apparently this one is called "Ninja Of The Night" or some such and I don't know if this is an actual song or just some made up dialog but it parodies ninjas knowing "ancient stuff",  picking locks with shuriken to steal cars, giving their friends free cable from the rooftops, and stealing bras without anyone noticing. Strangely funny in an "It's the Internet!" kind of way.

Watch the full "Ninja Of The Night" AMV below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Ask A Ninja Fields A Question About Can Dogs Become Trained Ninjas

Dog Ninja VideoHere is another video from "Ask A Ninja" and this time the question for the ninja master was "How can I teach my dog ninja tricks?". The ninja master says it's possible but you have to be careful especially with tricks like moving through walls and doors. He dubs dog ninjas, "caninjas", as in Canine Ninjas. He goes on to say that he had one friend who taught his poodle hypersonic ninja speed or some such and it ripped his arms right out of his sockets. Other things he mentions are that after dogs become ninjas they are no longer mans best friends. This "Ask a Ninja" guy is really turning these videos out now with at least eleven different episodes.

You'll have to watch the video below to find out everything about dog ninjas for yourself or click over and view it on the host site.


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Darth Tater And Spud Trooper Have A New Friend In Artoo Potatoo

Star Wars Potato HeadsLast year Hasbro released Darth Tater, Star Wars themed Mr. Potato Head. Later on last year they also released "Spud Trooper" another Star Wars themed Mr. Potato Head. This year they are coming out with Artoo Potatoo which is R2-D2 as a Mr. Potato Head. I haven't quite figured out what the Spud Trooper guy is holding in his right hand there. It looks like a potato masher (maybe that's some kind of potate joke where instead of having a blaster rifle ala Star Wars it's a potato masher). So at some point are they going to come out with a Mrs. Leia Potato, Mr. Potato Chewbacca, Jabba the Potato, and Solo Potato?

View the full sized photo of the Mr. Potato Head Star Wars toys.


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DRM Agent Spoof Video Featuring A Copyright Enforcement Officer With Each DVD Purchase

DVD Pirate Agent VideoHere is a spoof video on copyright infringement and DRM (that's digital restrictions management). The video starts out with a lady buying a DVD, "The Product" in a DVD store. Only, she doesn't quite get what she bargained for. Along with her DVD she gets her own special DRM Agent enforcement officer which follows her around, spies on her, and makes sure no one is able to copy the DVD. So when the lady talks to a friend about "sharing" the DVD with her the DRM Agent whisks her away from the "potentially illegal" encounter and calls the friend a commie pinko. Next up the a purse snatcher comes up and steals the lady's purse (which happens to contain the DVD). The DRM agant only goes after the purse snatcher once he finds out that the DVD is in it. He chases the purse snatcher down and then pulls out a gun. When the purse snatcher hides behind a mother and child he guns them all down just to get the DVD back. He brings the DVD back to the lady who originally purchased it but didn't bother bringing her purse back. That's DRM folks. Contains NSFW language.

Check out the full video spoof of the DRM Agent below or click over to view it on the host site.


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Get Ready For Christmas With This Shuriken Maker Er I Mean Snowflake Maker

Snowflake MakerSo this snowflake maker first came online in January 2003. Since that time there have been over 3.6 million snowflakes created and saved with it. Basically it mimics a piece of paper that is folded into a triangle that, when cut, unfolds to look like a snowflake. You can print out or save the snowflakes that you make or even email them to your friends. Personally since this is NinjaWax I created a shuriken snowflake for the ultimate snowball fight ninja device.

Check out the shuriken maker er I mean Snowflake Maker and post a link to your deadly snowflakes!


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Ninja Kicks Some Guy In The Back And Then Fin (Haha) Him Off With A Katana

Ninja Attack Video

So the video features three friends at college. One of the friends keeps a pulling jokes on the other two friends like tripping them, pulling the chair out before they sit down, and driving off while saying he'd give them a ride. The other two friends decide to get him back and stick a Kick Me sign to his back. The "Kick Me" sign is also written in Chinese or Japanese. So the guy is walking down the street with the kick me sign when he passes a meditating ninja. I'd say the ninja was being so secretiving that the guy didn't even see him and the only way we saw him was by high speed camera. Anyway the ninja sees the kick me sign and follows the guy. The ninja takes a flying leep and knocks the guy down with a ninja kick. To finish him off the ninja woops out his katana and stabs him in the back. Now here is where we find out it isn't a real ninja. The ninja stabs the katana in the dirt to pick up the katana sheath. **BBBBBBBZZZZZZZ**. A real ninja would never defile the blade like that. You won't get the "Fin" joke in the title until you see the video so what are you waiting for?

Watch the ninja take this guy out with a kick and a katana for a good time below or click the link and view it on their site.


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Play Soccer Against A Friend Or The Computer In Soccer Slime For A Good Time

Soccer Slime Flash GameSoccerSlime is a small two player game (you have to have two players as there is no computer player). There is a soccer field in this flash game and you have to get the ball in the opposite goal. Each player has to jump and bump the ball into the net to score a point. The graphics are pretty basic and without two players you can't play. So there you have it folks. When you have nothing else to do but waste time and work and you've worn out all the other games this is the one.

Get your soccer on with Soccer Slime.


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