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Get Your Game On And Convert All Of The Clouds To Suns In Sunny Day

Sunny Day Flash GameInteresting little flash puzzle game. The goal of the game is to turn all of the cloud squares to sun squares. You do this by jumping the squares until all of the squares are sun squares. You can jump a square with a cloud or with a sun. The graphics are basic but fun. Actually this game is a lot like the game Go where you have to change all of the other player's color to yours. It is just set up like Minesweeper instead.

Get your Sunny Day on for a good time.


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Four Guys Jump Out Of A Plane And Play The Nintendo DS Multiplayer In Freefall

Gaming While Skydiving VideoSo the latest video making the rounds in gamer circles is a video of some guys testing out the multiplayer ability of the PSP and the Nintendo DS handheld gaming systems. They test the PSP while driving on freeways and standing on streetcorners in LA. Near the end of the video they take the Nintendo DS sky diving and play a four player wireless multiplayer game after jumping out of an airplane. According to the video it worked fine. The only thing I thought was weird was the hand holds they made for the Nintendo DS. If they have their hand in the back of the DS how do they use the buttons and the joystick at the same time? Unless the racing game there were playing only required the joystick to play it. The download also requires BitTorrent to download it.

Check out the first episode of From The Shadows with the skydiving while gaming.


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