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Insain Ski Gliding Video Shot Coming Down From The Top Of Mount Eiger

Ski Gliding VideoHere is a pretty insain video of a couple guys 'ski gliding' from the top of Mount Eiger in Switzerland. What this basically means is these guys have the skydiving parachutes on and skis. Next they push off the top of the mountain and ski/glide down the mountain. They really don't use the skis very much as there is a lot of rock that they are flying over. But what they do use the skis for is to slide and push off various snowy areas. They go down the one slope of the mountain and then turn right down a basically sheer drop and just glide from that point.

Watch the video of the insain ski gliding for yourself below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Ever Wanted To Hang Glide Without The Danger Of Falling 5000 Feet To Your Death?

Canyon Glider Flash GameCanyon Glider is a free flash game that you view from the side like an old arcade shooter. You play as a hang glider and you must take off and fly out over the desert through hoops to get points. Make sure you read the instructions though as in order to take off you must press the left and right arrows over and over to build up speed and take off. The graphics are professional and polished. The only problem for me it seems was that I was unable to get any are and therefore crashed repeatedly after takeoff. Your mileage may vary but I couldn't for the life of me make the thing fly.

Practice your hang gliding in this Canyon Glider game.


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