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Woman Battles Giant Robot Copy Machine For A Good Time In This Video

Double A Paper Commercial VideoHere is a commercial for Double A paper which makes paper for copy machines. In this commercial there is a woman who apparently uses sub quality paper which causes a jam in her copy machine. She starts going crazy and attacking the copy machine but then something unexpected happens. The copy machine transforms into a giant robot who grabs the papers she is holding and starts hitting her with them before ripping them up. And this makes me want to buy Double A paper how again? Wait it doesn't.

Watch the Double A paper commercial below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Stick Figure Battles A Flash Animation Artist For His Life In The Flash Interface

Stick Man Flash Attack VideoHere is a Flash animation which took the artist around three months to complete where a stick figure battles the artist in the Flash interface. The artist draws the stick figure who then gets a life of his own and attempts to escape. The stick figure grabs interface elements and uses drawings to battle the artist while the artist tries to destroy the stick figure by drawing guns and turrets that fire on the stick figure. The artist is even able to tie up the stick figure a few times but he escapes each time. Finally the stick figure liberates clones of himself and really starts taking over. At this point the artist closes the Flash document that the stick figure is living in.

Check out the full flash animation of this stick figure battling the artist for his life.


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Nose Spray Commercial Morphs Into Adult Tantrum In A Supermarket

Tantrum Commercial VideoHere is a funny commercial which is strange because the commercial seems to have nothing to do with the actual product. There is a woman in a supermarket with her kid and she feels a cold coming on so she pulls out some nose spray and shoots it up her nose. That was the commercial part of the video which has nothing to do with the rest of the video. While the lady was squirting the cold spray up her nose the kid wanders over and grabs some chips and dip. The woman turns around and sees the kid with the goods at which point he tries to start throwing a temper tantrum to get his way. Instead, the woman turns on the tables on him and throws her own kicking and screaming tantrum on the floor. The kid is speechless while she gets up and they walk off. Fixed him, eh? Now what did that have to do with cold nose spray.

Watch the full video of the funny nose spray commercial for yourself below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Japanese Magician Illusionist Ninja Pulls A Salt Shaker Through A Solid Piece Of Glass

Japanese Magic Salt Magician VideoI think we've posted a video of this Japanese magician guy before where he pulled a hamburger out of a sign and then put it back again. In this video he is sitting down at a glass coffee table with a bunch of people around. He gets a coin from one of the people and puts it in the middle of the glass table. He puts his hand over he coin on top of the glass and his other hand under the glass below the coin. The coin passes through the glass and ends up in his hand below the glass. As far as I can tell he simply palms the coin above the glass. If you watch his hand he takes the three fingers of his hand and curls them into a fist while pointing at the coin below the table with the forth finger. However, for his next trick he grabs a salt shaker and hands it to one of the people sitting at the table. She taps the glass above and below and finally holds the salt shaker below the glass. He puts  both hands above the salt shaker and the top side of the glass. The girl lets go of the salt shaker and he pulls the salt shaker through the glass. If you watch closely you can see the reflection of his hand on the glass above the salt shaker as he is pulling it through the glass. So is this guy a ninja or what?

Watch this magician pulls a salt shaker and drops a coin through a piece of glass for a good time in this video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Video Of A Snowmobile Jumping Over 30 Feet In The Air Multiple Times

Snowmobile Jumping VideoThis video starts out kind of slow with some dirt bike riding before moving into the main part of the video which is snowmobile jumping. It isn't on snow but a dirt and grass area with what looks like a metal ramp. The first go he takes the snowmobile along the side to guage the distance I guess and then on the second shot he hits the jump. In each jump he does a trick similar to what you would see from dirtbike jumpers. One jump he kicks off to the side, or stands on the handle bars of the snowmobile, or even letting go completely. It looks like he may have almost lost it when he lets go completely as he is already pretty far back when he grabs onto the guard rails and gets back on the snowmobile in mid-air.

Check out the snowmobile jumping video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Cat Rips Up A Guys Inner Thigh In A Bid For Freedom In This Video

Crazy Cat VideoOuch. The guy in this video is filming an animal adoption video for a cat named Pinky(or Peeky ?). Now, Pinky is pet of the week and he stays still for about ten or twenty seconds while the guy talks about him being pet of the week. At this point Pinky decides he's had enough and tries to get away. The guy has Pinky on a leash and Pinky is just going nuts. He's flying up in the air, running around in circles, and trying his best to escape. A lady tries to help by attempting to catch Pinky in a pet box. This makes Pinky go even more crazy. Soon Pinky gets his leash tangled around the guys leg and starts crawling up his leg. Pinky grabs on with his claws to the inside of this guy's thigh and digs in. The guy starts screaming like a banshee and finally lets Pinky go. Like I said, ouch.

Watch Pinky rip this guy to shreds in his bid for freedom below or click over to view it on the original website.


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Video Shot In Thailand While Fishing For Crocodiles In The Local River

Croc Fishing VideoApparently a favorite tourist pastime in Thailand is croc baiting (or at least it is for the guys in this video). They appear to be on some kind of raised hotel bridge area above water. One of the guy has a bamboo fishing pole with a piece of chicken tied to the end of it. There are various crocodiles swimming around below them snapping at the piece of chicken or whatever it is. The crocs make some wild grabs for the meat but keep missing. Finally they put the meat really close to the nose of one of the huge crocs and he grabs it in less than a second before the fisherman guy can react.

Watch the croc fishing video below or view it over on their website.


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Guy Grabs His Surfboard And Rides A Giant Wave Coming In From A Storm

Surf The Wave VideoHere is a pretty crazy video of what looks like either a tsunami or a hurricane coming over the break water. The video starts out with a wave hitting the shore and flowing down the street and then the camera pans out into the ocean. There is a big wave coming and as the camera is filming a guy starts surfing the barrel on this giant storm wave. The wave breaks over him and it looks like he is toast but a few seconds later he breaks through and is surfing ahead of the wave. How come you can't do that?

Watch this guy surf a giant storm wave for a good time.


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Bus Driver And Kids Get In A Crazy Brawl On A School Bus For A Good Time

Bus Fight VideoIn this video clip we have utter mayhem on a school bus. The video starts out with the bus driver telling the kids to turn around and of coarse they don't listen. Next a little kid in a white shirt on the left says "Suck Me!". The bus driver goes back to him and says something like "Damn you." Another kid in the far back (blue kid) says "Watch your mouth!" and the bus driver says "Don't tell me what to do!". Next the bus driver calls on the radio for a cop to come out to the bus. He tells the kid in the back to come up to the front but the kid ignores him. The bus driver walks towards the back of the bus but another kid steps out behind him and starts swearing at him. The bus driver turns around and grabs the kid by the neck (tall kid). The wrestle around for a bit while blue kid screams "GET OFF HIM" over and over. Tall kid gets to the back of the bus some how and takes some swings at the bus driver. Finally the bus driver comes back up to the front and tall kid follows him. Some pushing ensues and then blue kid and tall kid starts saying "Let me off the bus, you're gunna get fired, you're going to jail". Crazy. What would you do?

Watch the mayhem on the bus for a good time.


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Find Out How To Get Your Bungie Jumping On And Extreme Fish At The Same Time

Extreme Fishing VideoI'm not sure if this video clip is an advertisement or what but if it is the ad part of it has been trimmed out. In any event there are a couple of guys in the river fishing with all their gear etc. Suddently a piece of bread drops down next to one of the guys. And then another piece of bread drops down next to the other guy. They look around to see where it is coming from and they see a guy up on top of the bridge. The guy drops another piece of bread and it diseappears under the water (a fish grabbed it). The guy on the bridge bungie jumps off the bridge down into the water. He grabs the fish and then shoots back up to the bridge with the fish. Extreme fishing.

Flabbergast your friends with extreme bungie jumping and fishing.


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