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Giant Mutant Tomato Grown In Japan Almost Four Inchs Across

Mutant Tomato PhotoA farmer in Japan who has been growing tomatos for 30 years recently grew this giant mutant tomato which he says looks like a Chinese lion mask. Apparently the mutant tomato is about three times normal size at 10 cm across and weighting 150 grams (or about a third of a pound). So is the farm down wind from one of the nuclear blasts from WWII or possibly getting water from one of their nuclear plants. Next thing you know they will clone this mutant tomato and it will be a delicacy in Japan like square watermelons.

Check out the full size photo plus article about this huge mutant tomato after the jump.


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Two People Run In Opposite Directions With A Rope Tied To Both Of Them

Stupid People VideosThis video is a testiment to what can happen when stupid people are allowed to breed. The two people in this video each tied a rope around their waist and then stood next to each other in the center of the camera view. The camera man guy says "It's recording, go!" and the two guys with the rope tied to both of them run in the opposite direction with predictable results. When the rope runs out of slack they are both jerked backwards and to the grown.� Each one is clutching their gut in pain. Einstein turns over in his grave.

Watch this bozos test the theory of action and reaction.


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Monkey Harasses Two Tigers By Pulling Their Tails And Ears In This Video

Monkey Tormets Tiger Cubs VideoThis is a pretty long video clocking in at around three and a half minutes of a monkey torments two tiger cubs. I don't know if they are in a zoo or in the wild but I would assume some kind of animal park. I think they are both tiger cubs because you would think they would be much more aggressive if they were full grown. Anyway in the video the monkey swings all over above the tigers in the trees. He keeps making passes down at them to wack them in the head, pull their ears, and pull their tales. They jump at him and try to catch him with their claws but they are two slow. He even comes down and sits on the ground a few times and they still can't catch him.

Check out the monkey tormenting the tigers in this video.


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