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Video Of The Game Runner Video Game Treadmill Control Device

Gamerunner VideoHere is a video�of a treadmill�which plugs into your computer and records the treadmill movement as forward movement in video games. This one is called Gamerunner and you run on the treadmill and then use a bike handle type device which is mounted on the front of the treadmill to move and fire. I have a similar product called a SimCycle which doesn't work very good for various reasons. The problems with the SimCycle were that it wasn't a real tension flywheel, your knees were always hitting the desk, and you would be winded but you couldn't stop (specifically in racing games) because if you did you'd lose the game. I'd say the Gamerunner is probably a better product then the SimCycle because you're standing up instead of sitting and you can hang on to the bike controller. Still the problem of getting winded though.

There is a review of the Gamerunner here and you can watch the video of the Gamerunner in action below or view it on the host site.


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People Driving Down The Freeway Loose Their Sports Tickets Out The Window

Tickets Fly Away VideoIn this video a group of people are driving down the road and it appears they are going to the World Cup in Germany but that is just a guess. The car has a jersey hanging in it and one guy is waving a small hand flag in front of the camera. Another car pulls up along side them on the freeway and there is a similar group of people in the second car waving flags and yelling (one guy in the back appears to have an open beer). The passenger in the front seat of the other car is holding their tickets out the window and waving them back and forth. Suddenly the tickets fly out of his hand and back down the freeway. Ooops.

Watch the full video of this guy losing his tickets below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Cowboy Monkey Rides A Dog Around In This Taco John Commercial

Cowboy Monkey VideoHere is a commercial for a taco fast food place which features a monkey cowboy. The monkey is dressed as a cowboy and he rides around on a dog who has a horse like color pattern. It's hard to tell if the monkey is actually controlling the dog (which I doubt) or the monkey is just hanging on while the trained dog runs around for the commercial. The video is set to a salsa music soundtrack and they have galloping sounds dubbed in for the running dog. The premise of the commercial seems to be that they deliver food really fast as the cowboy monkey blazes by people and leaves them their food.

Check out the full video of the cowboy monkey riding a dog around in this commercial below or click over and view it on the host site.


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People Attempt To Try Out A Fake Waterbed And End Up All Wet

Fake Waterbed VideoIn this video which appears to have been filmed in Germany they setup a fake "waterbed" in a mattress showroom in what appears to be a mall or some such. The waterbed is actually a square pool of water with a piece of foam placed over it so it looks like a mattress. Various different people come over to the bed and attempt to try out the waterbed which usually consists of them falling backwards onto it or just jumping on it. They expect it to catch them but since it is a fake all they get is a dousing in the pool of water. There are quite a few cameras around� (which I assume are hidden) which they cut between to catch the people getting doused with water. The funniest one is the mother who falls back into it and the look on her kids face. His mouth is hanging open in awe. They must have to reset the bed after someone falls for it because the foam would be all wet and there would be water all over the floor.

Watch the full video of these people trying out a fake waterbed below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Anime Twelve Days Of Annoying Things About Christmas Video

Anime 12 Days Of ChristmasI'm not sure if this is an official video or not but it is suppost to be te�Twelve Days of Christmas from Storm Akira. It's hard to tell if they just mashed up an existing video and added some voice overs or if they really produced this how it is. The first day of Christmas in the video is finding a Christmas tree and it goes on from there about all the annoying things about Christmas. For example, Christmas lights that don't work or if they do they blow a fuse or blink. Some of the other days include hangovers, inlaws, Christmas specials on TV, and Christmas cards.

Check out the full Twelve Days Of Christmas anime video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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People Make A Home Made Rocket Powered Skate Board And Ride Off Into The Sunset

Rocket Board VideoSo the people in this video make their own rocket engine out of household items like sugar and PVC pipe. Then they strap this rocket engine to a weird looking skate board (I've never seen a skateboard with wheels hanging out in the front and back like that). The kid gets on the skate board, pulls the ignition string and off he goes. The rocket make a whole bunch of smoke and he is soon obscured by the smoke. I can't say that the speed is all that great on it either. The aftermath picture shows where near the end of the rocket it burned through the PVC pipe.

Check out this home made rocket powered skate board for yourself.

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Guy Tries To Record How Good He Is At Break Dancing And Fails Miserably

Breakdance VideoThe guy in this video starts the camera rolling and then walks up onto his makeshift stage. He has a white sheet hanging in the background on some type of pole structure. Once in front of the white sheet he breaks into a breakdance routine. Except in the first few seconds he kicks his legs up high and then promptly falls over backwards pulling the white sheet down and breaking the poles. He lays there while his girlfriend laughs at him. Sweet.

Can you breakdance half as good as this guy?


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Darwin Award Finalist Base Jumper Hero Jumps And Gets Caught On A Light Pole

Base Jumper VideoDing Ding Ding Darwin Award Finalist Alert! Our hero in this video decides to base jump off a satelite communications tower for a good time. So he jumps off the tower and deploys his chute. Everything is going good and he is coming down for a landing when bam. His chute catchs on the light pole and swings him around. The guy flips around and smacks into the top of the roof and then I would assume falls off and hangs by his parachute. The video ends before we see that part though. Still think base jumping is awesome?

Base jumper takes it in the shorts.


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Couple Of Hoodlums Steal A Purse For A Good Time And Get A Surprise

Exploding Purse VideoEveryone who carries a purse needs one of these. In This video two hoodlums on a motorscooter (hard core man) stake out an old lady. The lady is walking with a walker and her purse is hanging from it. They aim to steal the purse. Near the end they ride in and grab the purse. But the old lady has a trick up her sleeve. She pulls out�a remote control device and detonates the purse that the hoodlums stole from her. Pwned.

Watch these two guys get pwned after stealing a purse.


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Here Is One Way To Get Rid Of Your Old Computer Which Is To Use It For Target Practise

Potato Gun Shot VideoGroup of guys put an old computer outside with a target hanging on it and then get ready for some destruction. They have a potato gun set up maybe 20 feet away from the computer. One guy holds and aims the potato gun while another guy fires it. I assume they used a potato to shoot the computer with. Anyway they hit the old computer and then go up to inspect the damage. It blasted a hole right through the metal side of the computer knocking various parts off. I can't tell if they had the other side of the case on but if they did it was blown off as well.

Watch this old computer get destroyed by a potato gun.


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