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Mutant Six Legged Lamb Born In Belgium For The Mutant Win

Six Legged Lamb PhotoSo the most emailed photo on Yahoo for today was this photo of a lamb which was born with six legs in Belgium. This fits right in with all the other mutant animal photos (remember the two headed snake and the one eyed kitten). So is the farm where this lamb was born down river from any nuclear power plants, in the fallout path from Chernobyl, or is this just random mutation? Is a lamb with six legs a better all terrain vehicle than a lamb with four legs? Would you eat the meat from a lamb that had six legs?

Check out the full sized photo of the lamb with six legs to get your mutant glow on.


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Mutated Two Headed Cows And More Featured On Sideshow Photo Site

Sideshow World PhotosYahoo had a photo of a five legged cow at one point which I blogged about but which doesn't seem to be available anymore. In searching for the photo I stumbled on this "Sideshow World" website which has all kinds of photos of mutated animals such as two headed cows, two faced kittens, a second photo of a cyclops kitten (not the same kitten as the most recent photo which appeared on Yahoo/AP). It also features multiple images of cows with five or six legs in some instances as well as a seven towed cat and an eight legged lamb. They also have posters and such from old carnivals and sideshows one of which features a drawing of a two legged dog. Crazy stuff (photos not for the faint of heart).

Check out all the crazy photos of the cyclops kitten, two headed cow, and eight legged lamb over at Sideshow World.


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Mutated One Eyed Cyclops Kitten Born in Oregon

One Eyed Cyclops KittenWell these mutated photos are flying fast and furious now aren't they? From two headed snakes to today's one eyed cyclops kitten. According to the caption of the article this kitten was born with one eye and no nose. It only lived about a day and the owner named it Cy. If you ever wondered where they came up with all the Greek monster myths like the hydra and the cyclops this is probably one good example of where they came from. And you though dragons were fake too huh? Wait until you meet a 12 foot long komodo dragon lizard.

Head over and check out the photo of this one eyed cyclops kitten.


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An Aquarium Is Trying To Sell A Two Headed Snake For 150k On Ebay

Two Headed Snake PhotoThis is a photo of a two headed snake which was originally sold to an aquarium for fifteen grand. The aquarium is now trying to sell the two headed snake on eBay for a hundred and fifty thousand. Good luck with that huh? We've posted photos of a two headed snake before. In the previous photo the snake heads split more equally whereas in this photo the snake head on the left seems to be the lead head and the snake head on the right is an offshoot. Apparently two headed snakes don't live very long either.

Get your weird on and head over to check out the full sized photo of the two headed snake.


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Nebraska Spawns Mutated Two Mouthed Fish For A Good Time

Two Mouthed FishIf you thought the radiation in your town was decreasing think again. We've posted two headed turtles, two headed snakes, five legged cows, and other such anomilies on the site before. Up for today we have a photo of a fish with two mouths. A fisherman caught this fish in Holmes Lake near Lincoln, Nebraska according to the caption for the photo. He said that the lower mouth did not appear to function and the hook was in the upper mouth. I don't know about you but I don't think I would be chomping down on a mutated fish or any fish from that lake for that matter.

Update: Looking at the picture more I guess it's possible that the lower "mouth" is just an injury. Maybe the fish was caught, released, and the hole just slowly ripped open.

Check out the full sized photo to the two mouthed trout for yourself.


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Video Of A Two Headed Mutant Snake At A Snake Convention

Two Headed Snake VideoAnd the video we have for your today is of this two headed snake. As far as I can tell the snake doesn't move at all during the entire video so it's possible that the thing is dead. The tail doesn't move and neither head flicks it's tongue. It looks like they have this two headed snake at some kind of snake showing convention because there is another guy with a giant python around his neck in the background near the end of the video. Chalk this one up with the two headed turtle and the five legged frog.

Check out the video of the two headed snake for yourself.


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Malaysian Michael Jackson Performs On Malaysian Idol In Front Of Impersonator Judges

Malaysian Michael JacksonIn this video we have a guy doing his imitation of Malaysian Michael Jackson for Malaysian Idol (wtf?). The best part of the video though is the judges. They are laughing at the retarded guy doing the Michael Jackson impression when the real impersonators are the judges themselves. All three judges are copies of the American Idol judges. For the most part they look the same. There is the British guy with the spiky attitude, the black haired former singer, and the shaved headed ethnic guy. The music business is so pathetic.

Watch all four of these people make fools of themselves.


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How Many Radiation Mutations Does It Take To Produce A Five Legged Cow

Five Armed Cow VideoNow here we have a cow that lives a little to close to the nearest nuclear power plant. This calf was born with five legs and six hooves (the fifth leg has two hooves). Apparently the mother is normal but the calf has this mutation. We've posted two headed toads on NinjaWax before but I believe this is the first mutated cow. Currently this image of the five hooved cow is the most emailed image on Yahoo right now. The real question is would you eat a steak from a five legged cow? How much further do we need to go to get to the two headed cows in Fallout?

Check out the full size photo of the five legged cow.


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Ferrari Lasts All Of About Five Seconds On The Drag Track Before Crashing

Ferrari Destroyed VideoOur hero in this video takes a $250,000 Ferrari out to the drag race track. He isn't racing against anyway and is only doing a timed run. They hit the starter and he is off and running. The back end fishtails a little bit and when he tries to correct he turns to far to the left. Now he is headed straight for the wall and either doesn't steer at all or there is no traction because he just keeps on going. The best part is the announcer guy who says OOOOOHHHHHHHHHH as he watchs the  Ferrari slam into the wall. Nice going hero. The video cuts to the tow truck hauling the Ferrari away with the driver inside waving.

Watch this idiot blow $250,000 in a few second flat.


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The Time Of The Mutants Is At Hand Two Headed Turtle Crawls Around In This Video

Two Headed Turtle VideoSomeone is living a little bit to close to the nuclear test facility here. In this video we have a turtle that has two heads. There have been photos I've seen on the internet of frogs with 7 legs and things like that but I've never seen a two headed turtle before. You have to wonder which head controls which legs or if one head controls two legs and one head controls the other two legs. Which head eats? Do they both eat? Do they both have throats that go to the same stomach? Do you feed the two headed turtle two heads of lettuce? Here is a hint folks, if your Geiger Counter is clicking like crazy don't breed your turtles.

Check out the two headed turtle in this video.

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