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Three Ninjas Battle Magons Myth Story In This Video For The Win

Three Ninjas Story VideoUnless you live in a cave you've probably seen an "Ask A Ninja" episode before. In this episode some guy asks the ninja about the number three. The ninja responds with a full on ninja story about ancient times and how there was a group of three ninjas that formed Voltron to fight off half man half dragon creatures for the win. Ultimately they formed into a stream of black or some such and have been continually speeding up since ancient times in their quest to battle all of the other numbers for the spot as the top number. The number three occuring throughout history is because of these three ninjas.

Check out the video of the three ancient ninjas below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Metal Robot With A Latex Einstein Head Walks Around And Talks

Einstein Robot VideoWe're one step closer to a Futurama future! This video has a group of scientists from Hubo Labs working on a robot version of Einstein. I'm not sure what their overall goal with the project is other than maybe creating a robot tour guide or robot grade school history/science lesson. The head of the robot is a human shaped latex head of Einstein while the rest of the robot is your generic Japanese looking robot. The head and face of Einstein has facial expressions and 'talks' (though I assume it is pre-recorded). The head itself looks pretty good but it would have probably looked better had it been on a human sized body and not a three foot tall robot body.

Watch the full video of the walking talking robot with an Einstein head below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Find Out Funny Things Google Might Do In 2005 Spoof

Google In 2005 ArticleOver at the Onion they have a spoof of things Google is going to do in 2005. Here is three examples from their list:

Patent the idea of looking for something.

Add "I'm Feeling Lonely, Miserable, And Unlucky" button to the homepage.

Launch Google Good Men, as good men have been historically hard to find.

The real funny thing about their spoof suggestions are that some of them are actually pretty good ideas. Do you know how many people would click the Feeling Unlucky button?

Check out the full list of Google in 2005 for yourself over at the Onion in image or PDF format.


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New European Made AirBus Flies By Flapping The Wings Video

Secret Video Of The New AirbusHere is a pretty funny video that was taped secretly of how the new AirBus is able to hold 800 passengers. It really is a historic innovation in air travel. Apparently the video shows the AirBus flapping it's wings like a bird! The video itself is pretty short but it does convey the flapping motion that the plane makes with it wings. For those of you who are denser than some this video is a joke. It looks like they either took a video of a bird flying and super imposed the plane over it or they rendered a plane flapping it's wings.

Check out the AirBus flapping it's wings video for yourself.

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