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Pigeon Attempts To Land On A Car And Is Rejected In This Car Commercial

Bird Deflect VideoHere's a funny car commercial which features the car protecting itself from a pigeon. The pigeon is sitting up on the tree eyeing the car and then flies down to land on the car. The car has other ideas however and using it's anti pigeon technology wacks the pigeon away from the car with it's hood. The pigeon is entirely CG or so claims the caption for the video. It's probably possible that the pigeon on the branch and flying towards the car is real and then when the bird gets hit it turns into a CG bird and sprawls on the ground. Apparently Ford sells these kinds of cars in Europe? Good luck with that.

Check out the pigeon deflector car commercial video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Hypocritical BMW Commercial Which Professes Their Innovative Ideas

Hypocrite BMW Commercial VideoIn this commercial there is a guy who builds machines similar to Leonardo Da Vinci. He calls himself a kinetic sculpture and his sculptures are made of light materials and powered by the wind. The sculptures look like robotic crop sprinklers with wings. The main idea of the commercial is that the only thing standing in the way of innovation is ourselves. This is somewhat hypocritical because the commercial is for the car company BMW. BMW has been making the same cars for the last 50 years. An innovative car company. What a joke.

Check out the hypocritical BMW commercial below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Find Out Funny Things Google Might Do In 2005 Spoof

Google In 2005 ArticleOver at the Onion they have a spoof of things Google is going to do in 2005. Here is three examples from their list:

Patent the idea of looking for something.

Add "I'm Feeling Lonely, Miserable, And Unlucky" button to the homepage.

Launch Google Good Men, as good men have been historically hard to find.

The real funny thing about their spoof suggestions are that some of them are actually pretty good ideas. Do you know how many people would click the Feeling Unlucky button?

Check out the full list of Google in 2005 for yourself over at the Onion in image or PDF format.


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