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Illusionist Performs Disappearing Trick Using A Mirror

Here's a video which shows an illusionist's trick in action. The guy is standing on a table, he lifts up a towl, and disappears. The trick is that there is a mirror running down the middle of the table facing the camera which reflects back the camera side of the table. The illusionist is behind the mirror.



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Illusionist Floats Between Two Buildings In Las Vegas In This Video

Guy Floats Between A Building VideoIllusionist guy floats between two buildings in Las Vegas in this Video. There is not a continuous camera on him the entire time as they cut between camera views. Before he starts he gives one of the "spectators" his own camera to film it with. One thing I thought was kind of weird is that the comments the people make seem pretty close to the same comments made in the video where this same illusionist walks across a pool. When they show his shadow against a wall while he his doing his trick there isn't any wire shadows that I could see but the video quality is pretty poor.

Watch the video of this illusionist floating in Las Vegas below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Illusionist Walks On Water In A Hotel Pool In Las Vegas Or Miami

Walk On Water VideoThe illusionist in this video appears to walk on water in this video. It looks like he is in either Las Vegas or maybe Miami by the look of the hotel in the background. In any event he walks up to the hotel pool while holding a small video camera and while being filmed by his crew. He steps out into the water and proceeds to walk across. The from sides it really looks like he is walking on something solid an inch or so under the water. However, when it switchs to his personal camera view it looks like he is just windmilling his legs while something else moves him across. At one point someone swims under him and at another point he takes off his shoes and they sink into the water. Based on his windmilling legs I'm going with he's using some kind of wire harness.

Watch the clip of the illusionist walking on water below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Woman Is Split In Half And Still Alive On A Park Bench In This Illusion Video

Woman Cut In Half Illusion VideoThe illusionist in this video seperates a woman in half in broad daylight in front of an audience. First up he uses some misdirection by picking a bystanding and then dismissing her for being too short. Next up he brings a really tall woman up to the front and has her lay on a park bench. He has one person pull her arms and one person pull her legs. He puts his hands on her middle and pounds it (which I assume releases the clasp between the midget and the amputee). Next he has the two people pull and the woman splits in half. The top half of her crawls away and the bottom half sits up. I assume the midget probably can see out of the skirt (and therefore walk around).

Watch the video of the split woman below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Japanese Illusionist Pulls A Card Trick In A Glass Bottomed Boat

Card Illusions VideoHere is another illusion video by the same Japanese illusionist who we've seen in a couple other videos that have been posted. In this video he does a couple warm up tricks where he shoots cards at a window and the chosen card sticks to the window plus a trick where he switchs the card from one side to the other. For main trick he goes down into a glass bottomed boat and sets up a card with the audience by writing on it and ripping a corner off. Then he shoots the cards at the window and the chosen card is stuck on the OUTSIDE of the glass bottomed boat window. He covers it with a cloth, reachs his hand through, and pulls the card back through the window to the inside (or at least that is the illusion). It looks to me like he reachs down and pulls the card out of the cloth that is covering the window.

Check out the full video of this card illusion below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Japanese Magician Illusionist Ninja Pulls A Salt Shaker Through A Solid Piece Of Glass

Japanese Magic Salt Magician VideoI think we've posted a video of this Japanese magician guy before where he pulled a hamburger out of a sign and then put it back again. In this video he is sitting down at a glass coffee table with a bunch of people around. He gets a coin from one of the people and puts it in the middle of the glass table. He puts his hand over he coin on top of the glass and his other hand under the glass below the coin. The coin passes through the glass and ends up in his hand below the glass. As far as I can tell he simply palms the coin above the glass. If you watch his hand he takes the three fingers of his hand and curls them into a fist while pointing at the coin below the table with the forth finger. However, for his next trick he grabs a salt shaker and hands it to one of the people sitting at the table. She taps the glass above and below and finally holds the salt shaker below the glass. He puts  both hands above the salt shaker and the top side of the glass. The girl lets go of the salt shaker and he pulls the salt shaker through the glass. If you watch closely you can see the reflection of his hand on the glass above the salt shaker as he is pulling it through the glass. So is this guy a ninja or what?

Watch this magician pulls a salt shaker and drops a coin through a piece of glass for a good time in this video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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