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Futuristic Hover Drone Invented In England In This Article

Hoverdrone ImageHere is an interesting article about an inventor from England who has created a hoverdrone. It is basically a cross between a hovercraft and a helicopter which looks like a flying saucer. It's shaped like a bell with the rotating blade above the bellshape. The air is forced down around the sides of the bell which I assume causes lift. This thing looks like the hover drones from the Dark Angel TV series. The real question is can they scale this thing up so it can carry a human?



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31 Wheel Rollerskate Suit Lets You Rollerskate In Any Position

Insain looking suit a French guy invented which contains 31 wheels. It allows you to rollerskate in any position you can think of. It shows the guy doing everything from riding down stairs, to rollerskating on all fours, to lugeing down a parking garage entrace. Urban combat of the future suit?



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Table Walks Around When Pushed For A Good Time In This Video

Walking Table VideoI'm going with whoever designed this walking table watched Star Wars a few times too many. Apparently this was filmed at some Dutch design show and features the guy on the far side pushing the table causing it to walk across the floor. The legs of the table remind me of the droids in Phantom Menace. It's hard to tell if the table walks in four directions or only two. I'd also have to say that the top of the table shifts down to stand on the legs so that it doesn't walk around by accident. Would this have been more useful before the wheel was invented?

Check out the walking table video below for yourself or click over and view it on the host site.


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Guy Lost In The 80s Plays A Double Guitar Except He Doesn't Have 4 Hands

Double Guitar VideoOur hero in this video apparently invented or is just demonstrating a "double guitar". Now apparently a double guitar is two guitars merged at the lower end. There also seems to be a wire connecting the two togather at the bottom as well. The guy in the video demonstrates the double guitar but it would seem that he actually needs 4 hands in order to play it. He is able to play both guitars at the same time but with only one hand on each. If he has 4 hands or if he could get his feet up there then it would probably work out better. Apparently you can also use the double guitar to hide your face. Oh and the 80s called his guy and wanted his hair back.

Watch this guy play with a double guitar for a good time.


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