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Video Of The Swedish Police Officers Raiding The Pirate Bay Serverfarm

The Pirates Bay Raid VideoApparently on the 31st of May a group of about 50 Swedish police officers raided the server farm of the company which hosts the server for "The Pirate Bay" website. "The Pirate Bay" is a website which indexes torrent files (which are filesharing pointers to other files). Some of these pointers point to files which may infringe copyrights in certain countries. However, "The Pirate Bay" is a prefectly legal service (according to the owners and the local law apparently) where it is hosted which is in Sweden. To make a long story short the MPAA alledgidly put political pressure on a Swedish politician who put pressure on Swedish police to 'raid' this data center. This video is from the security cameras in the data center. It's pretty funny watching these 'police' wander around in the datacenter and pick their noses (literally). Police don't wear uniforms in Sweden or what? Even more interestingly is that usually after the guy with the camo jacket wanders by the police come back and cover the security cameras with garbage bags. Could they be any more unprofessional if they tried? This video doesn't show it but apparently they took ALL of the servers in the datacenter regardless of who owned them. For the win?

Watch the full video of The Pirate Bay police raid below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Panda Grabs Zoo Visitor By The Jacket And Tries To Drag Him Inside The Cage

Panda Rage VideoHere we have a video with some people looking at a panda in a zoo. Except this isn't a nice little cuddly panda. This panda is a seriously, I'm going to rip your throat out, rage blinded panda. The zoo visit in this video got to close to the panda cage and the panda grabbed him. The panda then proceeds to try and pull the guy into the panda cage. Other zoo visitors rush to help the guy. The video ends with the panda having mostly torn the guy's jean jacket off and pulled it into his cage. It looks like it happened somewhere in Asia and I would guess in China.

If you had to live in a cage in a zoo you would probably be pissed off too.


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Robber Throws His Gun At The Clerk By Accident And Then Runs Away

Robbery VideoThere isn't a category for "Stupidest Criminals Ever" so I had to settle for putting this video in the "Stupid Videos" category. A hooded guy walks into a mini mart store, reachs into his jacket, and pulls out a gun. Except that he pulls it out upside down and basically slings the gun at the clerk instead of pointing it at him. The gun flies out and lands on the counter where the clerk grabs it. The clerk points the gun back at the wannabe robber who flees out the door like a moron.

Should this guy get a Darwin Award Finalist award for being such a moron?


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Motorcycle Tries To Pass SUV And Wrecks In This Car Accident Video

Motorcycle Crash Into SUV VideoIn this video a guy is out riding his motorcycle with his buddy in the flaming jacket. He has a video camera in the front of his motorcycle looking forward and they are following a SUV. There is a double yellow line on the road and his buddy in front of him passes the SUV through the double yellow line. The problem happens when the guy with the video camera tries to follow his buddy and pass the SUV too. The road curves to the left and when the video camera guy tries to pass the SUV follows the yellow line and his motorcycle slams right into it doing about 60 miles an hour. It was a fake out because his buddy goes straight down a side road but the car they tried to pass just followed the main road. Oops.

Watch the accident video where the guy passes on a double yellow line and crashs.


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Newscaster Freaks Out And Runs Away When Attacked By A Small Rodent

Newscaster Gets Attacked By Something VideoThis clip is pretty short but still very funny. There is a news caster guy holding one end of a snake and the snake handler guy is holding the other end of the snake. They are talking when suddenly something runs and jumps onto the front of the newscaster guy's coat. It looks like a squirrel or some other small animal with a bushy take. The newscaster guy freaks out and starts brushing at his jacket while still holding the snake but the little animal hangs on. Finally, he drops the snake and runs off camera. The snake handler guy and the audience are laughing their heads off. This guy would never make it on Fear Factor.

Watch news caster get attacked by small rodent in this video.


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That New Car Your Friend Has, It's Probably A Rental

Sports Car Rental Commercial VideoAnother funny commercial from Europe. Is it me or do Europeans make funnier commercials than Americans? Anyway in this commercial a bunch of people are standing around talking when an expensive sports car rolls up and a guy gets out. Everyone at the gathering is impressed with what is apparently the guy's complete makeover (new car, new sunglasses, new black leather jacket). At this point the guy accidently drops the car keys (smooth move) and everyone can see that it has a rental car key fob on the car keys. D0H! Still, to rent one of those cars is around $200 an hour.

Have you ever rented a car to impress people? Did it work?


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