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Bunch Of Kids Fail To Blow Up A Pumpkin With Fireworks

Invincible Pumpkin VideoIn this video some kids try to blow up a pumpkin multiple times with various different fireworks and fail. They use a bunch of different fireworks which are pretty colorful but just don't pack enough punch to blow up the pumpkin. They keep putting the top back on and it blows off each time but that is abou it. They even try actual firecrackers at one point and still nothing. And something else they keep doing which you probably shouldn't try at home is lighting the fireworks with a blowtorch. Yeah. That might win you a Darwin award someday.

Watch these kids fail to blow up a pumpkin with fireworks below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Kids Float Around Inside Giant Blow Up Balls On A Pond In China

Floating Blow Up Ball VideoHere is a pretty weird video from I think China where it has kids floating around on a river or pond in blown up plastic balls. There is a launching area and the kid is inside a giant plastic ball. The kid walks up to the water while inside the plastic ball and then floats out onto the water. They've used these kinds of things on game shows in the US before but I've never seen them just put kids in them and float them out onto a pond my themselves. Is the plastic ball sealed or where does their air come from? What happens if one of them starts sinking.

Watch the video of the weird plastic rolling balls with kids in them below or click over and view it on the host site.


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People Attempt To Try Out A Fake Waterbed And End Up All Wet

Fake Waterbed VideoIn this video which appears to have been filmed in Germany they setup a fake "waterbed" in a mattress showroom in what appears to be a mall or some such. The waterbed is actually a square pool of water with a piece of foam placed over it so it looks like a mattress. Various different people come over to the bed and attempt to try out the waterbed which usually consists of them falling backwards onto it or just jumping on it. They expect it to catch them but since it is a fake all they get is a dousing in the pool of water. There are quite a few cameras around  (which I assume are hidden) which they cut between to catch the people getting doused with water. The funniest one is the mother who falls back into it and the look on her kids face. His mouth is hanging open in awe. They must have to reset the bed after someone falls for it because the foam would be all wet and there would be water all over the floor.

Watch the full video of these people trying out a fake waterbed below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Double Jointed Gymnast Does All Kinds Of Crazy Bends And Twists

Double Jointed Gymnast VideoTalk about double jointed. The gymnast in this video is obviously double jointed and is able to do some crazy stuff. For example, she can have her shoulders and chin on the floor and then have her backbone curved backwards over her head so that her legs are sticking forward or be being able to place the flat of her foot on her nose from behind. The routine is a pretty long one with all kinds of crazy stuff including a lot of wave motion (she pretends a wave is moving up and down her body). Is she the real Aeon Flux? What's even more funny is the little kids watching her routine. I think they are freaked out by all the stuff she can do. It looks like she is performing on a cruise ship or something or in a drained swimming pool?

Check out the full video of the double jointed gymnast below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Jerk In Mercedes Benz Gets Jacked By Old Lady With Ninja Bag

Airbag Attack VideoA couple of kids were filming some skateboard tricks when they noticed an altercation at a nearby crosswatch. An old lady is standing near the side of the road and a Mercedes Benz is half way into the cross walk. It looks like the lady was already partly out in the crosswalk causing the Mercedes Benz to stop. The lady slowly crosses the street in the crosswalk and the jerk in the car is honking his horn at her. She bust out her ninja bag of tricks (literally) and wacks the front of the Mercedes Benz with it. The airbag on the car blows out and hits the guy right in the face. Pwned. He takes off his seat belt as if he is going to get out of the car and the video ends there.

Watch this clown get pwned by an old lady and her ninja bag below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Group Of Kids Use Aerosol Fumes To Make Fire In An Empty Water Jug

Aerosol Fire VideoThis video features some guys spraying some kind of aerosol can into various objects and then lighting the fums on fire. First they start out with a construction cone which explodes off the ground when they light it. Next up they fill a 5 gallon water jug with the aerosol fumes and light it. The fire starts at one end of moves down to the back of the clear jug which looks kind of cool. They also spray it on another guy's skin, light, it, and it burns out pretty quick. Lastly they use the construction cone again and it explodes off the ground (see photo). Don't try this at home.

Check out the full video of the aerosol fire below or click over to view it on the host site.


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Candid Camera Free Photo Booth Trick Talks Trash To People

Free Photo Booth Candid CameraSo one of the late night syndicated TV shows had an episode where they setup a free photo booth at some amusement park in Los Angeles. The special thing about this photobooth is that it has a camera on the inside and the outside plus a remote operator with microphone controlling the free photo camera. When the people step into the booth the operator talks all kinds of trash to the people in the booth to get them to do funny things before taking their free picture. Some examples are, having one family cram something like eight or ten people in the both, tell a couple of kids no eating in the booth and then telling them their parents are eating their icecream, telling a guy to take off his shirt, etc.

Watch the full video of this free photo booth candid camera for yourself below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Watch The Microsoft Xbox 360 Banned (Viral Marketing) Bang Commercial

Xbox 360 Banned Bang CommercialApparently this commercial which was made to promote the Xbox 360 was "banned" and will not be shown on TV. If you ask me it's probably a viral marketing tactic to say it's banned so a bunch of people blog about it. Also apparently the idea for the commercial came from another video which was filmed by some college kids in a gym. It looks like it's filmed in some subway station. One guy is walking along and he sees a couple other guys that look at him wrong. They all turn around and face each other. Then they draw fake guns made out of their fingers. Next up a bunch of other people around them all do the same thing so now there are finger guns pointed everyone. Finally, one guy shoots his finger gun which sets off a chain reaction of finger gun firing. So now all these "business" people are running around playing cops and robbers (or at least pretending to get shot). You've have to view the whole video for more. Check it out.

View the whole banned Xbox 360 bang video below or click over and view it on the original site.


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Spoof Commercial About Kidstoned Chewable Valum For A Good Time

Kidstoned Spoof VideoHere is a pretty funny spoof video on what I assume would be a Flintstone's Chewable vitamines crossed with a pharmaceutical ad. The spoof product is kids' chewable valium called Kidstoned. It shows three kids running around being crazy and a house wife explaining how she uses Kidstoned chewable valum to knock them out for a few hours so she can have some piece and quiet from their raving lunacy. She goes on to say that just about all you have to do is check their breathing once in awhile or just poke them with a stick to make sure they didn't overdose. From the makers of nitrous oxide balloon animals. Sweet.

Watch the Kidstoned chewable valum commercial below for a good time or view it on their website.


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Here Is A Family From Arkansas With Sixteen Kids For A Good Time

Lots O Kids PhotoSo one of the most emailed photos on Yahoo right now is this photo of a famly of SIXTEEN (as in 16 kids). Isn't that a little too many kids? How big of a house do you have to have to hold 16 kids at the same time? This lady has been pregnant almost non-stop for the last 16-20 years based on the ages of the kids in the photo. That is just nuts. At what point do they keep deciding OMG we need another one! How do they feed 16 kids? What kind of money does the guy make that he can support 18 people at the same time? If they want to go anywhere they need at least three cars (or two of those huge vans).

Check out the full size photo of the family of SIXTEEN KIDS for a good time.


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