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Kite Surfer Catchs 38 Seconds Of Air Before Crashing On The Beach

In this video a guy gets carried up on a updraft while kite surfing. He's in the air for about thirty eight seconds or some before coming back down. He moves in over land up to about two hundred feet or so before coming back down and crashing into the dirt.



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Manta Ray Inflatable Jetski Waterski Thing Flies Behind A Ski Boat Like A Parasail

Manta Ray VideoThis video features a 'Manta Ray' which appears to be a cross between waterskiing, jetskiing, and parasailing. There is an inflatable wing shaped 'Manta Ray' which is pulled by a waterskiing boat. The Manta Ray is shaped with 'wings' on either side of where the rider stands in it. The wings catch air and it lifts off from the water so it is flying like a kite behind the ski boat. The disclaimers on the video are pretty funny as they state something to the effect that the people in the video are professionals and riding the Manta Ray is tough. It goes on to say that you shouldn't fly it higher than you are willing to fall. All the crazy 'sports' come out of Australia don't they?

Check out the video of the flying Manta Ray jetski waterski boat thing below or click over and watch it on the host site.


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