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Model Rocket Mounted Launch Cam Footage For The Win

In this video the camera is mounted on a model rocket facing downwards as it launchs. It looks like they launch multiple rockets at the same time from the smoke trails. Also if you look at 0:11 in the video it seems like either the video distorts or the fins on the tail of the rocket turn into jelly for a few seconds before reverting back to their static positions.



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Guy Takes Aerial Photos With RC Plane And Imports Them To Google Earth

Guy launchs a remote control aircraft from the back of his car, controls the RC plane with some VR glasses and remote, takes some aerial photos from the RC plane, and imports them into Google Earth for a good time in this video. Everything he's using seems like just off the shelf hardware that he's put togather himself.



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RC B-29 Model Launchs A RC X-1 Rocket Plane Model In This Video

Here's a video of an remote control B-29 model carrying a remoted control X-1 rocket plane model. The B-29 takes off and drops the rocket plane. The rocket plane ignites and shoots upwards before coming back and landing. The B-29 model does a few fly bys of the camera including one where it flies by upside down and does a backwards loop. Both planes land safely verses other videos where they fly a big model and then crash it by mistake.



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Waste Time At Work With This Creative Line Rider Addictive Flash Drawing Toy

Line Rider Flash Toy VideoLine Rider is not a game but a toy according to the author. Basically you take a pencil and draw curves and lines on a white background. You can then press play and it launchs a guy on a sled into your line drawing. The sled slides down the lines. If you make them too steep the guy crashs. If you make them too flat he just comes to a hault. If you make them just right you can get a crazy rollercoaster going on. In the video below the Line Rider guy slides around on the lines for 1 minute and 44 seconds. He ends up in a line drawing of a helicopter. There was another video where the guy is moving so fast that be blasts through the lines themselves.

Watch the video of the crazy long line rider below or on the host site, or click over and view more videos of line riders, or play Line Rider right now!


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Jet Fighter Launchs From A Submarine In This Doctored Video

Jet Launch VideoI bet you didn't know they could do that did you? In this video we have what appears to be an F-6 or some such jet fighter launching from a submarine like an ICBM would. However, it is pretty simple to see that the video has been doctored. The actual missile that is launched in the video is pretty small and easily concealed by the plane in front of  it. The fighter itself is probably 3D object. If you notice when it first leaves the water there is no water around the wings and the shape of the water spout doesn't match the jet. Next mistake is when they roll the plane to make it look like it is an actual jet and not just a missile the exhaust doesn't change. The exhaust stays constant but if it had really rolled it would have changed (not to mention that there are two engines on the back of the yet). They might have had better luck with an F-15 and some added partical effects around the exit from the ocean.

Watch the video of the jet launching from under the ocean below or click and view it at their website.


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TurboForce3d Puts Out An Awesome 3D Music Video With Axel Folio And Hamster Dance

Crazy 3D VideoHere is an awesome computer animation video set to the Axel Folio soundtrack with the internet legend "Hamster Dance" spiced into it. The whole video is high quality 3D renders and actually makes for a pretty good music video. It features "The Annoying Thing" and his flight from a bounty hunter. The bounty hunter chases him on a hover hog all over the city trying to destroy him. At one point the bounter hunter launchs a missle at him and "The Annoying Thing" rides it into a giant explosion for a good time. For full information on the video head on over to

Check out this cool 3D video. You know you like it.


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Delta 2 Rocket Launchs And Then Explodes In Giant Fireball and Glowing Rain

Rocket Explosion VideoHere is a video clip of a Delta II rocket launch carrying a GPS satelite.  I can't tell if the voice feed is from NASA or the news station broadcasting the video. The rocket launchs fine but about five seconds or so into launch there is a giant star explosion which I assume was the rocket blowing up. The announcer claims it was an anomaly (which means VERY BAD in NASA language) on the pad. Why would they say on the pad if it was the rocket blowing up? In any event the aftermath video shows all the glowing bits and pieces of what I assume to be the rocket raining down around the launch pad.

Watch the video of the Delta II rocket exploding.


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Drag Racer Loses Control, Flips Over, And Sprays Sparks Video

Dragster Flip And Crash VideoHere is a drag racing video where it all goes wrong. The guy is launchs out of the start and is going down the track pretty fast when he starts to lose control and swerves to the left and then back to the right (to keep from hitting the wall). This is to much for the car and at this point it rolls over towards the driver side. The car starts spinning around or at least sliding pretty fast on it's roof causing sparks to spit out from the friction. One of the side windows looks like it might have broken because there are small pieces of glass flying around but the main windshield only cracks. At the end of the video it looks like there is a little bit of smoke starting to curl up so I hope the guy got out of the car if it caught fire.

Check out the flying sparks from the drag crash for yourself.


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