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Dolphin Shaped Jetski Watercraft Can Leap 10 Feet Out Of The Water

Dolphin Jetski VideoHere's a jetski like watercraft which is complete covered and shaped like a dolphin. It can only submerge up to two feet but it can do rolls and dives within that two feet. Additionally they claim it can jump up to 10 feet out of the water and is powered by a car size 300 hp engine. The cockpit glass of the watercraft is from an F-18 and is about half an inch think which lets it withstand it hitting the water. In the photo on the main site for the watercraft it looks to have two seats in it but in the video it seems like it only has one seat.

Check out the video of the Dolphin jetski watercraft below or click over and view it on the host site (plus additional videos).


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Stupid Guy Tries To Drink A Flaming Shot And Lights His Face On Fire

Flaming Shot VideoLook ma! My face is on fire! In this video we have another winner who succumbs to peer pressure and tries to down a flaming shot. He fails to do it however and instead lights his whole face on fire. There is fire on his hands and dropping around the bar as he reals away trying to put the fire�out. Someone leaps over the bar to try and help him but by the time they get there the fire seems to have burned out. I can't really tell if he got any burns from it or not. It may not burn hot enough or long enough�for any burns to happen.

Watch this guy set his face on fire for a good time!


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