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Guy Builds A Lego Flamethrower And Tests It In His House For The Win

Lego Flamethrower VideoThe latest Lego build is a video of a guy who built a flame thrower out of Legos. I'm not sure how much of a part the Legos actually play in the flame thrower. I assume he has some kind of trigger or rubber bands or some such that lets whatever he is using out of it's container. I don't see that there is any lighting mechanism so he probably just used a hand lighter. The Legos are mainly just the body and handle of the flame thrower. The best part (or worst part) about it is that he is testing the flame thrower inside the house. Is this guy a runner up for a Darwin award?

Check out the video of the flame thrower built out of Legos below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Guy Built A Moving Stargate Out Of Legos For A Good Time

Lego Stargate PhotosA guy build a moving stargate out of legos and has a bunch of photos to show for it. Unfortinately there doesn't seem to be a video of the starget in action. However, he has the starget hooked up to a RCX treadmill (whatever that is) which spins the stargate around for a random number of seconds and repeats that seven times. The chevrons (the little red things on the gate) have LED lego blocks in them which light up as well. Legos seem to be a pretty way to fast prototype things based on some of the other projects I've seen done with them.

Check out all of the photos of this lego stargate for yourself.


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Crazy Amazing Super Mario Brothers 3 Level Done With Legos In This Video

Lego Mario VideoI found this video which claims to be the first level of Super Mario Brothers 3 done with legos. I counted the frames and I see about 5 frames per second which would be a total of 160 frames as the video is 32 seconds long. The sheer volume of legos that the person that put this togather had to move to represent each frame is amazing. I don't see movement around the edges of the frame where the legos are so I don't believe they used multiple trays to put the legos on. I'll wager they did use some kind of scanline system where all of the legos in a single horizontal line were attached to a single piece so they could just move the entire line over to the left one space in each frame (plus whatever changes from Mario crossing the scanline).

Check out the video of the lego Super Mario Bros. 3 level below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Video Of A Crossbow Built Out Of Legos Firing A Bolt Into A Metal Can

Lego Crossbow VideoHere is a video which features a fully working crossbow built out of legos and rubber bands. The rubber bands are across the front to create the tension on the bow. Additionally there seems to be some rubber bands on the back area holding the stock of the crossbow togather. Lastly it seems like he has some kind of pump system for launching the bolt but it could be gears instead. In any event he loads the bolt in and fires a couple times at a metal paint thinner can. The point of the bolt pokes a hole in the can but the bolt itself doesn't stick.

Check out the full video of the lego crossbow firing below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Laser Sighted Lego Rocket Launcher For The Win

Lego Rocket Launcher VideoHere is a set of four videos from different angles showing off a laser sighted rocket launcher built out of legos. The main video has four targets and the rocket launcher detects them, sights the laser on it, and fires a projectile at the target. The other videos are of the same operation but from different angles (with the gun cam angle you can see the laser dot on each target). The side angle video shows the lego rockets dropping down into the 'barrel' from a top feed hamper before being catapulted out towards the target. I assume this is using Lego Mindstorm or whatever it is called now.

Head over and check out the four videos of the laser sighted lego rocket launcher.


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Lego Stop Motion Rave Bass Attack Video For The Win

Lego Rave Attack VideoHere is a video done using legos and stop motion to mimic a rave club scene. Some lego cars pull up to the blue cube club and the lego guys go inside. Next a crowd of lego people show up an go inside as well. The video fades to the inside of the club and has all the lego guys brake dancing and tripping out to techno music. The stop motion is timed to the beat of the music so it works pretty well overall. Additionally, every stop motion beat the lighting is also changed which gives a strobe effect like you'd see in a rave club. Now they need legos with LEDs built into them.

Watch the full video of the stop motion lego rave below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Lego Church Takes Builder Around Three Years To Complete

Lego Church PhotoI think I may have seen it all now with this latest photo of a giant church built out of legos. Apparently the lego church is dedicated to the lady's cat who died at some point during or after the lego church was built. I'd say she did a pretty good job contructing it though (especially with the "glass" bricks in the background). It's hard to see the scale of the lego building from the if you haven't played with legos before. Still, there are some additional photos of close up detail and the construction process over on the website of the lego church. Apparently the roof lifts off letting the builder take photos of inside the lego church.

Head on over and view all the full sized photos of the lego church on the builder's website.


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AD&D Meets Legoland Miniatures In Live Action Everquest For A Good Time

Everquest LegolandPull on your nerd hat and prepare for another one of those OMG WTF moments of "Why didn't I think of that one?". So there is a guy that put togather something called BrickQuest. Basically he took the original board game idea added a little Everquest, a little AD&D, and built the sets with legos and lego characters ala pewter miniatures. One other thing it reminds me of is an old game written in GW-BASIC in the 80s called Wizard.bas in that you don't know what's in the next room until you move there. But wait, that's not all. It has ninjas! Black ninjas and red ninjas and even a Ninja Warlord. What's not to love about this game? As far as I can tell you basically have to buy all the legos yourself and then put it togather with some imagination (or copy the stuff in his images) though he does provide a rulebook. Lego ninja's for the win!

If you're a lego ninja nerd and you can't help it head on over and check out the BrickQuest board game.


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