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Real Looking Horses Built Out Of Driftwood For A Good Time

Horse Wood PhotosHere is a collection of photos by an artist who takes drift wood and makes horses out of a bunch of different pieces. They are surprisingly lifelike looking. They are somewhat of a cross between looking like a real horse, a zombie horse, and a mechanical horse. What really makes them look real is the background setting and pose.



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Crazy Looking Lifelike Starfish Robot Walking Demo Video

Here is a pretty bizarre demonstration of a starfish shaped robot that generates it's own walking algorythm. Apparently the robot gets a sense of itself and then uses that to 'walk'. Near the end of the video they damage the robot and it is still able to walk around based on the new modal it generates. Or something.



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Guy Train Surfs In The Back Of Bullets Trains For A Good Time

Trainsurfing VideoHere is a video of a guy 'trainsurfing' which is to say he jumps on the back of a bullet train and holds on for dear life until the next train stop. It looks like he attaches some kind of suction device to the back window of the train which has a cable attached to it that he holds onto. According to the caption for the video these bullet trains can reach up to 300 km/h or 186 miles an hour. There are quite a few train surfing videos on YouTube. Apparently the guy in the video died of leukemia in 2006. Hint: Don't try this at home.

Check out the train surfer video below or click over and view it on the host site where they also have similar videos.


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3d Animated Myopic Life Drudgery Montage Music Video

Weird Animation VideoHere is what appears to be a music video except that is done completely with 3D animation with a flat color palette. It starts out with a world view and then zooms in on the UK. It keeps zooming in more and focuses on a specific house with a woman inside. It animates various life tasks and feels somewhat like one of those really large ecosystem sketch books. The woman gets up, east breakfast, goes to work, goes to lunch, goes back to work, and comes home again. A montage of the McDonalds culture if you will. At the end it zooms out and zooms in on Japan.

Watch the weird animated life video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Stick Figure Battles A Flash Animation Artist For His Life In The Flash Interface

Stick Man Flash Attack VideoHere is a Flash animation which took the artist around three months to complete where a stick figure battles the artist in the Flash interface. The artist draws the stick figure who then gets a life of his own and attempts to escape. The stick figure grabs interface elements and uses drawings to battle the artist while the artist tries to destroy the stick figure by drawing guns and turrets that fire on the stick figure. The artist is even able to tie up the stick figure a few times but he escapes each time. Finally the stick figure liberates clones of himself and really starts taking over. At this point the artist closes the Flash document that the stick figure is living in.

Check out the full flash animation of this stick figure battling the artist for his life.


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Art Exhibit In Scotland With A Giant Lifelike Head Sculpture

Face Sculpture PhotoThere is a crazy looking art exhibit going on in Scotland right now and a lot of the sculptures are ending up in the Yahoo most emailed photos. The photo seen here is a sculpture of someone's head laying down flat in sleep or some such. It is pretty lifelike looking but the trick in this photo is that there is a security guard guy laying behind the sculpture which even makes it look more weird. The sculptures themselves look really lifelike though as the skin tone looks almost exactly right. Some of the other sculptures were of giant babies and other such giant humans.

Check out the full sized photo of the giant head for yourself.


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Funny Cleaning Commercial Where Cleaning Is Alluded To Being In Prison

Funny Cleaning Commercial VideoThis commercial is for some cleaning agent and it is pretty funny because it is setup to look like a little girl is talking to her mother in a prison. The girl is on one side of a piece of glass and the mother is on the other side in an orange jump suit. The mother also looks like a crack head (literally) the way she has no makeup on and how her hair is falling into her face. The girl puts her hand up to the glass as if they can't touch each other because of the prison wall. Near the end it pans out and you can see that the mother is actually in a bathtub with a glass door. She's wearing the jumpsuit because she is attempting to clean the grunge out of the bathtub but it is taking forever (like it were a prison). 'Don't spend your life cleaning.' is the text at the end of the ad.

Watch the funny cleaning commercial below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Help Me Obiwan Kanobi You Are My Only Hope For The Win

Hologram Projection VideoSo the guys in this video have a hologram like projection unit which looks pretty awesome. Apparently it blows air up in a stream (or treats the air somehow) and then a projector projects an image on the stream of air from behind it. You know that hologram sure looks like the one in the first Star Wars as it is all wavy and fuzzy. Life immitating art immitating life? Additionally they have a touch control interface (similar to another video we posted of a similar technology). What seems to be different about this hologram projection is that the air is clear (or appears that way) verses having a screen of fog to project the image on.

Check out the full video of the Star Warsy hologram below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Optimus Prime Look A Like Transforming In This 3D Render Video

Optimus Prime VideoHere is a pretty good rendering video demo of an Optimus Prime look a like transforming from a diesel cab into a robot. The rendering itself is pretty life like looking but there are still little hints that give it away as a fake. The main one is near the first part of the video they catch some of the sidewalk in the viewer and the texture on it looks horrible. The rest of the buildings look pretty lifelike though. Also I'm not sure about some of the reflections they are using. Apparently it is just a fan render and isn't a trailer or tech demo for a game/movie. This post brought to you by 'Remember the 80s!'.

Watch the full video of the Optimus Prime look a like render below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Are Robots Going To Render Riverdance And Cheerleaders Obsolete

Dancing Robots VideoWe're on CeBIT overload here with another video from CeBIT featuring a set of robots dancing in unison to music in the background. I've seen a lot of videos of the same kind of robots circulating around the web lately so I wonder if it is all the same robot, an open source design, or some kind of robot kit. How long until they combine these dancing robots with RealDolls for the win though? I give it maybe five years until life size robots dressed in human skin really starts to ramp up. There was another video I saw of a life like robot (I think it was from MIT or some such) but it didn't appear to be working as advertised.

Check out the full video of the robot dance troop for yourself below or click over and view it on the host site.


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