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Malaysian Python Eats Pragnant Sheep And Can Not Move In This Photo

Snake Eats Sheep PhotoThis photo of a python eating an entire pregnant sheep has been one of the top most emailed photos on Yahoo for at least two weeks and possibly more. After eating the sheep the python was to heavy to move which allowed local firemen to capture it in Malaysia. It is hard to tell but I think the head of the sheep is still sticking out of the snake's mouth. It looks like the top of the head of the python is facing the camera. So the real question is what did they do with the python after they captured it?

Check out the full sized photo of the python eating a sheep for yourself.

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Blender Of Cultures In This Bollywood Music Video From The 90s

Crazy Indian Music VideoHere's an Indian music video (Bollywood) from the 90s with some crazy dance moves and what sounds like a mix of techno, pop, English, and Hindi. Not to mention the blender of cultures they have going on which includes traditional Indian women's saris, 80s American mens clothes ala Miami Vice, blue jeans, overalls, pigtails, and super bright colors. The local Indian food restaurant has a bollywood music video channel called B4U Music playing this kind of thing non-stop. Looks like you can order it from Dish Network for around twenty bucks a month. You know, in case you have nothing else to do.

Check out the full crazy Indian music video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Video Of The Swedish Police Officers Raiding The Pirate Bay Serverfarm

The Pirates Bay Raid VideoApparently on the 31st of May a group of about 50 Swedish police officers raided the server farm of the company which hosts the server for "The Pirate Bay" website. "The Pirate Bay" is a website which indexes torrent files (which are filesharing pointers to other files). Some of these pointers point to files which may infringe copyrights in certain countries. However, "The Pirate Bay" is a prefectly legal service (according to the owners and the local law apparently) where it is hosted which is in Sweden. To make a long story short the MPAA alledgidly put political pressure on a Swedish politician who put pressure on Swedish police to 'raid' this data center. This video is from the security cameras in the data center. It's pretty funny watching these 'police' wander around in the datacenter and pick their noses (literally). Police don't wear uniforms in Sweden or what? Even more interestingly is that usually after the guy with the camo jacket wanders by the police come back and cover the security cameras with garbage bags. Could they be any more unprofessional if they tried? This video doesn't show it but apparently they took ALL of the servers in the datacenter regardless of who owned them. For the win?

Watch the full video of The Pirate Bay police raid below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Kid Gets Hit Between The Eyes With A Knife And Survives

Knife Ouch PhotoFrom the "needle in the arm ouch department" we bring you this kid who was raking leaves with a group of people when one of the leaders of the group accidently threw a knife which hit the kid right in the forehead. The leader guy was attempting to catch another kid who was falling and threw the knife away. The knife hit the second kid right between the eyebrows and stuck. Fortinately the knife didn't penetrate very deep and the kid is fine. It does make for a pretty gruesome looking X-Ray though. The kid said he didn't feel any pain from the knife just pressure. They need to check this leader guy out and see if he's really a NINJA! Maybe he was a ninja in a past life?

Check out the full sized photo plus additional photos and a video about the accident over on the news article's site.


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Legendary Ninja Bruce Lee Statue Gets It's Golden Nunchucks Janked By Thugs

Golden Bruce Lee In BosniaSo apparently the only thing the Croats and Muslims can agree on in Bosnia is the fact that Bruce Lee kicks some serious ass. So to honor Big Dawg Bruce they put up a golden statue of Bruce Lee in one of their parks. Now this golden statue is holding some golden nunchucks. Apparently shortly after the statue was unveiled some local thugs moved in at night and jacked Bruce's golden Nunchucks. I'd say they better watch themselves as spirit Bruce Lee might come back and give them a wooping. I wouldn't be surprised if they came back the next night with a truck and jacked the whole statue! Go Bosnia!

Read about the golden Bruce Lee statue and then read about the nunchucks from the golden Bruce Lee statue getting janked!


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George Lucas Strikes Back With The Christmas Version Of Darth Vader All In Red

Christmas Darth Vader PhotoIf you are looking for what NOT to buy your local Star Wars nerd for Christmas this has probably got to be at the top of your list. I'd like to know what marketing genius or focus group came up with the idea of a red Darth Vader for Christmas and though it would sell a billion copies. What exactly do you do with a red Darth Vader + yuletide wreath + Christmas light's decorated Star Destroyer background? You can't exactly throw the red Darth Vader down with your other Star Wars nerd toys and get it on can you? What's the play? Darth Vader slipped in some red paint and is REALLY MAD NOW? I think you're way over the top now George. Which part of the continuity of Star Wars does a red Darth Vader fall into? What's next? Darth Vader in a Santa suit? I guess maybe you could stick it on the top of your Christmas tree if you were a real Star Wars nerd.

Check out the full size photo of the red Darth Vader action figure for yourself over at Rebelscum.


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Ninja Cow Battles It Out Matrix Style With A Human Ninja To The Pain

Ninja Cow VideoHere is a pretty funny video which is sort of a spoof on all of the California cow cheese commercials. There is a ninja guy out walking in a field and he meets up with a cow. The cow turns all even on him and attacks him ninja style. For the most part the cow beats the crap out of the ninja guy with various ninja cow moves combined with Matrix special effects such as slow motion. About four 6ths of the way through the ninja guy figures out the cows secret which is it's udders. He starts attacking the cows udders and finally drains the cow via it's udders. One inconsistancy was I thought only bulls had horns but this cow has horns AND udders. Spending a little to much time near your local nuclear power plant eh?

Watch the full video of the cow ninja vs the human ninja in the video below or click over and view it on their site.


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Take A Look At The Green Puppy In This Video And Slideshow

Green Dog VideoSo one of the local California news stations has a video report up about a golden retriever dog which had puppies. That would be pretty normal except that one of the puppies is green. How close do they live their nearest nuclear power plant again? They have a slideshow of the green puppy and some video footage of the green puppy as well. The real question is will the dog grow up green or will it outgrow it's odd color? Would you buy a green dog which have been genetically engineered to be green? Green is the new platinum! Er.. wait.

Check out the video and slideshow of the green dog for a good time!


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Video Shot In Thailand While Fishing For Crocodiles In The Local River

Croc Fishing VideoApparently a favorite tourist pastime in Thailand is croc baiting (or at least it is for the guys in this video). They appear to be on some kind of raised hotel bridge area above water. One of the guy has a bamboo fishing pole with a piece of chicken tied to the end of it. There are various crocodiles swimming around below them snapping at the piece of chicken or whatever it is. The crocs make some wild grabs for the meat but keep missing. Finally they put the meat really close to the nose of one of the huge crocs and he grabs it in less than a second before the fisherman guy can react.

Watch the croc fishing video below or view it over on their website.


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Harry Potter Died And Was Buried 66 Years Ago In Israel

Harry Potter Grave PhotoApparently there is a grave stone in a cemetery in Ramle, Israel with the name "Harry Potter" on it. The grave is for a 19 year old British soldier who was killed in fighting in the West Bank 66 years ago. The article goes on to say that fans of the Harry Potter books and movies have been visiting the grave in droves. At first the caretaker of the cemetery couldn't figure it out until he learned of the books and movies with the Harry Potter name (he must live under a rock). The local council has now added the Harry Potter grave stone site to the official tourist guide for the town. There you have it. Harry Potter died 66 years ago at age 19. I guess we know how the books end now.

Read the article about Harry Potter or check out the full resolution photo of the Harry Potter grave stone.


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