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Couple People Drill Through A Working Laptop LCD

Couple people use a drill to drill a hole in the center of a working laptop LCD screen. As the LCD screen slowly loses integrity from the center outwards the edges of the screen continue to work. For the first 20-30 seconds or so the drill does nothing.



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Video Of The Game Runner Video Game Treadmill Control Device

Gamerunner VideoHere is a video of a treadmill which plugs into your computer and records the treadmill movement as forward movement in video games. This one is called Gamerunner and you run on the treadmill and then use a bike handle type device which is mounted on the front of the treadmill to move and fire. I have a similar product called a SimCycle which doesn't work very good for various reasons. The problems with the SimCycle were that it wasn't a real tension flywheel, your knees were always hitting the desk, and you would be winded but you couldn't stop (specifically in racing games) because if you did you'd lose the game. I'd say the Gamerunner is probably a better product then the SimCycle because you're standing up instead of sitting and you can hang on to the bike controller. Still the problem of getting winded though.

There is a review of the Gamerunner here and you can watch the video of the Gamerunner in action below or view it on the host site.


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Commercial Featuring An Implanted Arm Which Can Not Stop Taking Photos

Funny Arm Implant VideoMessed up Energizer commercial video where a guy was in some kind of accident and lost one of his arms. He received an arm implant from a Japanese guy which has been driving everyone around him insain ever since. There is basically a camera glued to the guy's implanted arm which he can't stop taking photos with. Using the restroom, sleeping, at birthday parties, in the shower, in the theater, buying a bed, etc. Finally, he ticks some guy off in a theater by flashing the camera in his face over and over. The guy turns around and clocks him in the face. How exactly does this make me want to buy Energizer batteries again?

Check out the full video of the funny Energizer commercial below or click over and view it on the host site.


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People Driving Down The Freeway Loose Their Sports Tickets Out The Window

Tickets Fly Away VideoIn this video a group of people are driving down the road and it appears they are going to the World Cup in Germany but that is just a guess. The car has a jersey hanging in it and one guy is waving a small hand flag in front of the camera. Another car pulls up along side them on the freeway and there is a similar group of people in the second car waving flags and yelling (one guy in the back appears to have an open beer). The passenger in the front seat of the other car is holding their tickets out the window and waving them back and forth. Suddenly the tickets fly out of his hand and back down the freeway. Ooops.

Watch the full video of this guy losing his tickets below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Mutant Albino Alligator Living At The Los Angeles Zoo

Alibino Alligator PhotoOne of the top most emailed photos on Yahoo right now is this photo of an albino alligator which is currently on display at the Los Angeles Zoo. Apparently there are only around 30 known albino alligators in the world in a population of around 5 million alligators. They are albino because of a genetic mutation where they don't produce melanin which is what gives them their normal color. Additionally albinos don't last long in the wild because they don't have their normal protection from predators and the sun according to a second article on the subject.

Check out the full sized photo of the albino mutant alligator for yourself.


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New vs Old 9mm Bullet Strikes A Katana Blade And Splits In Half For The Lose

Guns vs Sword VideoIn this video they have a katana setup in a vice and a k9mm pistol setup in a gun vice device with the 9mm pointed at the blade of the katana. The blade is edge on to oncoming the bullet. The guy presses a lever on the gun vice which pulls the trigger on the 9mm (I assume this is so that they have it exactly correct to hit the edge of the katana). The bullet hits the edge of the katana and splits in half; hitting the target behind the katana in two pieces. They show a closeup of the katana blade after the bullet hits it and as far as I can tell there is metal from the bullet stuck to the blade. I don't think the blade was damaged by the bullet.

Watch the full video of this 9mm bullet hitting a katana below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Japanese Robot Pseudo Sumo Wrestling Matchs For The Win Video

Robot Sumo Battle VideoThis video features robots battling it out sumo wrestling style on a table top. The orange robot dominates the field from the beginning with it's running dives and continually stomping feet. None of the other robots even come close to the nimbleness of the orange one. The first match the black robot basically just stands there as the orange robot comes in and keeps knocking it down. In the second match the blue robot does much better than the black one did and there is even a very wrestling like hold that the orange robot puts on the blue robot but it still loses. The last robot in the match is much taller than the orange robot which does give it some trouble but in the end the orange robot still knocks it down again and again.

Catch this orange robot dominating the other robots in this pseudo sumo wrestling match video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Last Of The Ninjutsu Masters Decries Ninja Sterotypes In This Article

Last Of The Real Ninjas ArticleHere's an article about Hatsumi who is the last living master of ninjutsu according to the article. Apparently this master ninja at 76 years old is the only living student of the last "fighting ninja" according to the article. Apparently judo is losing out as a sport to golf and tennis in Japan where Japanese now seem to view it as sweaty and smelly. It's a sad day when golfers and tennis players are more popular than ninjas in Japan. Also according to the article the ninjutsu master guy isn't to fond of the current ninja sterotypes. One other thing the article mentioned was nunchucks being in the guy's training chamber. I thought nunchucks were made up as a weapon for Hollywood movies? Myth or fact?

Read the full article about the last of the ninja masters for yourself.


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Pickup Truck In A Trace Flips Over And Flies Around Like A Giant Wing

Flying Truck VideoIn this car accident video they are in the middle of a pickup truck race when one of the outside trucks nudges the middle truck which nudges the inside truck. The inside truck loses it and goes sliding off towards the inside of the track. The wind catchs the truck and it flies up like a giant wing and comes down on the top of the cab. It bounces the top of the cab off the track throwing sparks everywhere before the truck rights itself again and continues skidding along the pavement. It's pretty amazing how that original tap from the middle truck through the inside truck so off that it completely flipped over like that.

Watch the full video of the flying pickup truck below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Funny Pirate Gang Carjacking Mashup Video For A Good Time

Pirate Car Jacking VideoThis video is a mashup of a gang car jacking with an 18th centry pirate attack. The video starts out with some guy getting lost in a bad part of town and having a black car pull up next him. A bunch of pirates spill out of the car and "board" this car via ropes and grappling hooks to the Pirates of the Caribbean theme music. More pirates spill out of the trunk with pirate flags and muskets. The guy is finally pulled out of his car and the pirates chase him around the two vehicles to some humorist tune (Benny Hill?). Finally, they knock the guy out and stuff him in the trunk. Then two pirates have a duel before all of the pirates sailing away in the two "ships". Oh and they have to give a jump start to the ship they just captured before they take off.

Watch the full video of the pirate car jacking below or click over and view it on the host site.


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