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Commercial Featuring An Implanted Arm Which Can Not Stop Taking Photos

Funny Arm Implant VideoMessed up Energizer commercial video where a guy was in some kind of accident and lost one of his arms. He received an arm implant from a Japanese guy which has been driving everyone around him insain ever since. There is basically a camera glued to the guy's implanted arm which he can't stop taking photos with. Using the restroom, sleeping, at birthday parties, in the shower, in the theater, buying a bed, etc. Finally, he ticks some guy off in a theater by flashing the camera in his face over and over. The guy turns around and clocks him in the face. How exactly does this make me want to buy Energizer batteries again?

Check out the full video of the funny Energizer commercial below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Funny Pirate Gang Carjacking Mashup Video For A Good Time

Pirate Car Jacking VideoThis video is a mashup of a gang car jacking with an 18th centry pirate attack. The video starts out with some guy getting lost in a bad part of town and having a black car pull up next him. A bunch of pirates spill out of the car and "board" this car via ropes and grappling hooks to the Pirates of the Caribbean theme music. More pirates spill out of the trunk with pirate flags and muskets. The guy is finally pulled out of his car and the pirates chase him around the two vehicles to some humorist tune (Benny Hill?). Finally, they knock the guy out and stuff him in the trunk. Then two pirates have a duel before all of the pirates sailing away in the two "ships". Oh and they have to give a jump start to the ship they just captured before they take off.

Watch the full video of the pirate car jacking below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Giant Game Of Soccer Played With European IGo Cars And A Giant Ball

Car Soccer VideoHere is a video clip from a British TV show called Top Gear or some such where they demonstrate the handling of a European car called the IGo or some such by playing a giant car based game. They have maybe five cars on each team and giant soccer ball with which they proceed to play soccer er I mean football with the cars. It's pretty much bumpercar soccer though they do have professional drivers in all of the cars so the crashs seem to have been kept to a minimum. In the end one team scores two goals and the other team scores one goal. They only show one fairly damaging crash where a car lost a hubcap and took some body damage.

Watch the full video of the car soccer game for yourself below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Video Of A Snowmobile Jumping Over 30 Feet In The Air Multiple Times

Snowmobile Jumping VideoThis video starts out kind of slow with some dirt bike riding before moving into the main part of the video which is snowmobile jumping. It isn't on snow but a dirt and grass area with what looks like a metal ramp. The first go he takes the snowmobile along the side to guage the distance I guess and then on the second shot he hits the jump. In each jump he does a trick similar to what you would see from dirtbike jumpers. One jump he kicks off to the side, or stands on the handle bars of the snowmobile, or even letting go completely. It looks like he may have almost lost it when he lets go completely as he is already pretty far back when he grabs onto the guard rails and gets back on the snowmobile in mid-air.

Check out the snowmobile jumping video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Video Of A Surfer Being Pulled Into Over A Hundred Foot Wave Out In The Ocean

Big Wave VideoIf you've never seen video of a truely big wave this is one to watch. These big waves are way out in the middle of the ocean and in order for surfers to ride them they have to have jet ski's tow them into the wave. The video starts out with a jet ski towing this guy in and you can't really see the size and scope of the wave until the video gets zoomed out a little big. This is a GIANT wave. The guy surfs down the from and through a tunnel which whites out on him. He's still surfing in front of the wave though as the wave collapses behind him in a giant wash of spray. Near the end of the video he is lost to the view of the camera.

Check out this truely gigantic wave in this video for yourself or view it below.


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Yellow Lamborghini Lost Control And Slammed Into A Wall And Light Post

Lamborghini Accident PhotoAs you can see in this car accident photo there is a yellow Lamborghini crashed into a wall and light post. According to the caption for the photo the Lamborghini lost control, fishtailed, and slammed into the wall. The car accident happened in Los Angeles, California and you can see various bicycle police standing around the cracked up car. I can't tell how fast the Lamborghini was going but it looks like the frame of the car sustained damage in the accident. So what do you think, did the insurance company write this one off?

Check out the full size photo of this car accident for yourself.


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Woman Drops Car Keys Down Her Shirt And Asks Men To Get Them For A Good Time

Car Keys VideoThis video appears to be a setup by a candid camera TV show which I would guess to be in the UK (based on how the people in it look). They have a woman holding three of four bags in each hand and her car keys placed in the cleavage of her shit. She asks various people passing by if they would get the car keys for her (out of her shirt) and open her car for her. Various different people do it including two guys who fight over the chance to grab at the keys. The ending video is a guy that does it and then gets attacked by his wife for doing so. She slaps him upside the head multiple times.

You never knew you could have so much fun with car keys.


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Watch This Amazing Tire Fall Off A Race Car And Keep Rolling And Rolling

Loose Tire VideoThe race car in this video loses a tire and has to pull off of the track onto the side. However, the tire that he just lost keeps going and going. It rolls down the edge of the track and a bunch of other cars come by and go around a curve. The loose tire keeps on rolling and crosses the track right behind the other cars in the turn. It hits the other side of the track and rolls up to a white tire barrier where it does a bounce. Here it lands on top of the barrier where it comes to rest. Amazing.

Watch this crazy tire fulfill it's destiny.


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Cement Mixer Tips Over And Slides Off The Road In This Car Accident Photo

Mixer Accident PhotoApparently the cement mixer in this car accident photo lost control and tipped over in North Carolina. The caption doesn't say if the mixer itself was full or empty however. I'm going to say that the mixer barrel is probably empty because there is no cement leaking out of it at the back. Which means the driver was probably careless and was driving like the mixer was full (heavier than it really was). It's hard to even tell how exactly the truck tipped over. I would think it would be to heavy (even empty) to flip over so it probably tipped over to the left and then slid off to the right.

Check out the photo of the cement mixer for yourself.


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Photo Of A Ferrari Out On A Country Road Which Rolled Three Times

Ferrari Wreck PhotoThe car in this car accident photo is a 2003 Ferrari 360 Modena. Apparently the driver was driving on a country road in New Mexico, USA when he lost control and rolled the car three times. The driver was fine but I can't say the same for the car. Most of the car is completely gone. The whole front windshield and roof of the car are missing. All of the front body around the engine is also completely gone. And finally the driver side door is completely missing as well but the passenger side door is intact.

Check out the full size photo of this totaled Ferrari.


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