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Low Cost Almost Consumer Level 3D Color Scanner For Sale

3D ScannerHere's an almost consumer level product which is a 3D laser scanner. It costs around $2500 and you can put any smallish object on front of the scanner to be scanned in. It scans the object and scans a full color texture for the object. Apparently it can also control the turn table to scan the multiple angles of the object automatically. Pair this up with a 3D printer and you have your own almost consumer priced fabrication lab that fits on top of a desk.



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Video Of A Six Legged Tractor Developed By A John Deere Subsidiary

Insect Tractor VideoHere is a video of a "prototype" tractor that was (is?) being developed by a defunct John Deere subsidiary. It looks a lot like some kind of insect with six legs or a lot like that mondo spider video we posted the other day. According to some of the comments with the video they were developing it for use in low impact logging but it really moves very slow. I can't see it being practical moving that slow (though that mondo spider moved pretty fast). There are three different videos of this from different angles and at different locations so check out the "related" section on the host site for the other two.

Watch the insect tractor video below and click over to view it on the host site.


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Wearable Dress With An LED Display And Controls Where You Can Play Pong

Pong Dress VideoHere is a pretty weird video of a dress that has a LED grid on the front of it and two controls which let you play pong on the dress display. The video is kind of weird as it looks like it was filmed in some Eastern European country. On top of this there is scrolling text at the bottom of the video which is also pretty weird. In any event the lady is standing there in the dress in what looks like an arcade. Two guys walk up and she gives each of them a game controler. They play pong on the dress display. The display is very very low resolution.

Check out the video of the pong dress for your below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Video Of A Cool Looking Flexible LED Display In Action

Bendable LED Display VideoIn this video they demo a flat array of LEDs (called a flexgrid) which works like a low resolution display. Each LED in the matrix has a plastic or glass box around it and can be individually switched on and off. The whole display can be bent into a tube shape and controlled via computer (I assume). In the video the guy bends it around in the dark as it flashs various patterns over it's surface. It would probably work pretty good as one of those scrolling word signs too. The original post about this bendable LED display mentioned it's possible use in clothing. How about LED display doormats?

Watch the full video of the flexible LED display below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Rice Resonates Into Different Patterns On A Black Table In This Video

Resonate VideoApparently in this video there is some kind of speaker hooked up to this black platform. On top of the platform is a bunch of white rice. The speaker starts at a low pitch whining sound and each different change in pitch of the whine causes the black platform to resonate at a difference frequency (or at least that is my guess as to what is going on). The different resonance causes the rice to form different patterns on top of the black platform. This reminds me of the video of the corn starch being vibrated at a high frequency.

Check out the full video of the vibrating rice below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Stunt Guy Lives In A Sphere Of Water For A Week For A Good Time

Living In A Water Sphere PhotoSo David Blaine is at it again and this time he's living in an 8x8 sphere of water for a week before attempting this stunt. He has an oxygen hose, goggles, pants, and gloves on. Apparently after the week's time he is going to try beating the 'holding your breath underwater' record of 8 minutes and and 58 seconds. At the same time he is suppost to try and escape from 150 pounds of chains and handcuffs according to the caption attached with the photo. I assume the gloves are so his hands don't turn into prunes. Is he sleeping underwater? Is he slowly lowering or raising the oxygen content of the air tube to prepare himself for the holding his breath? Strange stuff.

Head over and check out the full sized photo of Blaine living in a sphere filled with water.


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Exhibit Illusion Room Shows People Turning Into Giants In This Video

Illusion Room VideoIn this video the two guys are at some illusion exhibit in New Zealand. Apparently this room in the exhibit is built to be an optical illusion where when a person walks from one end of the room to the other it looks like the person is turning into a giant. This is the same depth of field effect they use in movies to depict giant size characters. I only notice a little bit of the right side of the room being "lower" in the camera view. It's possible that the right side is the same height as the left side but the floor sure looks slanted. Anyway, the right side is much farther back (or so it seems) that the left side of the room. As the person walks from right to left I assume they get closer to the camera (and I assume the floor to ceiling height is also less).

Watch the full video of the giant in the room illusion below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Nebraska Spawns Mutated Two Mouthed Fish For A Good Time

Two Mouthed FishIf you thought the radiation in your town was decreasing think again. We've posted two headed turtles, two headed snakes, five legged cows, and other such anomilies on the site before. Up for today we have a photo of a fish with two mouths. A fisherman caught this fish in Holmes Lake near Lincoln, Nebraska according to the caption for the photo. He said that the lower mouth did not appear to function and the hook was in the upper mouth. I don't know about you but I don't think I would be chomping down on a mutated fish or any fish from that lake for that matter.

Update: Looking at the picture more I guess it's possible that the lower "mouth" is just an injury. Maybe the fish was caught, released, and the hole just slowly ripped open.

Check out the full sized photo to the two mouthed trout for yourself.


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Super Bright Meteor Comes Down Through The Atmosphere On Video

Meteor Shower VideoThis video clip claims to be a meteor breaking up in the atmosphere but I have my doubts. The meteor is bright enough to put a pretty big lens flare on the camera lens itself as if you were looking at the sun. I'd have to go look up what a normal meteor trail looks like but if you ask me this isn't it. The meteor comes most of the way down and is really bring until near the lower left corner of the screen where it peter's out. You can see some sparkles moving off at the end. I'd say maybe it is a satelite that they dropped in for a burn out instead of a meteor. Or maybe I have no idea what I'm talking about which is also possible.

Watch this super bright "meteor" flash through the sky.


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Guy Lost In The 80s Plays A Double Guitar Except He Doesn't Have 4 Hands

Double Guitar VideoOur hero in this video apparently invented or is just demonstrating a "double guitar". Now apparently a double guitar is two guitars merged at the lower end. There also seems to be a wire connecting the two togather at the bottom as well. The guy in the video demonstrates the double guitar but it would seem that he actually needs 4 hands in order to play it. He is able to play both guitars at the same time but with only one hand on each. If he has 4 hands or if he could get his feet up there then it would probably work out better. Apparently you can also use the double guitar to hide your face. Oh and the 80s called his guy and wanted his hair back.

Watch this guy play with a double guitar for a good time.


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