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Hypocritical BMW Commercial Which Professes Their Innovative Ideas

Hypocrite BMW Commercial VideoIn this commercial there is a guy who builds machines similar to Leonardo Da Vinci. He calls himself a kinetic sculpture and his sculptures are made of light materials and powered by the wind. The sculptures look like robotic crop sprinklers with wings. The main idea of the commercial is that the only thing standing in the way of innovation is ourselves. This is somewhat hypocritical because the commercial is for the car company BMW. BMW has been making the same cars for the last 50 years. An innovative car company. What a joke.

Check out the hypocritical BMW commercial below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Largest Man Made Machine In The World Eats A Bulldozer

Mine Machine ArticelHere is a blog article which contains a stream of photos picturing one largest moveable man made machine in the world. Apparently it is an open mining machine in Germany. The article talks about how they had to move it from one mine area to another and it can only move in a straight line so they had to drive it over roads and train tracks. Once it got to the new mine it had a mishaps where it got a bulldozer caught in it's giant mining wheen (pictured).

Check out all of the photos of this giant man made machine for yourself after the jump.

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Automated Robotic Sentry Turret With 5.5mm Machine Gun Video

Robot Turret VideoApparently this video contains a demo of an automated robot turret that has a 5.5 mm machine gun built into it. The turret costs around $200,000 and was designed to be deployed at the DMZ in South Korea according to some of the other info listed with the video. It comes with a day and a night camera in addition to people tracking and recognition software (which you'll see in the video). One thing I noticed about the tracking "square" that the software places around people was that it seemed to lag behind the person so I wonder if the gun leads in front of them. It also appears to give the people a chance to surrender before it fires on them. Welcome to the future?

Check out the full video of the automatic machinegun robot turret below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Woman Battles Giant Robot Copy Machine For A Good Time In This Video

Double A Paper Commercial VideoHere is a commercial for Double A paper which makes paper for copy machines. In this commercial there is a woman who apparently uses sub quality paper which causes a jam in her copy machine. She starts going crazy and attacking the copy machine but then something unexpected happens. The copy machine transforms into a giant robot who grabs the papers she is holding and starts hitting her with them before ripping them up. And this makes me want to buy Double A paper how again? Wait it doesn't.

Watch the Double A paper commercial below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Weird 3D Coke Commercial Where There Is A Future World Inside A Coke Machine

Weird 3D Coke VideoHere's a weird Coke commercial video where a guy walks up and puts his quarter in a Coke machine (since when were Coke's a quarter anytime in the last few decades). The coin rolls into the machine and then into a crazy world in a canyon which reminds me of the future in the movie 'The Time Machine'. These flying slugs carry a coke bottle into a clockwork device where it gets filled and capped. After which it is sent to a freezer world where it gets cold and finally it exits the coke machine chased by a marching band of weird clockwork people. Apparently that is how coke machines work after you've had one to many cokes if you know what I mean.

Check out the video of the weird Coke commercial below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Blast From The Past Author Predicts The Next 50 Years From 1881 To 1931

1931 Predictions Book From 1881Here is a book that I saw over on Google Books which was published in 1881. It is a futurist prediction of the time between 1881 and 1931. The author makes quite a few good preditions but also is a bit over optimistic is some of his other predictions. For example, some of his predictions which did not come to pass were that by 1931 racism would cease to exist, France and Germany would have peacefully resolved their differences over the Rhineland, and the failure of man to be able to fly. Some of the things which he predicted which did happen were the Panama Canal (he names three places where a canal would probably be built), the death of the telegraph and rise of the telephone, prohibition, the fall of Russia to communism around 1900 (though he predicted it would be peaceful), fax machines, and a bunch of other predictions. It's quite a few pages and I think I got to around 40 pages or so.

Head over and check out the book with predictions from 1881 for yourself.


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Oblivion Domino Rube Goldberg Machine Video Game Physics Video

Oblivion Domino VideoHere is a video of someone who setup a domino topple using books and the physics engine in Oblivion. In case you live under a rock Oblivion is a sandboxy video game which came out recently. The books are all in a row like they were dominos and the guy kicks it off by tipping the first one over. It does have some interesting twists thrown into it like swords that tip over and cut through rope knocking over watermelons which fall on more books and continue the effect. It also seems to have Rube Goldbergish machines built into it including a wiffle ball rolling down stairs, people crashing through stacks of barrels, and a mace and chain swinging to bridge some gaps.

Watch the full video of the Oblivion domino Rube Goldberg machine below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Rube Goldberg Machines Mixes Some Noodles Up In This Japanese Video

Rube Goldberg Noodle Machine VideoSo apparently in Japane they have contests on who can build the best Rube Goldberg machine to make noodles with. A Rube Goldberg machine is a complex 'machine' which usually has at least 10 different steps to accomplish a simple task. In Japan they call it a Pythagorean Machine. The machine in this video goes on and on and on (and on) including using bowling balls, metal ball bearings, a cross bow, burning string, marbles, paper boats, bamboo fountains, a tea pot, a temperature gauge, an egg roll, and finally it ends with a bowl of noodles (what I assume to be hot water) and a raw egg dropped on top. It takes about six and a half minuates for the 'machine' to complete.

Check out the complex Rube Goldberg machine making a bowl of noodles below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Video Of High Caliber Guns Being Fired At A Gun Shoot In Arizona

High Caliber Gun Shoot VideoIn this video which states it was filmed at a "Gun Shoot" in Arizona in 2003 a variety of people demonstrate firing their big caliber high powered automatic guns. There seems to be big caliber weapons here from as far back as WWI and WWII including what looks like a water cooled machine gun and even a couple German made machine guns from WWII. One guy shows off two what I think are Desert Eagles (those are big?) while others feature their M16s, .50 Ccalibers, Uzi's, and other big guns I can't come up with a name for. Also featured are one guy's jeep mounted .50 Caliber and someone elses weapon firing what look like exploding bullets.

Check out this people blasting away at targets with their big caliber weapons for a good time below or view it on the original site.


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LucasArts Commercial For Revenge Of The Sith At The Dinner Table

Sith Commercial VideoHere is a pretty funny commercial from LucasArts for their Revenge of the Sith franchise milking machine video game. It is a fake home movie at the dinner table with the family. There is the blonde mom, the annoying brother, the bespeckled dad, the loopy uncle, and the little sister. The loopy uncle is talking trash to the little sister about his claw hand. He bust out the cup and pretends he is Darth Vader. The little sister gets fed up and whoops out a lightsaber, promptly cutting his hand off before sitting down again like nothing happened.

Waste time at work watching this stupid but amusing LucasArts commercial.

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