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Godzilla Does The First Level From Super Mario Brothers For A Good Time

This video features Godzilla playing the first level of Super Mario Brothers. I'm going with Godzilla is overkill in this setting. What have the mushroom guys got against his lightning breath attack? Apparently the mashup was done with a side scroller EMU application.



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Crazy Amazing Super Mario Brothers 3 Level Done With Legos In This Video

Lego Mario VideoI found this video which claims to be the first level of Super Mario Brothers 3 done with legos. I counted the frames and I see about 5 frames per second which would be a total of 160 frames as the video is 32 seconds long. The sheer volume of legos that the person that put this togather had to move to represent each frame is amazing. I don't see movement around the edges of the frame where the legos are so I don't believe they used multiple trays to put the legos on. I'll wager they did use some kind of scanline system where all of the legos in a single horizontal line were attached to a single piece so they could just move the entire line over to the left one space in each frame (plus whatever changes from Mario crossing the scanline).

Check out the video of the lego Super Mario Bros. 3 level below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Eat All The Cookies In The Cookie Factory Flash Game

Cookie Factory Flash GameIn this flash game you play as a fat kid raiding a cookie factory. It is a side scroller similar to Mario Brothers. You run and jump, collect cookies and fizz, and try to stay away from the janitors running around. Just pretend you are a ninja raiding a fortune cookie factory when you play this flash game. But watch out for the guards because they throw you in jail and you get no more cookies (as you can see in our screenshot). You'll never be a ninja if you get caught in the cookie factory.

Get your game on with the Cookie Factory flash game and don't get caught with your hand in the cookie jar.


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Become A Powerful Wizard By Collecting Potions When You Play The Wiz3 Game

Wiz3 Java GameIn this flash game you are a Wizard who must run around, collect potions, and dodge bad guys. It is a side scroller similar to Mario. The graphics remind me of Merlin and King Arthur though it would be nice if it was a little bigger. The sky color is a little much as well as I think they could have chosen a better blue. Potions come in red, green, and blue and you can also collect yellow stars. There doesn't seem to be any way to destroy the enemies you encounter (don't try jumping on them as it doesn't work). The potions you collect go into a potion counter in the top right of the screen. Maybe there is an attack key I'm missing.

Play Wiz3 and get your potion collecting on!


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Mario Gets Violent In The Mario World Overrun Flash Game

Mario World Flash GameDefender style shooter game where you play Mario and you must defend the castle from attacks. The view is from the site and you shoot at monsters that move towards your castle. There are multiple weapons and ammo which you can buy with the money you receive from destroying the monsters. The graphics are pretty good and it has an arcade feel to it. Don't run out of ammo! Watch out as the gameplay is a little different than what you might be use to in this kind of game.

Get your Marion on!


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