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Godzilla Does The First Level From Super Mario Brothers For A Good Time

This video features Godzilla playing the first level of Super Mario Brothers. I'm going with Godzilla is overkill in this setting. What have the mushroom guys got against his lightning breath attack? Apparently the mashup was done with a side scroller EMU application.



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Street Fighter Ryu Verses Duck Hunt Ducks In This Mashup Video

Street Fighter Duck Hunter Mashup VideoHere's a mashup of Street Fighter and Duck Hunter in this video created in Mugen. Apparently Mugen is a build your own Street Fighter clone engine. This guy must have imported the Street Fighter character and moves and put it against the background of duck hunt. It seems like it is actually playable (in that he actually hits the ducks programmably instead of being scripted to the background movie). Mugen has a training mode which this is probably part of. It looks like there are over two hundred different characters you can import and play with in Mugen from a quick web search on the topic.

Watch the video of Ryu stomping some ducks in this mashup video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Mashup Video Where The Star Trek Enterprise Fights The Death Star

Star Wars vs. Star Trek VideoThis video is a mashup between multiple Star Trek episodes and the three original Star Wars movies. It's about 7 minutes long and pretty well done. The Star Trek Enterprise is warping along when it comes upon the Death Star. The Enterprise tries diplomacy and the Empire from Star Wars attacks straight away. It has Tie fighters attacking the Enterprise and the Enterprise bringing down a Super Star Destroyer. Finally the Enterprise has to run away when the Death Star fires on them. The video mashup itself is pretty well scripted with the dialog all matching and making sense in the 7 minute plot.

Watch the full video of the Enterprise fighting the Empire and the Death Star below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Funny Pirate Gang Carjacking Mashup Video For A Good Time

Pirate Car Jacking VideoThis video is a mashup of a gang car jacking with an 18th centry pirate attack. The video starts out with some guy getting lost in a bad part of town and having a black car pull up next him. A bunch of pirates spill out of the car and "board" this car via ropes and grappling hooks to the Pirates of the Caribbean theme music. More pirates spill out of the trunk with pirate flags and muskets. The guy is finally pulled out of his car and the pirates chase him around the two vehicles to some humorist tune (Benny Hill?). Finally, they knock the guy out and stuff him in the trunk. Then two pirates have a duel before all of the pirates sailing away in the two "ships". Oh and they have to give a jump start to the ship they just captured before they take off.

Watch the full video of the pirate car jacking below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Strangely Funny Ninja Of The Night Anime Mashup Video

Ninja Of The Night VideoSo here we have another "Anime Mashup Video" or AMV which uses clips from some anime show set to either a song or some voice overs. Apparently this one is called "Ninja Of The Night" or some such and I don't know if this is an actual song or just some made up dialog but it parodies ninjas knowing "ancient stuff",  picking locks with shuriken to steal cars, giving their friends free cable from the rooftops, and stealing bras without anyone noticing. Strangely funny in an "It's the Internet!" kind of way.

Watch the full "Ninja Of The Night" AMV below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Video Tells Of As Of Yet Undisclosed Ninja Powers In An Anime Mashup

Real Ninjas VideoHere is a mashup video titled "Real Ninjas" which pokes fun at ninjas, anime, anime mashup videos, Star Wars, and anime music videos. It goes on to state that for example real ninjas are inflateable (see photo) and then plays a anime clip demonstrating this along with some semi relevent American music. It has Barney singing, Chewbacca howling, a spoof of "Dude Where's My Car", a Paula Abdul song, and a bunch of other mashup clips as well. Apparently, real ninjas have theme songs, are inflateable, intelligent, are smooth, go commando in public, among other things. I wonder what "Ask A Ninja" guy has to say about some of these previously undisclosed ninja "powers".

Check out the full 'anime mashup video' spoof strange whatever below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Rocketboom Mashup Video Of A Ninja Question And Answer Session

Rocketboom Ask A Ninja Mashup VideoLast month, Rocketboom did an episode of a mashup between the "Ask A Ninja" guy's videos and the Rocketboom host Amanda. Amanda, dressed as a ninja, asks various questions and then they use clips from the "Ask A Ninja" guy's answers to give the ninja answer to the question. The questions include "Did you hear about the cure for AIDS?", "What is your opinion of Steve Jobs?", and "How do you describe America's foreign policy?" amoung others. The ninja suit Amanda is wearing is also pretty funny because it isn't "true black" and looks more like a Dune still suit than anything else. Where is the episode where Amanda fights the dragon for "true black" dye and becomes a REAL ninja?

Check out the full video of the "Ask A Ninja" Rocketboom mashup for yourself below or click over to the host site or even better check out the current episode of Rocketboom.


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Seizure Inducing Korean TV Show Featuring Spastic Karaoke Schoolgirls

Strange KoreansThis video here leaves me pretty speechless and I can probably guarentee that unless you live in Korea you will find it strange as well. I can't tell if it is an internet mashup video or if this whole thing was broadcast on Korean TV intact. It starts out with the hampster dance song and seizure inducing bright flashes because moving to two Korean school girls singing karaoke. Their gag is while one of them is singing "normally" in the foreground the other one is having a spaz attack in the background. Alrighty then. So now you won't have to wonder why I filed this under "Strange Videos".

Check out the video below (but only if you aren't prone to seizures) or view it over on their website.


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