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Japanese Robot Pseudo Sumo Wrestling Matchs For The Win Video

Robot Sumo Battle VideoThis video features robots battling it out sumo wrestling style on a table top. The orange robot dominates the field from the beginning with it's running dives and continually stomping feet. None of the other robots even come close to the nimbleness of the orange one. The first match the black robot basically just stands there as the orange robot comes in and keeps knocking it down. In the second match the blue robot does much better than the black one did and there is even a very wrestling like hold that the orange robot puts on the blue robot but it still loses. The last robot in the match is much taller than the orange robot which does give it some trouble but in the end the orange robot still knocks it down again and again.

Catch this orange robot dominating the other robots in this pseudo sumo wrestling match video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Hero Puts On A Banana Suit Soaked In Alcohol And Sets It On Fire For A Good Time

Guy Sets Himself On Fire VideoWe might have to start a new category just for videos of people setting themselves on fire. Frankly, I have no idea what goes through these peoples heads to cause them to set themselves on fire but maybe subconciously they want a Darwin Award. Our hero in this video puts on a banana suit and then has his friend pour rubbing alcohol all over the banana suit. The guy then takes a barbeque lighter and sets it on fire. Right away he figures out that what he has done is very very wrong. Almost instantly he drops to the ground and tries to smother the flames to no avail. His friends start spraying him with a garden hose but finally he just takes off the banana suit because it is burning him pretty bad. However, that doesn't get rid of the fire and he has to take his burning shirt off too. The video ends with him in the shower running cold water on his burns and telling the camera not to play with matchs.

Watch this hero play with fire and lose for a good time.


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Guy Chops An Explosive Spray Can In Half With A Flaming Machete

Flaming Machete VideoDING DING DING! And here we have another Darwin Award Finalist video. I'm not sure what the people in this video were trying to do but they sure got a big bang out of it. The one guy goes outside with a pot, some matchs, a gas can , a machete wrapped in toilet paper, and a spray can. The guy pills up the pot with gas, pours gas on the paper around the machete, and then lights it on fire. Next he dips the machete in the flaming pan so now he has a flaming machete. At this point he throws the spray can up in the air and chops it in half with the flaming machete. Of coarse it EXPLODES right in his fame while his friends with the video camera laugh and laugh. The guy is lucky he was wearing a paint ball mask or he might not have a face anymore.

Watch this Darwin Award Finalist video in action.


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Save The Animals When You Play This Noah's Ark Flash Game

Noahs Ark Flash GameThe Noah's Ark free java game is another Gems or Bejeweled clone with a few twists of it's own. You can pick from two different modes at the startup, Flood, or Freefall. In flood you have a set limit of time to match up two of the same animal and clear the level before the land floods. In freefall you have a set limit of time to match two animals but the twist is when you match two animals the animals above the matched animals fall down creating a new configuration. In freefall you can also get more points if you match the same animal over and over and over as long as possible. The more of the same matchs in a row the more points you get. The graphics and sound are professional. Give it a shot.

Get your animal saving on in this Noah's Ark game.


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Get It On With Fast And Easy Games Of Multiplayer Pool

Yahoo Pool Flash GameYahoo's version of flash pool. It is multiplayer and you may need a Yahoo account to play. It automatically matchs you with other players to play a game of pool. It has elements other than flash so it may require that you are running Windows to play. The graphics aren't that great either compared to some of the other flash pool games but they are passable. If you want a multiplayer game of pool give this one a shot because it is fast and easy to get a game going. You might have to have a Yahoo account to play however.

8 ball in the corner pocket!


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