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Video Of A Cool Looking Flexible LED Display In Action

Bendable LED Display VideoIn this video they demo a flat array of LEDs (called a flexgrid) which works like a low resolution display. Each LED in the matrix has a plastic or glass box around it and can be individually switched on and off. The whole display can be bent into a tube shape and controlled via computer (I assume). In the video the guy bends it around in the dark as it flashs various patterns over it's surface. It would probably work pretty good as one of those scrolling word signs too. The original post about this bendable LED display mentioned it's possible use in clothing. How about LED display doormats?

Watch the full video of the flexible LED display below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Ninja Chipmonk Takes On Cat With Matrix Moves And Wins

Ninja Chipmonk Fight VideoSo the video starts out with a chipmonk (ninja) hiding from a cat under a car tire. The cat keeps trying to see the chipmonk around the tire but the chipmonk is too quick for the cat. Finally, the chipmonk has had enough and moves away from the tire off through the grass. The cat follows and starts batting at the chipmonk. Here is where the (chip) ninjamonk starts getting crazy on the cat. The ninjamonk jumps maybe two or three inchs up in the air every time while spinning around trying to scare the cat off. Finally, the ninjamonk starts getting up in the cats face and the cat gets scared, turns tail, and runs off.

Watch the full video of the chipmonk scaring a cat away below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Matrix Ping Pong Spoof Effects Operated By Chameleon Ninjas

Matrix Ping Pong VideoHere's a widely popular spoof of the Matrix done using pingpong and live action effects.  Obviously if you've seen the Matrix you know about their wide angle shots, camera pans, slow motion, and exaggerated character movement. In this spoof of it they have a pingpong table setup on a black background. There is a red player and a orange player. What you don't see (for the most part) is the people dressed in black who blend in with the black background (we've posted a similar video before). In this video, there is a ninja guy in black who moves the ping pong ball around. Additionally there are two people working each "player" in the ping pong game. The main guy in the suit has black pants on and there is another ninja guy dressed in black who opperates his colored legs. They fake all the camera pans, wide shots, and slow motion in real time. It looks surprisingly good.

View the full video below of the Matrix Ping Pong spoof or click over and view it on the host site.


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Soccer Team Assaults A Ninja Compound To Save A Soccer Ball

Nike Ninja Commercial VideoSo in this Nike commercial there is a team of soccer players (oh excuse me futball) in a police SWAT van. They drive up to a building and the head guy shows them the "target" which is a soccer ball. They invade the building James Bond style and attempt to steal the ball from a laser entrapped safe room. Suffice to say they screw up and the alarm goes off. A giant throng of ninja looking guys wearing fencing masks chases after them attempting to get the soccer ball back. The soccer hero James Bond guys finally get cornered by the head ninja guy in red. They bounce the ball off the ninja guy crashing into into the elevator while they escape Matrix style in a helicopter. Just as they jump away the ninja guy turns into a robot and the building explodes. Except that only two soccer guys escape. What happened to the rest? Like I said this commercial is pretty weird and doesn't incentivize me to buy Nike.

Watch the ninja soccer James Bond hero police SWAT team attack commerical below or click over to view it on the host site.


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Ninja Cow Battles It Out Matrix Style With A Human Ninja To The Pain

Ninja Cow VideoHere is a pretty funny video which is sort of a spoof on all of the California cow cheese commercials. There is a ninja guy out walking in a field and he meets up with a cow. The cow turns all even on him and attacks him ninja style. For the most part the cow beats the crap out of the ninja guy with various ninja cow moves combined with Matrix special effects such as slow motion. About four 6ths of the way through the ninja guy figures out the cows secret which is it's udders. He starts attacking the cows udders and finally drains the cow via it's udders. One inconsistancy was I thought only bulls had horns but this cow has horns AND udders. Spending a little to much time near your local nuclear power plant eh?

Watch the full video of the cow ninja vs the human ninja in the video below or click over and view it on their site.


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Super Ninja Guy Practices Backflips Matrix Style Over And Over And Over In This Video

Guy Practices Flips In This VideoI think this guy has watched a few too many Matrix movies. He might be our new mascot for NinjaWax. In this video he practices flipping over backwards and landing on his feet. Of all the times he tries he doesn't do it very often. Most of the time he flips into the mat but sometimes he falls off and bangs his knee. The part I can't figure out is why does he keep putting his elbow down to roll on instead of putting his hand down? Just so he feels like he is doing well he also does some hand stands and cartwheels. Near the end of the video he also tries to run up the wall and flip over that way be he just falls flat on his back. Try again hero.

Super ninja guy practices flipping over backwards and fails most of the time in this video.


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