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Pirates Come Back From The Dead And Get Revenge On Looters In This Video

Pirate Lego VideoPirates come back from the dead and battle treasure hunters who loot their sunked ship in this lego motion video. It uses a bunch of different video filters to set time and place (sepia filter, blue filter, grainy filter, etc.). I can't tell if they do any stop motion in the video but they do control the lego guys puppetlike with thread. In any event the pirate ship sinks long ago and grows seaweed at the bottom of the sea for a long time. Come 2003 when a set of treasure hunters find the wreck and loot the treasure from it. The pirates wake up and blow up the submarine of the treasure hunters with a cannonball. The rest of the treasure hunters are stranded on an island with the treasure. The pirate ship attacks killing them all but only the pirate captain survives. Watch the video to find out how the captain meets his maker for betraying his crew at the end. It feels like a movie that was made in 'The Movies' video game.

Video the lego puppet stop motion pirate video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Machinima Movie Version Of Little Red Ridinghood

Little Red Ridinghood MovieHere is a machinima film of the age old 'Little Red Ridinghood' story. Little Red Ridinghood is given the task of taking some medicine to her grandmother who lives in the woods. While traveling through the woods she meets a wolf who goes on ahead of her to grandmother's house. The wolf gobbles up grandmother and then sets a trap for Little Red Ridinghood. When Little Red Ridinghood gets there the wolf gobbles her up as well. A woodsman happens along, kills the wolf, and saves grandmother and Little Red Ridinghood. It was filmed using the video game, 'The Movies'.

Head over and check out the full version of the Little Red Ridinghood Machinima movie for yourself.


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AD&D Meets Legoland Miniatures In Live Action Everquest For A Good Time

Everquest LegolandPull on your nerd hat and prepare for another one of those OMG WTF moments of "Why didn't I think of that one?". So there is a guy that put togather something called BrickQuest. Basically he took the original board game idea added a little Everquest, a little AD&D, and built the sets with legos and lego characters ala pewter miniatures. One other thing it reminds me of is an old game written in GW-BASIC in the 80s called Wizard.bas in that you don't know what's in the next room until you move there. But wait, that's not all. It has ninjas! Black ninjas and red ninjas and even a Ninja Warlord. What's not to love about this game? As far as I can tell you basically have to buy all the legos yourself and then put it togather with some imagination (or copy the stuff in his images) though he does provide a rulebook. Lego ninja's for the win!

If you're a lego ninja nerd and you can't help it head on over and check out the BrickQuest board game.


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Ninja Cow Battles It Out Matrix Style With A Human Ninja To The Pain

Ninja Cow VideoHere is a pretty funny video which is sort of a spoof on all of the California cow cheese commercials. There is a ninja guy out walking in a field and he meets up with a cow. The cow turns all even on him and attacks him ninja style. For the most part the cow beats the crap out of the ninja guy with various ninja cow moves combined with Matrix special effects such as slow motion. About four 6ths of the way through the ninja guy figures out the cows secret which is it's udders. He starts attacking the cows udders and finally drains the cow via it's udders. One inconsistancy was I thought only bulls had horns but this cow has horns AND udders. Spending a little to much time near your local nuclear power plant eh?

Watch the full video of the cow ninja vs the human ninja in the video below or click over and view it on their site.


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Guy Rams A New Motorcycle Into A Pine Tree Because Motorcycles Are FUN

Guy Runs Into Tree VideoThe guy in this clip just got a new motorcycle. Or maybe it's his friends motorcycle. Anyway he makes a brilliant decision to get on the bike without a helmet and try to go somewhere. However, apparently he forgot how to steer because he pulls away from the curb and goes in a straight line. At the end of the line is a tree. Guy takes motorcycle and meets tree for a battle to stay upright. Tree wins. Game over. You have to wonder if this guy played too many video games.

Watch this genius forget how to steer and ram into a tree for a good time.


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Red Pickup Truck Meets Telephone Pole And Fire Hydrant In Orgy Of Stupidity

Redneck Surfing Truck Crash VideoHot on the heels of our last blog about the Redneck Roller Coaster we bring you a video with Redneck surfing. The video starts out what a guy climbing out of the door of his pick up trick and steering it with his foot while he hangs on the door. The video is taken by what seems like a guy on a motorcycle following the truck. The guy seems to be steering the truck alright and he almost runs into the curb near the beginning. But then we see that the guy has slipped on top of the windshield of the truck and the door has closed. Now there is no one steering the truck and it jumps the curb. The driver sees where the truck is going and slides off the side to save himself. The truck then proceeds to destroy a fire hydrant and slam into a telephone pole. D0H! The driver of the motorcycle with the video camera seems like he wants to speed away and leave his buddy to deal with the recked truck.

Here is a hint, you can't drive the truck with your feet from outside the truck.


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Redneck Roller Coaster Video Meets Junkyard Wars

Redneck Roller Coaster VideoI tried to come up with a description that was better than "Redneck Roller Coaster" for this video and I couldn't. It shows an old beater car from the 80s with a three person seat welded onto the hood. There are braces welded to the top of the car as well to keep the seat in place. The seat sticks out in front of the car causing the car to be able to balance forward on it's front wheels. In the middle they show it doing this balancing act multiple times but stopping fast and the back of the car flies up and then down again. I don't see anything that would keep the car from completely rolling over forwards though. I can't tell if there is something protecting the passengers riding in the three person seat at the front or not. They would be road kill real quick if that thing decided to roll over forwards.

Live dangerously on the Redneck Roller Coaster.

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Fuzzball Meets Purple Gumby In Ice Cave Of Strangeness Video

Kiss Cool Commercial VideoThis has got to be one of the strangest commercials I have ever seen. The English in it is barely understandable and the 3D characters they used are straight up weird. The commercial starts out with a little fuzz ball character walking up to a purple gumby style character sitting in an ice cave. The fuzzball asks for a Kiss Cool. The purple gumby gives him a Kiss Cool. The fuzzball is now freezing and asks the purple gumby if he can get warm under it's arm. The purple gumby takes the fuzzball and sticks it in his armpit. The twist being there are already three or four fuzzballs living in the purple gumby's armpit. The it shows the Kiss Cool mints and says they never kill. Seriously, what hell kind of commercial is that.

Can you handle how strange this is?


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