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Japanese Meteor Hits Earth Computer Simulation Video For The Win

Meteor Strikes Earth VideoHere is a Japanese computer animation simulation video of a meteor striking Earth and what it would look like and cause planetwide. The commentary is in Japanese so good luck with that. One thing I did notice is that they used a spherical meteor whereas other such 'Earth being hit by an asteroid' video the asteroid is never round. In the video the meteor strikes and causes a large amount of material to be ejected up into the atmosphere. Some of the things in the video seem a bit suspect like the fact that there isn't much (if any) burn up by the atmosphere on the meteor. The only explanation I came up for this was that the meteor was so big (much larger than 300 miles wide) that the atmosphere wouldn't effect it much. Second it seemed like the whole ejection area hundreds of miles above where the meteor hit was filled up with lava which didn't seem plausable. Is it just a bad particle effect or? Lastly, the buildings left standing (like the Greek pillars) seemed like they should have been blown away and were only left for effect in the video.

Watch the full computer animated Earth meteor strike simulation video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Video Of A Meteor Crashing Out Of The Sky And Slamming Into A Desert Camp

Meteor Hit VideoIn what appears to be a clip from a truck commercial this video has some guys camping out in the desert when the unexpected happens. Someone is driving into camp in a truck when a meteor trails out of the sky and slams into the ground in´┐Żfront of the truck. There is a giant explosion (but not a big enough one for how big the meteor was). The camera guy gets knocked back and when he finally gets up the truck drives through the dust and smoke. It's fine. The video pretty much ends there but as you can see it is some kind of truck commercial. Ford, is that you?

Take a look at the meteor video below or click on over and view it on their website.


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Super Bright Meteor Comes Down Through The Atmosphere On Video

Meteor Shower VideoThis video clip claims to be a meteor breaking up in the atmosphere but I have my doubts. The meteor is bright enough to put a pretty big lens flare on the camera lens itself as if you were looking at the sun. I'd have to go look up what a normal meteor trail looks like but if you ask me this isn't it. The meteor comes most of the way down and is really bring until near the lower left corner of the screen where it peter's out. You can see some sparkles moving off at the end. I'd say maybe it is a satelite that they dropped in for a burn out instead of a meteor. Or maybe I have no idea what I'm talking about which is also possible.

Watch this super bright "meteor" flash through the sky.


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Commercial Where Meteors Strike Earth But They Are Really Drops Of Tabasco

Tabasco Commercial VideoHere is a pretty funny video put on by Tabasco. It starts off with a bunch of fireballs hitting various cities and world landmarks. It is a play on meteors hitting Earth. Anyway after a few different meteor strike shots it switchs to a guy on a stone chair in a white robe putting Tabasco sauce on his pizza. Except that he isn't looking at what he is doing and the Tabasco is missing the pizza and falling through the clouds that make up the floor and heading towards Earth. Which is to say meteors are Tabasco sauce God is putting on his pizza.

Alrighty then. Watch the Tabasco commercial for views of meteor destruction.


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