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Combined Virtual And Physical Chess Board Projection Game Prototype

This video from Microsoft shows off a prototype device that projects a screen onto a tabletop and then allows you to interact with it via motion sensing. Probably the best example of it's use in the video is they have one side of a chess board (the side you are playing) as physical objects and the other side as virtual. So the person you are playing against is displayed via the projection over the chess board.



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Microsoft Prototype Interface Ala Minority Report In This Video

Microsoft Minority Report Interface VideoHere's a prototype screen interface from Microsoft which was demoed at the CEBIT 2006 conference. It's very similar to the interface from the movie Minority Report. I believe they are using a rear projector (though it's possible they are using an LCD). Basically there is a piece of glass with the display on it and then behind the glass is a motion sensor which tracks the user movements (I believe). There is either an LCD sandwiched in between two pieces of glass or a rear projector. I also think this is the interface that Robert Scoble talks about in this interview.

Check out the video of the interface ala Minority Report below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Interesting Photosynth Image Stitching Browser Technology From MS Labs

Photosynth VideoHere is an interesting technology that Microsoft Labs is currently working which is an image browser which meshes like images togather. So for example you could possibly stuff all of the images from flickr into this Microsoft application called Photosynth and it would sort through the images and mesh all of the images of a location into a kind of VR walkthrough. So if there were a bunch of images of the London Bridge or some such the Photosynth technology would allow you to move around as if you were in a 3D environment and it would stitch all of the images available into a 360 degree view. You really need to watch the video to figure it out as it is somewhat hard to describe. This might be a good base for a 3D web browser.

Watch the Photosynth demo video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Watch The Microsoft Xbox 360 Banned (Viral Marketing) Bang Commercial

Xbox 360 Banned Bang CommercialApparently this commercial which was made to promote the Xbox 360 was "banned" and will not be shown on TV. If you ask me it's probably a viral marketing tactic to say it's banned so a bunch of people blog about it. Also apparently the idea for the commercial came from another video which was filmed by some college kids in a gym. It looks like it's filmed in some subway station. One guy is walking along and he sees a couple other guys that look at him wrong. They all turn around and face each other. Then they draw fake guns made out of their fingers. Next up a bunch of other people around them all do the same thing so now there are finger guns pointed everyone. Finally, one guy shoots his finger gun which sets off a chain reaction of finger gun firing. So now all these "business" people are running around playing cops and robbers (or at least pretending to get shot). You've have to view the whole video for more. Check it out.

View the whole banned Xbox 360 bang video below or click over and view it on the original site.


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Amusing Article About Two Easter Eggs In Office XP Including A Love Letter And Topless Photo

Office XP Easter Eggs ArticleExtremeTech is running a funny article about two easter eggs that were in Office XP when it originally came out. One of them was a topless photo of celebrity Alyssa Milano and the other was an explicit love letter from "Bill" to an unknown person. They have the text of the letter in the article and it is a spoof letter. Office XP Service Pack 1 removes the letter from "Bill" and Office XP Service Pack 2 removes the Alyssa Milano photo. The "love letter" is good for a few laughs.

Get your laugh on by reading the fake love letter by "Bill".


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Do You Ever Have Trouble With Windows? You Are Not Alone, So Does Bill Gates

Bill Gates CES Media Center Crash VideoApparently at the most recent CES (Consumer Electronics Show) Bill Gates was to demonstrate the Microsoft Media Center. In this video it shows the Media Center not doing anything. Bill Gates presses the clicker. Again. And Again. Nothing. Conan O'Brian tries to make light of the situation where the richest man in the world can't get his clicker to work. They try to make it work again. No go. Conan asks if they should move on? Bill says "YEP!". What happens to you when you give the richest man in the world a clicker that doesn't work?

Watch Bill Gates get frustrated with a broken product.


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