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Crab Footed Miniature Steam Locamotive Moves Around In This Video

This video features a pretty bizarre vehicle. It is a miniature steam locamotive except that instead of wheels and a track it runs on crab legs. There looks to be maybe 50 or so crab looking feet that moves the miniature engine around.



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Swiss Guy Flies Over 120 Miles An Hour With His Jet Wing In This Video

Jetman VideoHere's a Swiss guy named Yves Rossy who has developed a personal wing which he uses to fly around after jumping out of airplanes (see video one). Apparently sky surfing just wasn't cutting it so he built this. His latest version has four mini jet engines on it which allow him to go over 120 miles an hour (see video two). Apparently the wing has cost something like 150k British pounds to put togather. As you can see in the screen capture the wings fold up for when he is inside the plane and then open up when he jumps out. His end goal is to be able to take off and land which the jet wing as well instead of launching off a second plane already in the sky.

Check out the videos below of the Jetman or click over and view them on the host site.


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Largest Man Made Machine In The World Eats A Bulldozer

Mine Machine ArticelHere is a blog article which contains a stream of photos picturing one largest moveable man made machine in the world. Apparently it is an open mining machine in Germany. The article talks about how they had to move it from one mine area to another and it can only move in a straight line so they had to drive it over roads and train tracks. Once it got to the new mine it had a mishaps where it got a bulldozer caught in it's giant mining wheen (pictured).

Check out all of the photos of this giant man made machine for yourself after the jump.

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Thumbelina Dwarf Mini Horse Is Only 17 Inchs Tall In This Photo

Tiny Dwarf Horse PhotoHere's a photo of a dwarf mini horse. The people that own the horse breed small horses and this small horse just happens to be a dwarf mini horse. The horse is about five years old now, weighs 60 pounds, and is 17 inchs tall. Normal small horses live about 34 years but because of her size this horse will probably live 17 years. The owners have named the horse Thumbelina according to the article. Apparently the horse prefers to live with the dogs rather than the other horses because they are more her size. They need to get one of these for the miniture guy in Nepal.

Check out the full article plus a large photo of Thumbelina the dwarf mini horse.


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Video Featuring Hydrophobic Sand Poured Into Water For a Good Time

Magic Sand VideoThis video features a material that is called 'magic sand' by the narrator of the video. Apparently it acts like normal beach sand until it comes into contact with water. The narrator states the 'magic sand' is hyrdrophobic which he states means that it minimizes it's surface area or some such when it comes into contact with water. Instead of dispursing and absorbing the water like normal sand when it's poured into the water it sticks togather and keeps the water out. When the narrator pours the water out of the glass again the sand is instantly dry.

Watch the video featuring the magic sand below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Ask A Ninja Video Coins The Term Minja For Mini Ninjas

Minja Midget Ninja VideoSo in this episode of "Ask A Ninja" the guy gets a question which is something like "Can midgets be ninjas?" to which he comes up with the new term "minjas" for minature ninjas. He says that minjas can hide inside a five stick pack of gum, they can punch you in the chest and explode a single capulary, and attack in swarms like Ewoks. The best one though is when he tells of how minjas can throw a shuriken and then jump on top of it and ride it until it hits you. Once there then they can punch you in the face. Classic.

Watch the full video of this episode of "Ask A Ninja" below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Autocopter The Unmanned Mini Helicopter Tests New Shotgun In This Video

Autocopter VideoSo if you've ever seen the TV series Dark Angle with it's police spy killer hover drone you'll recognize this thing. Apparently this is called the Autocopter and it is an unmanned mini helicopter except that now they have added a 12 gauge shot gun to it. This video of it flying around on manual control (and apparently with a tether) shows it testing out the new shot gun mount. First they have it stable on the ground and they fire a single round and then a burst. It does get a little bit of a kickback while on the ground but when they take it up into the air and do some more firing tests I don't notice any kickback. How long until these things are flying around in a city near you with face recognition software ala Dark Angle? You can find more textual information about the Autocopter here.

Watch the full video of the Autocopter shotgun test version below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Giant Game Of Soccer Played With European IGo Cars And A Giant Ball

Car Soccer VideoHere is a video clip from a British TV show called Top Gear or some such where they demonstrate the handling of a European car called the IGo or some such by playing a giant car based game. They have maybe five cars on each team and giant soccer ball with which they proceed to play soccer er I mean football with the cars. It's pretty much bumpercar soccer though they do have professional drivers in all of the cars so the crashs seem to have been kept to a minimum. In the end one team scores two goals and the other team scores one goal. They only show one fairly damaging crash where a car lost a hubcap and took some body damage.

Watch the full video of the car soccer game for yourself below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Incredibly Detailed Lord Of The Rings Bag End Doll House Photoset

Bag End Doll House PhotoshootSomeone went and put togather a doll house version of Bag End from Lord Of The Rings (aka Bilbo's House). They have some pretty detailed photos up of various rooms inside Bag End that they put togather. If I remember correctly when they made the LOTR movie they built a miniture size Bag End as well. This dollhouse however was either built by an amateur or professional doll house maker. It includes working lights, working fireplace (fake), detailed rugs, working doors, and a complete outside plus detachable roof.

Get your LOTR fanboi hat on and head on over to check out the full collection of photos from inside the Bag End doll house.


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AD&D Meets Legoland Miniatures In Live Action Everquest For A Good Time

Everquest LegolandPull on your nerd hat and prepare for another one of those OMG WTF moments of "Why didn't I think of that one?". So there is a guy that put togather something called BrickQuest. Basically he took the original board game idea added a little Everquest, a little AD&D, and built the sets with legos and lego characters ala pewter miniatures. One other thing it reminds me of is an old game written in GW-BASIC in the 80s called Wizard.bas in that you don't know what's in the next room until you move there. But wait, that's not all. It has ninjas! Black ninjas and red ninjas and even a Ninja Warlord. What's not to love about this game? As far as I can tell you basically have to buy all the legos yourself and then put it togather with some imagination (or copy the stuff in his images) though he does provide a rulebook. Lego ninja's for the win!

If you're a lego ninja nerd and you can't help it head on over and check out the BrickQuest board game.


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