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Model Rocket Mounted Launch Cam Footage For The Win

In this video the camera is mounted on a model rocket facing downwards as it launchs. It looks like they launch multiple rockets at the same time from the smoke trails. Also if you look at 0:11 in the video it seems like either the video distorts or the fins on the tail of the rocket turn into jelly for a few seconds before reverting back to their static positions.



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Model Ornithopter Flies Around A School Gym For A Good Time

In this interesting video they demonstrate a working orithopter model which flies around a school gym. A orithopter is an airplane that flats it's wings like a bird. It's hard to tell what is powering the flapping wings in this video. It could be a rubberband or a really small battery motor.



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RC B-29 Model Launchs A RC X-1 Rocket Plane Model In This Video

Here's a video of an remote control B-29 model carrying a remoted control X-1 rocket plane model. The B-29 takes off and drops the rocket plane. The rocket plane ignites and shoots upwards before coming back and landing. The B-29 model does a few fly bys of the camera including one where it flies by upside down and does a backwards loop. Both planes land safely verses other videos where they fly a big model and then crash it by mistake.



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You Try Using A Fork With Four Inch Long Fingernails For A Good Time

Long Finger Nails PhotoReal or fake? The Sri Lankan model in the photo has what appear to be 4 inch long painted fingernails. I'm pretty sure they are stick on nails but you never know (if you've ever seen the Guiness World Book Of Records photos for the longest fingernails). Her fingernails come out about four inchs and then curl at the end. On the end of each fingernail is clipped a fake butterfly. The fingernails seem to be painted transparent pink with sparkles on them and they pretty much all look the same. The caption for the photo doesn't say one way or another. If they were real I doubt you'd be able to have that amount of conformity. Imagine trying to do anything with four inch long fingernails. Yeah.

Check out the full sized photo of the four inch long clip on fingernails.


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Model Rocket Motor Strapped To A Lego Car Goes Airborn In A Corkscrew

Rocket Car VideoSo the people in this video took a model rocket motor and strapped it onto a little home made Lego car. They set it up out in their dead end street and counted down from ten. Once this thing lights off it takes a sharp right turn and just keeps going around in a circle until it comes back around and heads straight for the kid that launched it. It looks like it hits the launching pad box and then goes airborn in a corkscrew. Finally it lands back on the ground and shoots off up the street. I had to watch this thing over and over from the point where they light it off.

Watch this rocket car go crazy in this video.


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So Here You Have It A Flying Tank That Can Take Off And Land For A Good Time

Flying Tank VideoThis video is a of a tank that rolls down a runway and flies up in the air. Apparently these guys took a gas powered model plane and modified it to look like a tank. They actually made it a giant wing with fins on the outside which look like the tank treads etc. They do all kinds of aerobatic tricks with the tank up in the air and a few times it actually looks like it is going to crash. Finally near the end they bring the flying tank in and land it. The only part that doesn't look like a tank is the nose and propeller on the front of it.

Watch the video of the flying tank for yourself.


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Awesome Scale Model Of An F14 Jet Which Takes Off And Flies Around

Working F14 Replica VideoAlrighty then. Fighter pilots sitting in jets are officially obsolete. This video features a working scale model replica of a F14 jet that takes off and lands by remote control. The video starts out with the guys connecting the fuel line or firing the engines up. Then they taxi the jet out to a runway and take off all using a remote control. The video shows the jet doing some acrobatic stuff in the air and then it comes back for a landing. Make way for the remote control robots people.

Check out the scale model of a working F14 with jet engines in this video.


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