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Guy Paints The Mona Lisa Using MS Paint In About 2 And A Half Hours

Guy in this video uses MS Paint to draw the Mona Lisa in about two and a half hours. The video is sped up to display the whole drawing process in about four minutes.



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Cult Of Pepsi Monastery Worships The Top Of A Pepsi Can

Cult Of Pepsi Commercial VideoSo here is a Pespi commercial centered around a mythical Asian Cult of Pepsi. According to the commercial there is a group of monks that worship the top of a pepsi can. For some unknown reason a white kid joins the Cult of Pepsi school. When he grows up and is able to break bricks like a ninja they initiate him into the Cult of Pepsi by all of them drinking a Pepsi. The white guy finally figures out what it is that they worship (the top of the Pepsi can) and which is also the same symbol which is on their foreheads. He slams his own forehead down on the Pepsi can and gives himself the symbol. A more realistic Cult of Pepsi portrayal might have been a group of teethless whale people.

Check out the full video of the stupid Pepsi commercial below or click over and view it on the host site.


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