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Cool Looking Four Wheeled Motorcycle Named The Atom Showed In This UK Video

Atom Car VideoHere is a four wheeled motorcycle demonstrated in this video on some British TV show.  Some of the choice quotes from the video are of the host of the show saying how in the air intake at the back of the car behind the driver's head feels like it is sucking his brains out through his ear. There is no windshield and no external body to speak of on the car. In addition it has a small (what looks like) and 8 inch square "boot" (trunk) in the front hood area of the car. Near the end of the video they rate how fast the car is in relation to other road worthy cars and it beats everything on their list except the Porsche GT.

Check out the video of this Atom car for yourself below or click over and view it on their website.


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Rocket Strapped Onto A Bike In This Video Goes 140 Miles An Hour

Rocket BikeThe commentary in this video is all in French but they first show a rocket engine and a fuel tank strapped to the back of a bike. The seat has been modified and is on top of the fuel tank. It appears to be some kind of liquid rocket fuel. Anyway, a guy in a helmet and a motorcycle suit climbs onto the bike and fires the rocket off. He shoots off down the speedway trailing some thick black smoke until the rocket fuel runs out. They cut away (so we don't get to see how he managed to stop it) and show that the bike was clocked in at 140 miles an hour. That is some hefty speed for a bike.

Check out the full video of the rocket bike below or click on over and view it on their site.


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Video Of A Four Handed Chain Saw Running A V8 Engine For A Good Time

V8 Chainsaw VideoThis video is of a competition or some other show off show for chainsaws. They first start out with a chainsaw made from a motorcycle engine. Next they show a larger engine and then finally a V6 engine connected to a chainsaw. Lastly they pull out a V8 engine attached to a chainsaw with four handles. Two big beer gut guys pick up the chainsaw and cut through a four foot log in a few seconds. They demonstrate a regular chainsaw speed cutting a log of the same size and it takes a long time for it to cut through. That V8 chainsaw is crazy.

Check out the video of the crazy chainsaw below or click on over and check it out on their site.


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Guy Shoots His Buddy With 25 Roman Candle Shots For A Good Time

Roman Candle Fun VideoSo the guy in this video puts on long sleeves and a motorcycle helmet and then stands in front of a roman candle firing squad. Apparently they have a roman candle pack which is 25 roman candles strapped togather. One guy lights this and aims it at the other guy (who also has a target on his shirt). They are backed by a harbor (probably New York, Hong Kong, or somewhere in Canada). Anyway so the roman candle's start blasting this guy and he is jumping around trying to keep from catching on fire. Eventually one of the shots gets inside his helmet and he has to rip it off and pour water on his head.

Watch this guy take a roman candle shot to the chin for a good time.


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Guy Takes His Motorcycle Up to 300kmh On A Public Road For A Good Time

Motorcycle Speed Demon VideoAnd here we have another Darwin Award Finalist video for your viewing pleasure. In this video there is a clown on a motorcycle driving on public roads with traffic and he takes it up to what looks like 300 kilometers an hour. He's lucky that there are no cars going in the same direction that he is. All of the cars seem to be going the opposite direction and even then he spends half the time in the oncoming lane. On each of the curves he also pretty much just goes straight through the curve without turning. Only a couple times does he look like he might lose it and go spinning off the guardrail.

Watch this guy tempt fate for a good time.


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Hero Rides His Bike Out A Winder And Splatters Into The Ground Cover

Bike Ride VideoI don't get it. The guy in this video is up maybe six to eight feat off the ground at an open glass door. He rights his bike out the open glass door and falls pretty much nose down. The front of the bike hits the ground and the guy basically splats into the ground cover. He is wearing a motorcycle helmet so I doubt he was injured but really what was the point? Did he think he was going to be able to hit the ground riding instead of falling flat on his face?

Watch out hero take it on the chin in this video.


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Guy Soars Over Fifteen Trucks On His Bike After Being Towed Into A Jump

Bike Jump VideoSo the guy in this is on a regular BMX style bike. Except he has a motorcycle pulling him into a huge jump. Apparently there are 15 cars side by side that he is going to jump over. If you ask me having a motorcycle pull you into a jump is cheating but whatever. Anyway the guy hits the jump on his bike and soars over all the cars making a perfect landing on the other side. And he doesn't even crash and burn. Now what fun is that?

Watch this guy jump over 15 trucks on a bicycle.


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Slamming Your New Motorcycle To The Cement For A Good Time On Video

New Motorcycle Crash VideoThis poor schmuck. He buys a new motorcycle and therefor feeling all bad ass only to wreck it 5 seconds out of the blocks. The clip is pretty short but the guy gets on the cycle and then rides it about 30 feet when the back wheel slips and he loses control. It looks like it is one of those interlocking cement brick streets and he when he tries to correct the back wheel slip it just all goes wrong. The bike flips out one side and then falls to it's side throwing him way from it (lucky). That will put a crimp in your day with your buddy catching it all on film.

Watch this guy make a bad boo boo and fall off his new motorcycle.


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Guy Rams A New Motorcycle Into A Pine Tree Because Motorcycles Are FUN

Guy Runs Into Tree VideoThe guy in this clip just got a new motorcycle. Or maybe it's his friends motorcycle. Anyway he makes a brilliant decision to get on the bike without a helmet and try to go somewhere. However, apparently he forgot how to steer because he pulls away from the curb and goes in a straight line. At the end of the line is a tree. Guy takes motorcycle and meets tree for a battle to stay upright. Tree wins. Game over. You have to wonder if this guy played too many video games.

Watch this genius forget how to steer and ram into a tree for a good time.


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Asian TV Show Or Movie Featuring A Walking Carpet And A Foam Dinosaur

Very Strange VideoWow. Just wow. If there was one video that was the strangest video on the internet this might just be it. First off it's either Japanese, Korean, or Chinese (I can't tell). It features a walking red carpet sock puppet and a walking lime green dinosaur who sometimes where's a ninja suit. Now the lime green dinosaur runs around doing various things like snow skiing, water skiing, motorcycle racing, cliff diving, wake boarding, kayaking, quad racing, and a bunch of other stuff all in the lime green dinosaur suit. The red mop carpet usually is riding a bike and looking like it is trying to catch flies. I could go on but frankly you have to watch this one for yourself to truely appreciate the uberstrangeness.

Get your super crazy Asian TV show uberstrangeness going on with this video.


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