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Guy Rams A New Motorcycle Into A Pine Tree Because Motorcycles Are FUN

Guy Runs Into Tree VideoThe guy in this clip just got a new motorcycle. Or maybe it's his friends motorcycle. Anyway he makes a brilliant decision to get on the bike without a helmet and try to go somewhere. However, apparently he forgot how to steer because he pulls away from the curb and goes in a straight line. At the end of the line is a tree. Guy takes motorcycle and meets tree for a battle to stay upright. Tree wins. Game over. You have to wonder if this guy played too many video games.

Watch this genius forget how to steer and ram into a tree for a good time.


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Guy Wipes Out And Slides In The Dirt Coming Around A Curve On His Motorcycle

Bike Slides Around A Curve Into The Dirt VideoI'm guessing but it looks like this video was filmed in Australia. Two guys are standing with their motorcycles by the side of a large curve in the road with a third guy filming the curve with a video camera. A fourth guy on his motorcycle comes around the curve on the very outside but he leans to far over and goes sliding on his side through the dirt and off into the brush on the far side. The other guys rush over yelling "Are you okay Pete!?!" and they finally find him walking out of the brush. He is wearing pretty good protective gear and doesn't appear to be hurt badly if at all when he comes out of the brush.

Watch this guy make the slide of his life through the dirt when he wipes out on his bike in this video.


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Relive Tron light cycle races while you're at work!

Swron Flash GameSwron is a flash game where you race motorcycles and try to corner your opponents with walls. It is the same concept as the Tron light cycles. It's done in 3D with professional graphics and music. If you like Tron lightcycles give this one a go as it looks and plays pretty good. It has a rear view mirror and a radar system. It also tells you how many light cycles are left to destroy. This is probably as good as the commercial version of the Tron light cycle game that came out not to long ago.

Play Swron now.


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