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Did Dr Seuss Ever Imagine Eggs And Green Ham?

Green Glowing PigsWe posted a photo of a puppy with green fur before but up for today is the photo of the glowing green pigs. Mutants for the win. Some scientists in Taiwan adding some jellyfish DNA to pigs which made green and glow in the dark. There is a second photo of the pigs in the day where you can see how "green" they actually are. They aren't dark green or anything like that. The "pinkness" of the pigs instead looks "greenish" and they glow in the dark. The point apparently is to be able to inject the green stem cells into regular pigs so they can track the green genetic material or some such.

Head on over and read the full article about the green pigs and see the day time photo.


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The Time Of The Mutants Is At Hand Two Headed Turtle Crawls Around In This Video

Two Headed Turtle VideoSomeone is living a little bit to close to the nuclear test facility here. In this video we have a turtle that has two heads. There have been photos I've seen on the internet of frogs with 7 legs and things like that but I've never seen a two headed turtle before. You have to wonder which head controls which legs or if one head controls two legs and one head controls the other two legs. Which head eats? Do they both eat? Do they both have throats that go to the same stomach? Do you feed the two headed turtle two heads of lettuce? Here is a hint folks, if your Geiger Counter is clicking like crazy don't breed your turtles.

Check out the two headed turtle in this video.

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