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Take A Look At The Green Puppy In This Video And Slideshow

Green Dog VideoSo one of the local California news stations has a video report up about a golden retriever dog which had puppies. That would be pretty normal except that one of the puppies is green. How close do they live their nearest nuclear power plant again? They have a slideshow of the green puppy and some video footage of the green puppy as well. The real question is will the dog grow up green or will it outgrow it's odd color? Would you buy a green dog which have been genetically engineered to be green? Green is the new platinum! Er.. wait.

Check out the video and slideshow of the green dog for a good time!


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Video Of An International Ping Pong Match Which Goes Really Really Fast

Crazy Ping Pong VideoIn this video we have what looks like an international ping pong match. Now this is no ordinary "let's pretend we know how to play ping pong in our garage" match. The guy on the far side serves the ball and the guy nearest the camera returns it. Each time they volley the guy on the far side really slams the ball back and the guy nearest the camera effortlessly returns it. Finally the guy on the far side hits the ball off to the side and the green shirt guy has to run over and get it. But finally after one return he isn't able to take the hard hit from the blue guy and it sails past him. Game over man game over.

Click here to check out the crazy ping pong video for yourself or view it below.


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Climb Into The Nearest Shopping Cart And Ram Into Your Friend For A Good Time

Shopping Cart Fun VideoOur heroes in this video decide that bumper cars are boring. Instead they are going to play bumper cars with shopping cars. And not really bumpers cars but ramming wars instead. Two clowns climb into two shopping carts and then have their buddies run the shopping carts really fast towards each other until they crash. When the two shopping carts meet both guys lurch foreward until they crack heads togather. Then the shopping cart guy on the right falls out of his cart. The video ends there so we don't get to see this guy eat it in the dirt.

Don't play shopping cart wars at home for a good time.


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How Many Radiation Mutations Does It Take To Produce A Five Legged Cow

Five Armed Cow VideoNow here we have a cow that lives a little to close to the nearest nuclear power plant. This calf was born with five legs and six hooves (the fifth leg has two hooves). Apparently the mother is normal but the calf has this mutation. We've posted two headed toads on NinjaWax before but I believe this is the first mutated cow. Currently this image of the five hooved cow is the most emailed image on Yahoo right now. The real question is would you eat a steak from a five legged cow? How much further do we need to go to get to the two headed cows in Fallout?

Check out the full size photo of the five legged cow.


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Yellow Corvette Finds A Hotspot In This Dragrace And Literally Blows Up

Exploding Engine VideoThis video clip contains language but it is pretty crazy. There are a couple of cars at the starting line revving up for a drag race. The yellow corvette nearest the camera hits the gas and peels out of the starting area only to run into some trouble seconds later. The engine basically EXPLODES shooting flames six feet into the air. The driver gets out of the car right quick and runs away. It takes awhile for anyone to get some firefighting equipment to come and put the burning car out. Watch the first guy that comes with the fire extinguisher. As he starts to back off another guy comes up and starts spraying the first guy with a fire extinguisher too.

Watch this corvette blow it's load all over the race track for a good time.


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It's All Fun And Games Until Someone Takes A Flaming Firework Right In The Eye

Roman Candle Face VideoDING DING DING! Where do they come up with stupid people like this? Here we have a couple of Darwin Award Finalist winners playing Roman Candle wars. They are having lots of fun dodging fireworks. Everything is going great until the guy nearest the camera takes a flaming ball of firework right in the eye. The video goes back and plays it again maybe two or three times in slow motion and then again in fast motion. The flaming ball comes in like a laser out of Star Wars and BLAM right in the eye and then bounces off. Who's having fun now huh? Apparently he wasn't hurt though (lucky).

Watch these winners shoot fireworks at each other for a good time.


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When You Live A Million Miles From No Where The Only Thing Left To Do Is Dirt Diving

Dirt Diving VideoSo what do you do if you live out in the middle of no where and the nearest water or skate park is 100 miles away? Well apparently if you are the guys in this video you run and dive off a cliff into a bunch of fine dirt. Now this cliff has maybe a 45 or 60 degree angle and probably has a foot or two of really soft dirt on top of it. The guys in the video run to the edge of the cliff and jump. The first guy featured lands right on his face in the dirt. Ouch. Now pretend they are jumping into the Sarlac pit from Star Wars and you have a Star Wars fan film on your hands.

Check out these clowns landing face first in the dirt for a good time.


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