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Super Crazy Ninja Cup Stacking Kid For The Win In This Video

Insain Fast Hands VideoThe kid in this video is possibly a secret disguised ninja as she captures the "cup stacking" world record in 7.43 seconds. Who knew there was a cup stacking record anyway. In any event, first she stacks up a large stack in the middle and two small stacks. After breaking those down she stacks two large stacks and breaks them down again. Finally she stacks one extra�large stack in the middle. These are plastic drinking cups like you would buy in the store. Super crazy secret ninja or little kid? You decide.

Check out the short video of the kid with the super fast ninja hands for yourself below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Top 20 Bizarre Google Searchs That People Come To NinjaWax From

� 1. fat woman
� 2. real ninjas video
� 3. accident f1
� 4. fake nails
� 5. mutated kittens
� 6. german giant rabbit
� 7. fake fingernails
� 8. obese guy
� 9. funny stick flash
10. stick figure animations
11. crasy videos
12. long fingernails
13. hairless cat
14. trunk monkey
15. funny videos
16. battle card flash game
17. car crashs
18. chihuahuas dressed up
19. crazy crash car videos
20. beard of bees
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Ask A Ninja Reviews Dead Mans Chest And Calls It One For The Squid

Ask A Ninja Dead Mans Chest Review VideoSo in this video the 'Ask A Ninja' guy does a review of the 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest' where he rips it a new one. According to him all of 'the�cast�were women with eyeshadow and wigs�while Kiera Knightley�was a more manish version of Orlando Bloom'.�He goes on to say that�everyone in the entire movie was a pirate including pretend pirates, fish pirates, dead pirates, and on and on. Lastly the only thing the movie had more of than pirates, according to him, is plot lines with the movie ending on a new plotline. His idea of a 'Ninjas of the Caribbean' sounds like a better movie.

Watch the full video of 'Ask A Ninja' tearing into PotC: DMC below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Black And White Cartoons Become Alive And Jump Out Of The Page In This Art

Cartoons That Look Alive ImagesThis site features a number of images of cartoon drawings that are reaching out or interacting with the artists hands in the drawing. The first cartoon has a butcher grabbing the artist's wrist right through the page. The second cartoon has a Japanese ninja woman slicing the artist's pencil into pieces. These are followed by the artist keeping a gorilla at bay with his pen and holding a rabid dog away from him by the collar. The real question is did the artist take photos of his own hands or draw them? If he took photos did he take the photos before or after he drew the cartoons? I'm going to go with the artist took photos of his hand positions beforehand and then drew the cartoons to match.

Check out all of the full size images of the cartoons jumping out of the page.


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Three Ninjas Battle Magons Myth Story In This Video For The Win

Three Ninjas Story VideoUnless you live in a cave you've probably seen an "Ask A Ninja" episode before. In this episode some guy asks the ninja about the number three. The ninja responds with a full on ninja story about ancient times and how there was a group of three ninjas that formed Voltron to fight off half man half dragon creatures for the win. Ultimately they formed into a stream of black or some such and have been continually speeding up since ancient times in their quest to battle all of the other numbers for the spot as the top number. The number three occuring throughout history is because of these three ninjas.

Check out the video of the three ancient ninjas below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Woman In China Has Three Armed Baby Boy For The Win

Three Armed Baby PhotoSo the latest most emailed photo on Yahoo is this photo of a three armed baby that was born in China. There isn't any information on if his third arm actually works normally or not but by the way it is there I'm thinking it probably does. I did see some additional info on another site which said he is missing a kidney though. Additionally, it looks like the normal arm on the same side as the third arm is also somewhat non-normal (the elbow seems wrong and so does the wrist and length of the thumb). So now they are breeding three armed Chinese ninjas in China to take over the world or is this just from some serious river pollution? If you had three arms you could carry a secret weapon, use two mice at the same time, or even be�33% better than all the other ninjas on the planet. It's the new rage. Why settle for only two?

Check out the full sized photo of this kid with three arms and be envious for a good time.


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Cult Of Pepsi Monastery Worships The Top Of A Pepsi Can

Cult Of Pepsi Commercial VideoSo here is a Pespi commercial centered around a mythical Asian Cult of Pepsi. According to the commercial there is a group of monks that worship the top of a pepsi can. For some unknown reason a white kid joins the Cult of Pepsi school. When he grows up and is able to break bricks like a ninja they initiate him into the Cult of Pepsi by all of them drinking a Pepsi. The white guy finally figures out what it is that they worship (the top of the Pepsi can) and which is also the same symbol which is on their foreheads. He slams his own forehead down on the Pepsi can and gives himself the symbol. A more realistic Cult of Pepsi portrayal might have been a group of teethless whale people.

Check out the full video of the stupid Pepsi commercial below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Ask A Ninja Gets Crazy And Tackles Net Neutrality In This Video

Ask A Ninja Net Neutrality VideoIn this video 'Ask A Ninja' tackles a serious topic (what, ninjas aren't serious business?). Anyway, he compares and contrasts�how big ISPs want to double charge web sites for bandwidth to watching a 'Hot-Dog-On-A-Stick' girl make lemonade. He goes on to say that what big ISPs want to do is throw up a wall so you can't see the girl make lemonade anymore and instead force you to watch Robin Williams someone or other make bacon grease (wtf?). Check out to find out more. The way I see it you can just vote with your dollars. If an ISP gives you crappy service you switch to one that doesn't throw up a wall between you and the content you want.

Watch the full video of the 'Ask A Ninja' guy getting crazy on net neutrality below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Last Of The Ninjutsu Masters Decries Ninja Sterotypes In This Article

Last Of The Real Ninjas ArticleHere's an article about Hatsumi who is the last living master of ninjutsu according to the article. Apparently this master ninja at 76 years old is the only living student of the last "fighting ninja" according to the article. Apparently judo is losing out as a sport to golf and tennis in Japan where Japanese now seem to view it as sweaty and smelly. It's a sad day when golfers and tennis players are more popular than ninjas in Japan. Also according to the article the ninjutsu master guy isn't to fond of the current ninja sterotypes. One other thing the article mentioned was nunchucks being in the guy's training chamber. I thought nunchucks were made up as a weapon for Hollywood movies? Myth or fact?

Read the full article about the last of the ninja masters for yourself.


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Czech Ninjas Take It On The Chin In The Head And On The Back Literally

Czech Ninjas VideoThis video is some video clips of a couple Czech Republic ninjas getting crazy breaking stuff. First up is your standed kick/punch/headbutt to the pine board. They move on to punching through stacks of ceramic tiles and a sledgehammer to bricks on the head and gut. Good thing the guy with the sledgehammer didn't miss or ninja #2 would be in a world of hurt. And the closing video clips are of one guy breaking a bamboo cane over the other guy's back and leg. Ouch. In some countries they cane you as a punishment but in ninjaland�getting caned is a reward!

Watch the full set of video clips featuring the Czech Republic ninjas below or click over and view it on the host site.


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