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People Sketch Up Some Furniture And Then Print It Out With A Rapid Prototyper

Furniture Sketch VideoIn this video the two people are holding motion capture pens and using them to 'sketch' in the air. The Nintendo Wii controller could perform a similar task theoretically. They sketch up some furniture and then load the sketchs into a rapid protype printer and print up the furniture. The video itself is somewhat of a fakeout because the video has computer generated graphics where the people sketched but they themselves can't see what they are sketching in real time. It might help if they had a semitransparent display they could look through and actually see what they are sketching instead of only seeing it in their mind's eye. I'd think you'd have better like making furniture with one of those 3D lathe softwares and then rapid prototyping the object instead.

Check out the full video of these people sketching up some furniture for a good time below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Take It Back To The 80s When You Play The Classic Duck Hunt Retro Game

Duck Hunt Flash GameDuck Hunt is the classic Duck Hunt game from way back when done as a free flash game. You can choose 1 duck, 2 duck, or dog mode. In the first two modes you have three bullets to try and bring down a duck before it gets away. In the last mode (dog mode) you have a chaingun with unlimited ammo you mow down as many flying dogs as possible. If you liked Duck Hunt give this one a shot as the graphics are the retro style and you can have some minutes of fun with it.

Where is my Nintendo Gun controller?


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Four Guys Jump Out Of A Plane And Play The Nintendo DS Multiplayer In Freefall

Gaming While Skydiving VideoSo the latest video making the rounds in gamer circles is a video of some guys testing out the multiplayer ability of the PSP and the Nintendo DS handheld gaming systems. They test the PSP while driving on freeways and standing on streetcorners in LA. Near the end of the video they take the Nintendo DS sky diving and play a four player wireless multiplayer game after jumping out of an airplane. According to the video it worked fine. The only thing I thought was weird was the hand holds they made for the Nintendo DS. If they have their hand in the back of the DS how do they use the buttons and the joystick at the same time? Unless the racing game there were playing only required the joystick to play it. The download also requires BitTorrent to download it.

Check out the first episode of From The Shadows with the skydiving while gaming.


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Get Out Your Shotgun And Blast The Skeets In This Shooting Gallery Game

SkeetShoot Flash GameSkeetShoot is a fun flash game where you shoot skeets (duh!). Don't shoot the ducks though because then you lose. The graphics are passable and the game is pretty good for a "shoot the moving target" game. The sound could use a bit more punch but overall for a flash game pretty good. If you've ever played the old Duck Hunt Nintendo game you might like this game as well. But what is the deal with not shooting the ducks?

Blast the skeets into tiny pieces in the flash game SkeetShoot.


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