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Photo Of The Glass Walkway Out Over The Grand Canyon

Walkway PhotoSo they finally got the glass looping walkway that goes out over the Grand Canyon built. Apparently it opens to the public on the 28th of this month. It looks like a giant horseshoe that is tacked onto the side of the canyon wall. It is glass in the center so you can look straight down into the canyon. There are two huge beams that the glass stretchs between. Additionally there are high glass walls on edges of the walkway. It isn't a solid piece of glass though and is instead just panels.



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Combined Virtual And Physical Chess Board Projection Game Prototype

This video from Microsoft shows off a prototype device that projects a screen onto a tabletop and then allows you to interact with it via motion sensing. Probably the best example of it's use in the video is they have one side of a chess board (the side you are playing) as physical objects and the other side as virtual. So the person you are playing against is displayed via the projection over the chess board.



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Ice And Thermite Explode For A Good Time In This Video Clip

In this video clip they take a can of thermite, place it over a barrel size ice cube and light the thermite on fire. The thermite burns through it's container and drops down onto the ice where the whole thing explodes.



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Guy Train Surfs In The Back Of Bullets Trains For A Good Time

Trainsurfing VideoHere is a video of a guy 'trainsurfing' which is to say he jumps on the back of a bullet train and holds on for dear life until the next train stop. It looks like he attaches some kind of suction device to the back window of the train which has a cable attached to it that he holds onto. According to the caption for the video these bullet trains can reach up to 300 km/h or 186 miles an hour. There are quite a few train surfing videos on YouTube. Apparently the guy in the video died of leukemia in 2006. Hint: Don't try this at home.

Check out the train surfer video below or click over and view it on the host site where they also have similar videos.


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Kids Float Around Inside Giant Blow Up Balls On A Pond In China

Floating Blow Up Ball VideoHere is a pretty weird video from I think China where it has kids floating around on a river or pond in blown up plastic balls. There is a launching area and the kid is inside a giant plastic ball. The kid walks up to the water while inside the plastic ball and then floats out onto the water. They've used these kinds of things on game shows in the US before but I've never seen them just put kids in them and float them out onto a pond my themselves. Is the plastic ball sealed or where does their air come from? What happens if one of them starts sinking.

Watch the video of the weird plastic rolling balls with kids in them below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Blooper Clips From A Pro Fishing Show Where A Fisherman Gets Owned

Fisherman Show Bloopers VideoThis video features bloopers from a popular professional sports fishing show. It starts out with the guy running over his fishing pole (or something to that effect) which causes him to get out of his truck. The only problem is that somehow his mic wire is caught and he stumbles around for a few seconds. Next up he somehow gets his line caught in the prop and it sucks the fishing pole in. In the next video clip of the video he sticks his fishing pole into the ceiling fan breaking it off. Following this he somehow lets the motor come off of the boat and it goes wild in his hand. The best one is probably when he gets the line caught in the tree and while pulling on the tree something falls out of the tree onto him. You'll have to watch the video to see that one.

Watch the video of the fisherman show bloopers below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Accident Where A Driver Runs A Red Light And Hits A Biker And The Biker Is Fine

Crazy Bike Accident VideoIn this video the green car runs a red light (according to the caption) and hits a motorbike. The guy on the motorbike rolls onto the car windshield and hits his head on the glass (you can see the cracks where he hit it) before coming back down on his bike with his shoulder and finally falling to his feet on the pavement. From here he starts walking around yelling and throwing up his hands. It's pretty amazing that he is able to walk around after being hit like that. He walks off camera for a moment and stands on the center divider (so he doesn't get hit again) before walking back and picking up his backpack out of the street. The lady in the car gets out and watchs talks to the guy from near her car.

Watch the video of this guy getting hit by a car on his bike and walking away from the accident.


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Mentos And Diet Soda Combine To Form Soda Rockets In This Video

Mento Rockets VideoYou've probably seen the videos of mentos being dropped into two liter bottles of diet soda causing a giant fountain of soda. This video is a little different in that instead of the people shooting the soda up they are shooting the bottle up like a bottle rocket (or trying to anyway). The guy wraps what looks like plastic wrap around a bunch of mentos, sticks that in the two liter bottom, and then tightens the cap on. He then takes the bottom and throws it down onto pavement which I assume breaks the cap and lets the mentos react with the soda. The first one works pretty good and shoots up about thirty feet or so. The next bottle bounces the first time and finally takes off sideways. The last rocket they try duct taping two bottles togather and then throwing them down. As far as I can tell one side didn't burst open so it just spins around, like one of those 'flower' fireworks, shooting diet soda everywhere.

Watch the mentos diet soda rocket video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Spoof Video Of A Woman Eating A Bunch Of Mentos And Drinking Diet Pepsi

Exploding Mentos Woman VideoSo if you live in a cave and you haven't seen the vidoes of mentos being dropped into bottles of Diet Pepsi this is a spoof of those videos. The woman takes a bottle of Diet Pepsi and 'drinks' it. At this point she eats a whole pack of mentos and then jumps up and down to mix the two togather. You'll have to watch the end of the video to see what happens to her afterward. Obviously this video is a spoof and most if not all of the Diet Pepsi spills down onto the ground and she doesn't really eat the mentos either.

Watch the video of the human mentos and Diet Pepsi experiment below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Demonstration 3D Physical Virtual Mesh Video Game System Video

Physical 3D Space Video GameIn this video there is a maze like physical 3d structure with a projector on each side of it. The projectors project sections of a 'video game' onto the real 3D structure. However, the characters in the video game are limited by the physical 3D strucure so when you move around you are really moving your virtual character around on the 3D structure. The 'ladders' in the game are virtual (projected on the physical structure). It is a mash up of a physical 3D game board and virtual game pieces. The 'game' is really just a simple walk up and down ladders and move around on the physical 3D object ala Donkey Kong. This might be interesting if it were applied more like projecting characters or pieces on a physical 3D battle diorama or some such.

Watch the full sized video of this mesh of physical world and virtual world into a video game below or click over and view it on the host site.


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